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    I have adrenal fatigue and was partially impotent as a result e.g. I had cold and very soft erections. Recently I had a fight and somebody held my testes and dick for minutes trying to kill me perhaps. Right now I cannot even have soft erections I am simply in pain and the dick has stopped working in a functional sense.

    I have left it for a week but it doesnt seem to be improving. My guess is because I have adrenal fatigue the blood flow is limited and so the repair work is limited. The blood flow is so limited and hence I had cold and weak erections.

    I know that once people start taking hydrocotisone impotence can go to an extent. I think I may need to do this temporarily to get some blood flow and repair work done otherwise if I wait for the adrenals to heal naturally it will take time and then i will have to attend to the damage which occured when this guy tried to rip my balls off.

    Can somebody tell me how much blood flow increases when taking hydrocortisone. Does it bring erection back to full or not? What about when you take small dosages how much better will the blood flow be. Pimp, I know hydrocortisone made a massive difference for you in this department.

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    oh man. sorry to hear that … plz don’t put yourself in situations like a fight as we need to be in a total relaxed state right now.. fighting and getting injured is the last thing we want…

    regarding hydrocortisone i have read in some forum that it brought back erections. i will search which forum i found that info on but i remember that the guy took like 1% HC and the next day he was getting boners.



    Licorice will help to raise Cortisol and restore your energy, which may be what you need to kick-start your healing. As your energy increases you should stop taking licorice and take the time to relax and recharge by having a weekly massage and taking up meditation and concious breathing techniques. Aim to get atleast 8 hours a sleep every night. This will help to restore your DHEA and increase your Testosterone.



    i dont think i ever really heard of HC helping erections…. it didnt really help with me.. i think e2/TT is the top one to correct for erections.



    not entirely true

    i was cured of ED when i started taking HC

    although it wasn’t the best erection i at least could sustain the erection

    there is a theory floating around that ppl in stressed state produce too much norepinephrine and that HC calms this down/destresses you and thus counter the flight/fight mechanism which causes ED

    it helped for me even when i was low on T levels in the 300

    i did have PE though

    at some point i had awesome erections which i never experienced again (naturally, without viagra) on my treatment protocol, and then this faded

    probably e2 but not sure, i got e2 in better range and did not much for erections

    HC is definitely worth a try

    my new doc believes i need more HC because of my dark circles under my eyes perhaps this could help for erections too

    it all is really complicated, but it’s definitely worth trying



    ur the first then i heard of HC doing anything for erections.



    If you experience adrenal fatigue your body cannot produce much Cortisol or DHEA. Any Cortisol that is made needs to use up what is left of DHEA, so by taking Hydrocortisone you start to restore your Cortisol allowing DHEA to begin replenishing itself also. Of course low DHEA means low Testosterone so it can effect your erections. I mentioned Licorice in an earlier post because it helps restore Cortisol by reducing the production of the enzyme that breaks it down, allowing it to replenish itself gradually.

    If your DHEA-S is low then perhaps a low dose of DHEA will help too if your doctor recommends it. It will definately speed up your recovery and help to increase Testosterone if that is low also. Plenty of relaxation, sleep and light exercise will also help you to restore your Cortisol and DHEA. Yoga would probably be most effective.



    hey how long did u take hc before it you noticed it improving erecton/fatigue?

    did it change the penis from cold to hot?

    also how many mg per day were u taking?




    sorry to hear that..GWAN

    take care…



    i think a couple weeks can’t recall

    i do know for certain this was what helped

    didn’t change from hot to cold or vice versa

    taking 15 mg

    switching over to medrol next week if i get it



    Wads HC?



    Arimidex + HC + T4 help erection.

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