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    yes thats great information

    i believe he said its wise to take a long sexual rest, some need months of rest others need years. this is something i may take up again.

    only if i would of got to read this article when i was 10 years old = )

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    The “mental masturbation” or excessive erotic thoughts and their detrimental effect on nervous systems is very interesting.

    Sometimes when I look many forums I see lots of men sharing porn pictures and heavily masturbating. I remind myself it might be me as well sharing those photos if I wouldn’t have figured out / found out whats going on and find myself even worse situation later on than when I started healing progress.

    We have to stay calm and distribute this knowledge to as many men as possible, it will benefit the males in general and also the society. Strong men with great vitality makes a great society from which everyone can benefit.

    Those who engage in excessive practices, will deserve whats coming to them ( just like everyone else who abuses his or her body ) otherwise they would never learn. It sounds ruthless, but thats how nature works. And we know what is natural is good for us. We have all the same rules, and we can choose what to do. At least we can try to help other men not to make the same mistakes or at least help them before they found themselves beyond cure.

    Edit: Ok, it might little too harsh to say all you will deserve all the destructive consequences, but in the end, unless we do things that are good for us and avoid things that harm us, we will end up in problems.

    Animals are better at learning since they will cease to exist unless they live very natural and optimal life in the wild life.



    Wow, that people on that site to know what there talking about and there is extremely good articles. Thanks for that.



    From the book:

    Mantak Chia – taoist secrets of love – cultivating male sexual energy

    “CHAPTER 4


    “Man cannot be without woman and woman cannot be without

    man. If you think intercourse is an isolated or separate act, longev-

    ity is threatened and every ilnes arises.”

    —from the Recipefor Making Priceless Gold

    Sun S’su-Mo, physician who lived 101 years

    Every man is born with a certain amount of priceles vital chi

    energy. Some begin with more than others, but for the sake of

    simplicity let us assume an average man is born with a sum of

    vitality likened at $1,000,000. Overone’s life span this milion dol-

    lar’s worth of life force is spent. Some spend wisely and live heart-

    ily into the 80’s and 90’s. When you are young you spend it faster

    because it seems like such a huge amount it could never run out.

    Most people in our consumer society spend more money than

    they earn. They borow themselves deep in the hole, asuming

    they wil earn enough to pay it back later. If they fail, they face

    bankruptcy or a corective period of lean living. Through poor

    habits the same thing happens with life energy, only the penalty is

    los of appetite for life, sickness, and death.

    Let us say that someone earns an additional 100 units of life

    force daily through breathing, eatingand resting. Yet he may spend

    125 units of life through poor diet, smoking, glutony, overwork,

    anxiety, constitutional weakness, drug abuse and frequent loss of

    the vital sex fluid. To spend the extra 25 units he must continuously

    borow vitality from the brain and organs. This theft of vital energy

    from one’s own milion dolar reserves gradualy induces mental

    and physical sicknes and premature aging.

    Conserving sexual energy is a practical way to earn 125 units

    and spend 100 units or less. It’s an investment in one’s physical,

    mental, and spiritual growth. The imbalance of one’s personal

    economy can be corected by reducing the disastrously wasteful

    expenditure ofejaculation. A “profit” of25 units of vitality is then

    made by transformingthe conserved sexual fluidinto higher mental

    or spiritual energy. Eliminating other bad habits wil reduce the

    los and increase the profit, but no other single factor in life is so

    potent as sexual energy.

    If you work hard al day, you’ve already used up much en-

    ergy. If you then have a few drinks, eat a heavy dinner and later

    have sex in which you ejaculate the vital sperm fluid, you are

    overspending your life’s provision prematurely. Some people

    would cal it a day wel spent, as they cannot envision anything

    beter in life to spend their energy on. If you continue to overtax

    your resources, you may wake one morning fatigued with life, sick

    with arthritis or cancer, or maybe you won’t wake up at al. You

    wil have prematurely exhausted your vital capital and may have to

    die at an age that you feel is somehow “unfair” or possibly worse,

    sufer through your final years in life with your creative powers and

    physical faculties greatly diminished.

    I am a Taoist living in the twentieth century near New York

    City and lead an extremely busy life. I have a wife and an overly

    energetic young child. I own a computer, drive a car in city trafic,

    deal with teaching hundreds of students, and maintain a heavy

    travel schedule flying around the U.S.I know it is possible to lead a

    rich and rewarding life without exhausting oneself, and have seen

    my students do the same. The more you cultivate your chi energy

    with daily practice, the easier it becomes to replace energy spent

    and stil end up ahead.

    Of course, if you choose a simpler lifestyle you can progress

    much more quickly. That’s why many Taoists choose to live up in

    the peaceful mountains. But you can live by the same Taoistprinci-

    ples anywhere. The universe is bountiful if you know how to live

    with it. Sexual energy is one of the most abundant gifts given to us

    by nature, yet most people casualy toss it away without realizing

    the ful value of its treasure.

    As Americans become more aware of the importance of per-

    sonal health they are seeking to change their lifestyles. Many peo-

    ple are now realizing that they have been living destructively. For-

    tunately, they have grown conscious before it is too late. Whether

    they are jogging or taking a dance class, they wish to begin a life-

    energy conservation program. First they must pay the interest on

    the vital sums they have overspent from their mind and body. After

    a while they may repay both interest and principal as they begin to

    produce and conserve more energy. At that point they can take the

    path of cultivating their chi energy into its original spirit.

    Have realistic expectations. You may have spent more vi-

    tality than you had to spare. Concentration and patience are neces-

    sary to recover it. You can spend $100,000 in an hour, but you may

    need one year to earn it back. Serious physical and mental trauma,

    heavy use of drugs, and frequent ejaculation al involve grosly

    excessive spending. Many young people seem to have unlimited

    energy. But these youths are toying with the sources of life as if on

    a wild spending spree.

    Many older people apparently in good health are, in fact,

    totering on the brink of serious breakdown. Only the strength of

    habitual self-wil alows them to continue to function. When they

    have a check-up—often prompted by unconscious awareness of

    their condition—the doctor may order an immediate halt to stren-

    uous exertion. Often these people colapse in the first days oftheir

    enforced rest because the flimsy strand of wilpower which kept

    them going has been cut. Friends wil say, “I can’t believe it.

    Yesterday he seemed strong as anox.” If you learn to balance your

    account in the sexual economy, you wil be taking themostprudent

    steps possible to avoid such a scenario in your own life. “



    Taoists say frequent intercourse with infrequent ejaculation.The other theory says that this technique harms nerves..which is correct..?

    The whole item is philosofical..Nietzhe has written about the eternal come-back to what we enjoy..He also talks about eternal vitality not eternal life..i wonder..a life with strict rules is what we want or must want..! is a life we are going to enjoy..?

    Does it matter that much how long are we going to live..if we hold down our desires..and especially the freudian basic instict..? And what about these repressed desires..what happens to them..? From what i know frustration always comes back..

    The human nature in any case is full of discrepancies..remembering Borges and his “casualidad” of human life we may live more freely..




    This is for each one to find out oneself. There has not been, and there never will be a theory or a health system which applies to everyone since each case is little different. Each of us have a little different situation and history. Thats why all kinds of approaches and methods have been developed in the first place by different people. For example it is known on this forum that some people will develop problems during the sexual stimulating session, some people the actual ejaculation is a main source of energy drainage. For some people the masturbation with porn will create brain fog, attention problems ( due to depletion of the neuro-chemicals and hormones ).

    I think most people on the forum will agree that the internet porn or porn in general is the biggest source of our problems, it stimulates the body excessively through the eyes and nervous system.


    Taoist approach is always the natural approach, without limits or stricts rules. The recommendations have been developed because people no longer are able to lead a natural lifestyle in the modern ( un-natural ) society. If people would be able to live according the tao, there would not be a disease in the first place ( unless the constitution is weak ). This is the taoist ideal. This means of course the other aspects too like eating, breathing, mind, etc…

    All the things will naturally flow in to the right direction. If the people would learn to not create any obstacles and go with the flow there would be zero problems.

    When you are under the influence of disease, sickness weakness it is then when you are not free as the problems will restrict the daily life and will make people to look for a cure. Taoist health practitioners try to obtain good health because it means freedom.


    You are right that repressing the sexual desire is harmful since it means internal conflict.

    But we here are the victims of internet porn which has caused us to over-masturbate when the natural libido is all burned out long ago. Many people report that they are able to masturbate with porn, but no longer are they interested or capable in sex with real life girls.

    When we have exhausted the life-force from our organs with porn, excessive masturbation or ejaculation, drugs, poor diet, excessive stimulation of the senses with modern entertainment, negative emotions, anything which is against the natural flow of things, the person will have to face the negative consequences of such practices. There will no longer be much joy or health left for the person to use and cultivate in his daily life. There has been a huge rise in the use of anti-depressants and various drugs because we live in energy deficient society. Unfortunately, most people, even doctors and specialist have no tools or info of how to correct such problems and help people become healthy again.

    To live life to the fullest means we have to have something left to use on our internal energy reservoirs. Trying to live according to the natural principles does not mean one should stop ejaculation or sexual practices altogether, it means we should not masturbate with porn ( which is un-natural ) or we should not have excessive sex or excessive masturbation when it just creates these powerful emotions at the cost of our organ energies ( which drives our mood and health ).

    Again, to follow the nature applies here. If you feel very horny, then you should just have sex with your girlfriend and not make a problem out of it. If you however feel fatiqued and the sexual stimulation will drain you, you might have no other option than have sex more rarely. Also, forcing joy is harmful. If we are not horny and are not able to produce healthy erection, by forcing it we will just drain the body in even further. The same applies to drugs ( legal or illegal ) and all kinds of sexual stimulants which help the person to become even more exhausted.

    I will recommend for everyone to live as natural life as you can, eat well prepared tasty food, have sex with your girlfriend when you benefitting from it healthwise or masturbate ( without porn ) if you do not have a girlfriend or wife.



    I edited the first post to stress that excessive ejaculation or excessive masturbation by no means is the only cause of loss of virility or responsible of decreasing of health. The problem will come if you force yourself to masturbate to porn / ejaculation when your natural libido and erection capability is burned out.

    We have to strengthen and heal the body as a whole, eliminate stagnations ( physical and emotional ), eat well etc… have reasonable energy economy, take it easy…..good results will follow.



    On the note of frequent sex without ejaculation, the actual process is complex and requires you know what to do with the sexual energy that you save, otherwise it would make things just as bad:

    then go to ‘Healing Love’ section for information. In other words, if that’s what you want to do, go find a Taoist qigong master.

    With regards to the Western medical community not paying attention to the lethal consequences of masturbation, it actually has been documented by medical doctors in the 1800s, although later is was discredited:

    But I DON’T recommend any of the treatments they suggested.

    Also, western professional athletes and musicians have long known that ejaculation is a drain on your energy:

    (see Miles Davis’s Playboy interview transcript on Muhammad Ali, quite hilarious, actually)

    Just my thoughts on Dr. Lin ( &, as other readers have posted he is scamming you by telling you to just cut down on ejaculation (rather than abstinent). I think the best thing one can do is is be very abstinent and go see a qualified and reputable TCM (traditional chinese medicine) doctor or a naturopathic doctor that can give you raw herbs to cook (not small bottles of pre-formulated pills) and acupuncture to rejuvenate your body; as you already know the Chinese have documented all of these thousands of years ago.

    I am not going to tell you that this is an easy process, but with perseverance and proper life-style, diet, and treatments things will get better. I have been abstinent for over 1 year (just a few episodes of noctural emission, which I believe is normal) and on herbs for almost a year. If I didn’t also suffer from severe insomnia my healing progress would have been much faster.



    Very nice thread.

    Chi kung replenishes all the lost energy of the internal organs.



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    this is 100% right , pls put chat so we can share or treatment live pls !!!

    but do we have any treatment available !!????

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