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    Awesome that theres another forum going on about this besides the one on Naked Scientists!

    Anyways I figured I’d share my technique I developed over the years to remain completely abstinent, including nocturnal emissions. Over 5 years I only had 3 nocturnal emissions / orgasms, so it has a pretty high success rate. Now I have a girlfriend (woot!) and because of the development of my pubococcygeus myscle from practicing this technique for so long, we can enjoy quite a bit of intimacy without me having to orgasm. Suffice it to say you can more then please a woman and by clenching your pubococcygeus muscle as you are doing so, or if you feel like you are going to orgasm, still have a pretty good sex life =)

    1) Train yourself to initiate lucid dreaming by slowly whispering any phrase similar to ‘I will take control of my dreams tonight’ a minimum of 20 times, nightly, before sleeping. Eventually, you can presumably gain the ability to take conscious control of your dreams.

    2) Obtain a muscle relaxant. ‘Defsync’ uses Flexeril and claims 2.5mg is sufficient for an average sized adult. As implied, this drug causes desensitization, and therefore assists in avoiding orgasm. As with any regular prescription, consult your doctor beforehand.

    3) Strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle by performing Kegel exercises (recommended) or by stopping the flow of urine while urinating (not recommended).

    4) Once you have accomplished the above steps, perform the following. Every night before sleep, take a dose of Flexeril and, a minimum of 10 times, whisper to yourself that you will not have a sexual dream. If the dream becomes sexual, attempt to take control and alter the dream. If this fails, wake yourself (if able to) and intensely contract the pubococcygeus muscle for at least 30 seconds to suppress ejaculation and orgasm.

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    The technique works perfectly without muscle relaxants… you only need to remember to contract whenever you’re about to ejaculate.

    Useful skill anyways. Too bad most people believe that practicing kegels is detrimental.



    I don’t think they benefit sexual health in my experience. All kegels did for me was premature ejaculation, and for years after that I didn’t practice them and I didn’t have premature ejaculation anymore (regained control).

    Not only that, but I remember the strongest erection I ever had was after I took some yohmbie extract, I mean it was like it was ballooning by itself, alas only lasted a few minuted before precum let it down. But I knew from there on that you don’t need kegels for a super penis. You just need perfect health, nutrition, and aphrodisciacs.



    I don’t think they benefit sexual health in my experience. All kegels did for me was premature ejaculation, and for years after that I didn’t practice them and I didn’t have premature ejaculation anymore (regained control).

    The same muscle is responsible for premature ejaculation and also ejaculation control. Learn the right method and you will never ejaculate accidentally. However learning to relax the muscles and increase the depth of pelvic movement is priority number 1 in my opinion. Kegels come in only when you’re about to ejaculate, or whenever you want to tone your pelvic floor muscles outiside sexual activities.



    Sorry, but this is probably one of the worst suggestions I’ve heard on this board. Some people here have pelvic floor disorders, Kegel exercises are the opposite of what you want to do with them. Also taking muscle relaxants for long periods of time leads to heart failure in later years.

    Oh and you can’t have a lucid dream just by saying you want to. It’s a little bit more difficult than that.



    Because this is a SE forum.

    We ALL tense up our pelvic floor muscles WAYY too much, its probably the only way we are able to get hard anymore. This is already something we need to stop.



    i have a nightfall problem. I DONT KNOW about kegels but is there any other way to stop NIGHTFALL???

    and please tell me your experience with kegels. the only time i lasted long in the past two years was when i had done kegels( stopping urine) for a period of 20 days. TELL ME HOW MUCH TO DO AND WHEN AND ALSO TELL HOW IT HELPED YOU GUYS.



    You don’t need to practice kegels.

    Just do one when you’re about to ejaculate.

    Turning eyes upwards helps, also use of breath to suck the orgasm towards spine & brain.

    Read Mantak Chia’s book ‘Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy’ for more information.

    How it helps?

    How does ejaculation control help?

    Does it really need to be explained?



    ok thanx a lot..i will read the book





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