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    How’s everyone feeling? Hope well …..

    I’ve been doing great this past week. No more ferocious pain in the groin area (acute prostatitis) as I have been taking morning hot sitz baths (baking soda and epsom salt), 90mg a zinc a day, eating healthy (pumpkin seeds, green tea, B and C vitamins, etc) and relaxing mind. I haven’t jacked since 12/31/06 and now considering going another 40 days (I figure since it’s Lenten season I should give up something! ) to continue healing and getting better.

    Oh yeah – been sleeping through the night too. That was a big issue. For that, I’ve been taking a product called Somnolin (Vit B6, Folate, B12, L-5-HTP, Thiamine) right before bed. I only take one of these. Need to get my gym membership re-instated as I want to continue working out but definitely NOT how I was before all this crap occurred. Man did I over do it!

    I still have a bit of fatigue but working on that with taking Adrenal Caps and Brewer’s Yeast to increase my adrenal reserves for energy. I am also doing a colon cleanse to clean out my digestive system and this is definitely helping with bowel movements. This stuff is like a scrub brush!

    After another month or so, I will begin to ease off on all the supplements and just depend on organic foods. Will still take some sort of multi and few others (vitamin B’s and C’s) but getting tired of popping vitamin tablets all day. Fine for now but not for later.

    Ah right – take care and stay healthy!

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    thanks for your post. i’m doing great right now. its been quite a challenge to get back on track but last year was one hell of a year. I took 3 months off masturbation, masturbated once and then just continued abstaining. I will create a log with all the stuff I took, experimented with and using at the moment.

    PS- thanks for the stuff about the epsom salt bath



    speed do you think the morning hot sitz baths works well?

    i know they recommend that in one of those links for for healing virtility..

    i cant wait blueshark for your post.




    Absolutely! I’ve been taking the hot sitz baths for over a month and definitely have helped my condition. The epsom saltsbaking soda mix that I add in the bath work great because they release all the toxins out of your skin.

    I’m thinking of switching to doing them at night as a warm bath helps to relax and induce sleep.



    i think a hot bath/ cold bath works well to




    Yes, that will work. Check out this information.

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    Best part on my current situation is, that I rarely feel like s!hit ( few years ago the situation was the opposite ). Not even on the following day of ejaculation. I though can tell that ejaculation causes loss of energy, since you can be full of energy having good spirit before masturbation, and then masturbation leaves you temporarily low and weak. It is NOT normal to feel depressed and weak most of the time of our life.

    If after getting better, we start masturbating/ejaculating too often, we will gradually lose all the good work we have done and find ourselves back in zero-state having terrible symptoms and feeling weak. Remember also there are the other means of causing disease and weakness, like excessive training, drugs, eating wrong or unhealthy foods, too much alcohol, complex and negative emotional states etc. Everything is of course individual and changes overtime.

    Like you have posted previously ( if I remember correctly it was you ) the important culmination point is to reach a balanced state of health, where you feel happy and have strong vitality and energy even your erection or libido is not perfectly recovered yet. This way you can take it all more easily and enjoy your life while recovering and gaining every day.

    I´m not perfectly sure anyone will ever get oneself sexually back to state where we were when being 16-18 years old ( much of the semen/sexual hormone material is gone and burnt away, like women who have borne many children. TCM considers part of this pre-natal jing being irrecoverable ). But it is a little victory itself, to get most of the symptoms away, get our vitality and energy back so we will not feel depressed and weak every day, being able to have sex now and then, and consider oneself normal again. Abstaining from ejaculation and practicing all these health methods, eating well, doing massage etc. is really like adding new fuel to lamp that is nearly burnt out.



    yinyangparantaja I can get to 100% tho right….since I’m 17 years old. Maybe I can get to where a normal teen is supposed to be…



    i think everybody, regardless of age can improve on himself. you can’t achieve 100% with many things in life but you can damn well get very close to it.

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