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    Anyone know anything about hormone replacement therapy?

    I’m thinking of looking into this therapy.

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    Well…it depends on which hormones you are talking about. Testosterone will not work. I tried and it didn’t do a thing. In the “Cortisol Connection” they explain that even if your testosterone is high, it will not be diverted towards your sex organs if your cortisol is high. You don’t need an erection if you are in fight or flight.

    I am considering progesterone and progenolone treatment. My ZRT saliva test showed that my progesterone is low, which is a symptom of adrenal fatigue. However, my DHEA is high, so I don’t want to take D-35. I am going to look for a cream that doesn’t have DHEA.



    I urge you to try and exhaust other means before you consider testosterene replacement therapy and if you do I’d suggest using Clomid alongside it. You need to find a competent physician for this though. really the forgotten element in Testosterone modulation is insulin management.

    you could also try a stable form of Vitamin B5 in very large quantities. the B5 is the precursor to acetyl Coenzyme A (which changes into pregnenolone).Pregnenolone has two choices basically: it can become cortisol or DHEA. with things like masturbation, shitty diet and useless training programs etc… the Pregnenolone ends up converting into more cortisol.

    licorcie root can also help here. You can go for the cream as well.



    Frank O have you tried testosterone thepary?

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