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    ive been trying really hard to heal lately…i take yoga but i also have to deal with a chronic pain condition in my jaw…i noticed i have many crevices in my tongue which represents a bad spleen/stomach as well as heart condition…some of my symptoms include stomach spasms that never stop even if i think of nothing and breathe deeply…even during yoga it is still present…another symptom i have is a burning in my spleen or upper stomach and shallow breath…i thought it was just the pain from my jaw or pinched tmj from a dislocation doing this to me but it sounds more and more like hypothyroidism…i need to find a good chinese specialist in my area to get this worked out…i also took my temperature a couple weeks ago during the daytime and it was 97.1…i know i need to take it again….I think i need armour to heal this…it will help revitalize my breathing via ATP and help with the sluggish liver…I used to have thick moons on my fingernails and now they are all absent which is indicative of hypothyroidism…I already take a slew of supplements but this isn’t going to fix itself just with them…this hypothyroidism was induced by a drug and it just won’t go away…

    I get muscles very fast after doing long workouts of basketball and yoga and then they go away fast which means my body’s hormone levels fall fast once i get them up…

    My current supplement regimen is complex but basically i take very pure forms of things and spread them out…

    I take about 2000 mg of magnesium citrate and chelate forms combined

    Calcium 1000mg

    Carlson’s cod liver oil 2 teaspoons

    Flaxseed oil

    1-2 grams of ALCAR

    300 mg of ALA

    coq10- 30-60mg

    2g d-ribose

    Royal Jelly (organic)

    Vibrant Health field of green drink

    MSM and glucosimine for joint health

    And many many more that i rotate

    Plus many teas like ginger for digestive aid

    I also exercise a lot now…doing yoga and basketball 3 hours twice a week

    I also take 1-2mg of ativan daily for muscle pain which i know isn’t good but i don’t really think it affects my sex drive at all b/c the pain is so bad…

    Masturbation is usually variable…I try to go as long without usually 1-2 times a week..somtimes more or less

    I noticed if i don’t jerk off a few days i have pretty potent and good orgasms with a big load but i am never horny anymore still… i have to force myself with this regimen and i feel like crap all the time…possibly due to chronic pain but still not really sure…it could be hypothyroidism

    If i don’t take supplements i usually feel worse…

    I guess i need to work on a way to fix the thyroid so everything else balances itself out again…

    I’m going to have to find a good chinese specialist in my area…does anyone know a good place online with reputable referrals?

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