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    Are you wondering how to stop masturbating? Well you are not alone. There are millions of frustrated men in the world trying to figure out how to stop masturbating. There is a plethora of confusing guidance and information out there. I will lay out advice from myself and others I have collected over time to make this is simple as possible. But before I jump into that I want you to know that you can and absolutely will overcome this addiction with the right attitude. Perseverance is the name of the game and victory will be yours if you possess the ability to get up and dust yourself off every time you fall. Many people have overcome this addiction and so can you. Its a personal decision you must make because no one can do this for you. So let’s get into the steps.”

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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Thanks a lot sir



    “I am a college student who has suffered with pornography addiction and masturbation for some time now. I started believing that it was harmless but I began to realize the profound impact that it had on my personal relationships, my reputation, and especially my scholastic ability. I would get tired and fall asleep often, lack energy throughout the day, and lose productive time because of my addiction. I am slowly but surely trying to make the change to recovery. I feel that the surest way to overcome this addiction is to recognize our self worth and dignity. May everyone here be constantly reminded about how much they are worth in this world.”



    best todo is to have sex without a condom 2-3x a week and quit masturbating all together, i been doing this lately.



    There are lots of men out there trying to recover from porn/masturbating/over-sex problem, but they will fail often because there might be something else in their lifestyles that causes the sexual energy to manifest itself in the wrong way, thus forcing them to become addicted to masturbation again. For me I know that if I do not do mild exercise and relaxation practices, I will start to lose the ability to focus and the body stops recharging.n Then I might feel occasionally horny , but otherwise feel like crap. On the other hand, when my body works optimally the benefit of energy conservation can be felt instantly, the emotions and feelings becomes very deep and satisfying.

    If you stop from porn for example two weeks, but do not feel any benefit at all from abstaining, it might be very frustrating, turning the person to become addicted to porn again.

    Here are few comments not related to my comment in any way, just to give some insight how destructive addictions affects ones life.

    “To think, I honestly thought that it was just me with this problem…..My life is on a downward spiral because of my lack of control….Masturbating daily has made me lazy, irritable and Ive lost my drive…..I found my uncles porn magazines around age 10…..I was confused at first…. seeing semen on women and not knowing where it came from, but as soon as i figured out how to masturbate….Ive been doing it regularly since…I am now 35 married with one son….We’ve been trying to have another child for the longest but to no avail. Im afraid to get a semenalysis because of what i might find out……porn and masturbation has literally ruined my life….I still feel inside that Im a strong man….So with that, I will try these steps and hopefully this will work for me…I really dont know what else to do…..”

    “Thanks for this valuable insight and advice. I have been struggling with masturbation for too many years of my life. I cannot begin to imagine HOW much of my life has been spent doing this filthy habit.

    I am really trusting that God will help me to apply the simple truth’s that are laid out here in order that my family can benefit from having a healthy minded father/husband. Keep up with this good work and try to get more exposure out there for those desperate people trapped with this shocking habit.

    We need this to help us kick this filthy habit for the benefit of all concerned.”

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