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    Hi friends!,

    i am new to this site and just now registered. Iam from india.

    I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder but never took any medication for that.

    I started masterbating at the age of twelve and and masterbating 3 times a day since then , now i am 28.

    at the age of 26 i noticed that i hv difficulty having erection . I consulted my family doctor and he could not fix it up, he said iam having problem in my head i.e obsessive compulsory disorder & depression as the reason for not having erection.

    After reading thru the side effects of over masterbation i am definitely sure that my problem are because of over masterbation.

    FRIENDS !,

    I want to know from you about the best medicines to be taken to cure this problem.

    Can u all pls recommed me some medicine to cure this ?

    Awaiting for ur favourable replies,



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    please print my Recommend lab work show your doctor, you need to find out whats causing your problems.

    post labs here.

    giving you a list of supplements to cure your problem is the same as trying to find a needle in a haystack



    Hi Max ! Thanks for the reply.

    I really did not understand what do u mean by ‘recomended lab test’

    what is it ? and where can i get this ?

    Pls reply

    Thanks u very much.



    tell your Family doctor that you WANT only these tests!

    This is taken from Dr. John’s site at http://www.allthingsmale.com in TRT: A Recipe for Success.

    • Total Testosterone

    • Bioavailable Testosterone (AKA “Free and Loosely Bound”)

    • Free Testosterone (if Bioavailable T is unavailable)

    • DHT

    • Estradiol (specify the Extraction Method, or “sensitive” assay for


    • LH

    • FSH

    • Prolactin

    • CBC

    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

    • Lipid Profile

    • PSA (if over 40)

    http://stopthethyroidmadness.com/ recommended lab work

    * TSH But this lab is only for diagnosis of hypopituitary, NOT to diagnose or dose your hypo by.

    * Free T4 and Free T3 (note the word “free”)

    * Thyroid Antibodies (anti-TPO and TgAb. YOU NEED BOTH.)

    * Ferritin (and do stress FERRITIN, not just RBC)

    * Adrenals Cortisol levels (but we strongly recommend saliva tests, not the one time blood test your doctor will do. See below, because you don’t need a prescription)

    * B-12

    * Reverse T3

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