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    I came back from my endo follow up with my new bloodwork

    here is the bloodwork from sept.

    Estradiol 55pg (13-54)

    FSH 3.5 (1.6-8.0)

    LH 6.3 (1.5-9.3)

    Free T3 1.27 (0.93-1.70)

    TSH 0.67 (0.27-4.20)

    Prolactin 5.2 (2.0-18.0)

    Free Testosterone 117.2 pg (35.0-155.0)

    % Free Testosterone 2.47 % (1.5-2.2)

    total test 475 (250 – 1100)

    November Bloodwork

    Estradiol [b]67 (13-54)

    FSH 3.4 (1.6-8.0)

    LH 6.6 (1.5-9.3)

    Free Testosterone 106.8 (35. – 155.0)

    % Free Testosterone 2.15% (1.5-2.2)

    total Testosterone 497 (250-1100)

    Vitamin D 25h 33 (30-100)

    magnesium 1.96 (1.6-2.2)

    Cortisol am 20.11 (6.2-19.4)

    DHEA Sulfate 293 (110-510)

    my cortisol is high and so is my estrogen , I was taking dim but stopped about a week or two weeks before . I was telling the endo about my estrogen but he said its not a big thing with libido and that my testicles and shrinkage is probably all in my head. he prescribed me arimidex(thank god) and he said he wants me to do a 24hr cortisol test.

    damn I just read they symptoms of high cortisol and how they effect neurons also , I never got cortisol check until now.

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    It seems like everyone has estradiol and cortisol out of whack. I was just wondering what your exercise regimen is like? do you get enough sleep each night?



    yo good shit he gave you the arimidex…….what dosage does he wants you on? be careful they dont bottom you out either……but this sould def help your case also……and yo take vitamin D……raising your vitamin D can cause your T a good 100 points. it did for me……so in your case…..lowering estrodial and raising T might really be a huge benefit.



    meant to say can raise your T



    its also clear your cortisol is really high……dono what to do for this except try to relax and sleep better….sould help.

    Also I know if you do a neurotransmitter test and your serotonin and shit is low then raising that can help with cortisol as well



    Cjohnson, what other symptoms do you have? Do you have low energy, brain fog,fatigue, heart palpitations ?



    wait for the cortisol 4x results. I hear any cortisol test besides the 4x is inaccurate.. so don;t worry about that number for now.



    the 24hr needs to be Salvia

    zrtlabs.com has a kit you can buy for 140$

    would be nice to see SHBG, Pregnenlone, Progesterone.

    get your Vit D up.

    your labs dont seem to bad, just need to get e2 down, hopefully doing this and boosting Vit D could increase testosterone a bit..

    you seem to be heading in the right direction though

    i believe the typical dosage for arimdex is 1/4 EOD or E3D



    js , yea he told me to take a 1mg a day of it , but Im gonna half it to a quarter size like everyone says, its the generic arimidex but it should still do its job.

    the pills are already small as it is , I always thought they was big as a supplement size pill when people talk about arimidex.

    nirvana my symptoms seemed low t / excess estrogen symptoms such as muscle weakness , muscle mass loss , fatigue , brain fog , depression, loss of appetite , loss of body hair, testicle shrinkage , flaccid penis, no sex drive shrinkage, ed, loss of sensation, emotionally flat.

    the first months I felt like I could barely sleep or get up , now energy wise and muscle wise im not strong as I should be but its not super weak as early on. I have not been working out/ or exercising much because Im scared I will overtrain

    my sleep is actually good , I normally lucid dream on a daily basis, and its crazy being emotionally flat I never get stressed out anymore , only time I get bummed out or etc is when I get ex flames or g/f that want to come onto me or miss out on meeting new females.



    its good that your gona do the smaller doses……thats really what its all about educating yourself….F*ck these ignorant retarted doctors.

    I think you have a good aproach you sould be well on your well to better health.

    Lower e2……raise T through Vitamin D and sould help alot



    1/4 arimdex should probably be enough…

    you should eventually get morning wood, after you stop getting your morning wood, it could mean your e2 then has gone to low

    this is a post by chilln on musclechat




    Shit i have almost similar T and E2 levels and this is several years post finasteride. Last six months my testicles have gone down 1/2 size and i found high estrogen/progesterone and now have started on letrozole 1.25 mg.

    Cjohnson, did you manage to stop the testicle atrophy with arimidex?? How did you reckon you had Testicle atrophy?? did they change in weight or in shape or what?? And how big was this atrophy??

    How long ago has this started till you went to the doctor?? and how fast was it ??

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