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    Hey people!

    Hope all is well

    Ive been thinking about making a thread here on how too minimise liver

    damage side effects from taking paracetamol/tylenol. A few people have

    been emailing me about taking paracetamol and Nirvana has asked couple

    times on how too potentially minimise or even negate all possible liver sides

    from happening via tylenol.

    I did make a thread on how a safe med(paracetamol) cured my PE and so

    far its been tremendous not just for PE but other things like erection

    strength, compares to viagra but with the crazy stamina effects,libido

    boost, much larger flacid hang can finish and erection+sex drive doesnt

    subdue . Other things not related too SE/PE have also improved training

    recovery, muscles less sore etc

    Adrenals and naturally testosterone levels may have improved as well

    since i have successfully weaned off cortef+pregnenolone too more than

    50% of previous dose before tylenol. Also came off TRT recently

    and im currently trying a natural TRT restart

    with clomid which i have previously failed before several times

    due too testosterone levels not holding after comming off, clomid, hcg,

    hmg etc

    Anyways the main thing i didnt like about my thread on how

    a simple safe med like tylenol cured my pe was the word *safe*.

    My conscience kicked in and i want too make sure anyone who

    has taking it and experienced benefits or is thinking of taking it

    long term please take your time too read this info on how too minimise

    liver sides from tylenol.

    Lets start with how paracetamol damages the liver.

    Reports have been taking that normal dosing at 1000mg every 6hrs on

    and off for occassional flu/Arthritis purposes too a toxicity dose at

    10000g can* all cause some kind of side effect either to most extreme

    effects like liver failure too death or much lesser effects like slight

    temporary liver toxicity symptoms.

    This is caused by the tylenol metabolite, N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine

    (NAPQI) which depletes the liver’s natural antioxidant glutathione levels

    and directly damages cells in the liver, leading to liver failure.

    Typically on a normal dose of 1g x4 a day for 2weeks one can expect

    an increase in alanine transaminase from their liver too about x3 of the norm.

    At this dose it would be unlikey too cause liver failure which is why

    for long term benefits Iam on a smaller eod dose of 500-1000mg. Using this

    much smaller dosing and also the every other day dosing im allowing

    a much longer period for the alanine transaminase too not be built up in

    the liver to the x3 threshold even though 3x the norm of alanine transaminase

    levels in the liver is not nearly a liver toxicity level but have too factor in

    long term effects as well so want too make sure too keep it low

    as possible yet experience the PE and sexual benefits.

    Since the tylenol metabolites N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine depletes

    glutathione levels it would be wise too keep glutathione levels healthy

    or even high since this metabolite lowers glutathione depending on ones

    current liver health via how the different methylation pathways

    are performing in building up glutathione.

    Nac is the easiest option too do this but it is only

    1 methylation route too increase glutathione and is invidualistic

    on how much NAc is converted too glutathione. Also have too factor

    in roughly 1800mg a day is the highest dose one can take before

    there are no longer anymore noticeable benefits for the liver via

    glutathione increase.

    **Taking glutathione directly too increase glutathione is not possible

    since its destroyed in the gut straight away.**

    Here are some of the other methylation pathways the liver can take too

    boost glutathione levels by boosting :



    b6/p5p (p5p preferable since majority are unable too convert too p5p)

    folic acid/b9 (L-Methylfolate for some who are unable too convert to this active form)









    One way too tell which of your liver methylation pathways are needing a boost or if one pathway is needing too be unclogged is by taking urine vitamin+mineral+ amino acid test. Also would recommend histamine and homocysteine blood tests as well since one could have healthy levels of the above but may still need eitherTMG+methionine or SAM-e too unblock/open the homocysteine pathway by breaking or metabolising homocysteine properly,efficiently & consistently.

    If you look at the human body of how methylation should work from this

    diagram here in the pic 1/4 page down you can see how the cycle should work :

    Also would be best too test for blood histamine and homocystiene since both of these will slow down methylation or block the pathways and grind the liver too a halt causing it too be backed up even more dispite adding many methylating boosting supplements.

    Tmg can lower homocystiene levels taking along with amino acid methionine.

    However this method also lowers cysteine levels so NAC would have too

    be supplemented even more so glutathione isnt lowered even more from

    this method plus the tylenol.

    Although Sam-E will do a much better job but with an added price tag

    in breaking down homocysteine levels than the methionine and Tmg method.Sam_e is also the best supplement on earth too boost glutathione levels but is very expensive and usually only needed if one is severely

    under methylated/liver is underperforming, liver bile not flowing properly,

    not clearing toxins,estrogens,fats, not making use off nutrients

    from food, supplements etc

    If you have healthy levels of all from the above from urine test and blood

    then your liver is in the average 50% of population that you are neither under or overmethylator. 40% or so people are under and 10% or so are

    over meaning these overmethylators were born with good genes or took care of themselves of both They complain about eating lots of food be it clean or junk and cant put on anyweight/fat, have lots of energy, rarely get sick, if they workout theyburn fat and put on muscle quickly but the unfortunate majority like myself when i was sick complain of opposite. ;(

    So all n all if you want too lessen or nullify the liver

    damage from tylenolto your genetic potential then take the tests and go from there. I think a simple vitamin+mineral+amino acid test cost me 70bucks and all u do is pee in sample, morning fasted first thing, catch it mid flow, send back and results in 1-2 weeks.

    The homocystiene and hsitamine blood testing will need permission from

    a local doc.

    I have a theory but no proof in how tylenol helps me and couple others

    so far in such dramatic fashion but not others.

    I believe it comes down too the liver

    methylation pathway on how much glutathione one is producing,also if one

    or many of the pathways are blocked. I think that if one has low

    glutatione levels or has a blockage in a pathway then the paracetamol PG2/Cox2 inhibtory actionmay not be as effective since its being passed through an unhealthy liver where the glutathione levels are lower than norm and one has many methylation blockages or even worse a fatty liver and has been backed up for a while and needs too be cleared for tylenol too be properly/fully assimilated.

    I have no proof here but science says the ones who have experienced

    liver failure, transplant & even death are the ones who usually abused

    paracetamol but not always but it always points back too glutathione levels

    being the culprit for these liver side effects.

    I was going too mention some of my experiences too back up this some morebut wanted too get the technical aspects across as i felt it was more important too make sure the liver isnt damaged from long term paracetamol.

    Its late here 6am took me a while too finish this and i havent been studying up on this much recently so there may some errors here and there so anything doesnt make sense please share:)

    Happy holidays everyone!! Have a good one :DDD

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    If you check out the original thread a study was posted talking about why Paracemetol works for PE.

    However I still question it’s affects on serotonin and potentially over long-term use lowering production.

    Doesn’t matter.. it doesn’t help me.



    Thanks for the heads up Chris.

    You’re a life saver.

    I want to get this test done for liver function just for curiosity. The only tests I have to work with though are blood – sex hormones and thyroid, saliva – adrenals, and urine – neurotransmitters. So you think the histamine levels in the neurotransmitter will be enough to tell the story? or what test should I order? one specifically for liver function?

    So as you heard the Tylenol’s been doing wonders for me too. The thing is, if I DON’T take tylenol for a day, things return to hard flaccid right away, unlike you. Which shows that the root – be it adrenals or testosterone.. is still not addressed. So I still need to take care of that, and when that’s fixed I’m sure I’ll need smaller doses of tylenol than now to keep PE away. Right now I need 1000 mg a day at a minimum and to be taking it consistently for all symptoms to be gone and things to return to 100%. Hopefully when I address adrenals or w/e.. 1000 eod will be more than enough.

    But I def plan on taking this long term. The way it gives you control over PE is amazing. I still haven’t had sex on it though. Ya man feels like popping a viagra but even better haha.

    I got 2 more questions for you Chris:

    1. You know if anything can be done to prevent kidney damage? Or are the kidneys at harm at all?.. it’s great that liver can be prevented.. what about kidneys though..

    2. Do you drink booze? how often?

    I read that mixing tylenol and booze is very hard on the liver. And that blows. Basically means that preferably I shouldn’t drink. But that’s not gonna happen. I’m cutting down though..

    You think if I keep taking NAC at high doses I can afford to drink like once a week? maybe once in 2 weeks?.. I don’t mean get hammered.. maybe 5-6 shots.. maybe out with a girl..

    Or you think drinking on top of tylenol will just destroy the liver?



    You guys realize that many people take Tylenol their entire lives right? Your concern seems far too high.



    Sure, but I’m just saying like, people with arthritis are taking it constantly, and my dad who had a double lung transplant has been on it for 7 years straight now.

    The real thing you guys need to worry about is either gaining a tolerance to it, or it affecting serotonin levels.



    when i warned them that time…no one showed any interest in what i said

    how funny life is……



    Yeah cycling meds actually works as he said. But you may have to go upwards of a month without tylenol in order to reset the system which means a month of PE.



    you need to deal with the root cause of high PG2….theres a reason for it and you have to find it. Once you do that ull be able to much better naturally control pg2 and use much smaller doses of tylenol and or use herbal stuff.

    The only way for a long term solution



    well I tried the tylenol and it didnt do nothing for me



    try evening primrose oil



    try some dextromorphan (anti cough med) and report back



    Anyone trying tylenol – make sure you take the right one. it’s the Tylenol Cold Day Extra Strength – yellow tablets.. not the sinus one and nothing besides extra strength.

    The cold extra strength day has 500 mg Acetaminophen and 10 mg Dextromethorphan.. which is what we need.



    You guys should be taking both and you should be taking within the ranges specified by that study, that’s why it was posted.




    2xparacetamol 500 mg + 30 mg dextromethorphan

    i was on fire!

    trying again tonight, i literally have a cough so i need syrup anyway



    Pimp, is dextromethorphan sold in places like walgreens or is it only included in tylenol cold ? I may try it.



    it’s a regular cough syrup, can be had at local pharmacy and perhaps walmart? i am from europe and it can be had otc here



    Also congrats Pimp! It is nice be able to have enjoyable sex again!



    thanks mate!

    please review this article:

    it seems hydrocodone (brandname vicodin i believe) was not responsible for the liver damage but tylenol had more effect

    hydrocodone is an opiate and also a cough suppressant, so maybe we should be looking into this?

    is it the same as tramadrol?



    vicodin seems popular, this is what i found elsewhere:

    I’ve suffered from premature ejaculation for a while, my doctor told me it was probably a mental problem, but I disagree with that since I can go about 10 or 15 minutes if I’m drinking, or on an opiate like a pain killer. When I’m on these drugs I’m not a totally different person mentally, so I don’t think that is the reason for my problems. Also, I can go longer after I’ve ejaculated once already. The stop and go method and kegals haven’t really helped me. This brings me to the conclusion that it’s biological because I’m very comfy with my girlfriend and I’ve had this problem for years, I also have the problem when I masturbate.

    * Clearly I can’t drink all the time or take pain meds before sex habitually because it isn’t healthy. Finally I found a herbal opiate mimicker called “Kratom”, it’s completely natural, it’s basically just dried up leaves from a certain tree that grows in various parts of the world. It’s completely legal in America and you can order it on the internet from various vendors. I take about 6grams of the fine powdered Kratom and it feels like I took a vicodin. Kratom does the same thing that pain meds do for delaying my ejaculation. I last probably 3 times as long with it, so probably 10 or 15 minutes during intercourse. Kratom has been around for thousands of years and it is much less habit forming then other commonly abused prescription drugs. Look it up information on it at, its effects are variable on different people so don’t get your hopes up too much.

    Also there’s a new short acting SSRI on going through the FDA called Depoxetine, through trial experiments it’s very effective, but I don’t like habitual use of synthetic drugs, especially SSRI’s, so I don’t recommend it. I hope this helps you.



    combine with NAC or something for glutathion?

    Paracetamol hepatotoxicity is, by far, the most common cause of acute liver failure in both the United States and the United Kingdom.[8][70] Paracetamol overdose results in more calls to poison control centers in the US than overdose of any other pharmacological substance.[71] Signs and symptoms of paracetamol toxicity may initially be absent or vague. Untreated overdose can lead to liver failure and death within days. Treatment is aimed at removing the paracetamol from the body and replacing glutathione. Activated charcoal can be used to decrease absorption of paracetamol if the patient presents for treatment soon after the overdose. While the antidote, acetylcysteine, (also called N-acetylcysteine or NAC) acts as a precursor for glutathione, helping the body regenerate enough to prevent damage to the liver, a liver transplant is often required if damage to the liver becomes severe.[5]

    There are tablets available (brandname in the UK Paradote) that combine paracetamol with an antidote (methionine), to protect the liver in case of an overdose.

    In June 2009, an FDA advisory committee recommended that new restrictions should be placed on paracetamol usage in the United States to help protect people from the potential toxic effects. The maximum dosage to be consumed at any given time would be decreased from 1000 mg to 650 mg, while combinations of paracetamol and narcotic analgesics would be prohibited. Committee members were particularly concerned by the fact that the present maximum dosages of paracetamol had been shown to produce alterations in hepatic function.[72] The FDA has not implemented their recommendations as of October 2010.[73]



    combining it with NAC? used for paracetamol overdose

    interesting.. NAC is also a cough suppressant, takes away mucous

    perhaps build up power in the liver? this will help PE?



    Congrats bro! so glad to hear about your success. as far as I know, tramadol is not the same as hydrocodone but its success rate is high. Even some urologists prescribe it.



    Good findings .

    Ok the first study

    is pretty much inconclusive… the doc says tylenol COULD be responsible for the elevated liver enzymes but at the same time it COULD be something else… and that’s where it ends… weird :S

    Somebody actually took 10 grams of tylenol? god damn… that’s 20 tylenols in a day… what did you think was gonna happen…

    They don’t recommend taking tylenol for more than 3 consecutive days… that sounds pretty scary..

    The ‘Kratom’ story is interesting.. maybe it works just as well.



    Great findings. Thank you for sharing these.



    yeah i knew about the tramadrol

    i believe it’s an opiate pain killer which means it can become addictive which i am afraid of, and also that you need more to regain same effect

    just read kratom is also prone to withdrawal symptoms like any other drug, but reports on forums suggest that a low dose kratom daily isn’t that hard of an addiction

    suggesting the painkiller meds are more addictive

    so what if we would make a low dose capsule, i know this works for me:

    loratadine (anti histamine, 10 mg and viagra no wood, 5 mg and viagra 9 out of 10 times good wood, so say 2.5 mg loratadine)

    paracetamol 500 mg

    dxm 30 mg

    l-dopa 100 mg

    5-htp 50 mg

    i bet this would be an awesome stack



    A small minority of users use kratom to prolong sexual intercourse.

    source wikipedia:

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