I have lost all hope in my doctor…time for Testosterone!

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    Well it has been awhile since I posted and I want to speak of my progress, or lack thereof basically. Here is the conclusion I have come to. First of all, I no longer believe in my holistic doctor who told me 9 months ago that I could beat this. I have followed all of his advice and it helped for some time, but not anymore. Doctors are all about the money and just get you in and out of their office. I have realized now that all the blood tests I have paid for have just been a complete waste of time and money, since they are always coming back “normal.” But I have symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and low T, and neuro imbalances…obviously something is not right in the medical field. Testing needs to be more individualized and be based on symptoms and not numbers. Moving on…

    Well I have successfully abstained from all ejaculation for over 9 months now. But….I have nocturnal emmisions at least once a week now. And after I have them, I am weak for a day or 2 and my mind is very fuzzy and concentration is hard. Motivation is very low and anxiety sometimes will set in for an hour or 2 here and there during those couple of days. My sex drive seems to be very messed up. I can go a week and not even care about looking at girls, but the next week I can’t stop staring. Something is wrong, very wrong. My doctor tells me everything is fine though…go figure. I am 27 and not having a normal sex drive isn’t fine. Well, the next step I have decided is testosterone. And since my GP won’t write it up for me and I have lost all faith in the holostic idiot, It is time. I have a few friends that sell and I will be buying from them. My first cycle ever of testosterone starts tomorrow. I am a bit pysched and cant wait to see if I finally will be fixed up with normal energy and a normal sex drive. My buds that use seem like they are always on cloud 9. I will keep all of you posted on how my progress goes.

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    same here

    there are some holistic ways to boost your hormones but not permanent

    notice Akg that going into test may disable your testis to work properly



    start with some 100 mg testosterone enanthate or cypionate per week to begin with

    hcg 250 iu two days and the day before the shot

    add in 3x.25 mg arimidex

    retest in 4 weeks

    add in more arimidex to get to the levels around 20

    if no wood, try proviron from your friends up to 100 mg per day or low dose HGH with it if proviron fails

    make sure your adrenals and thyroid are supported

    suggestion: isocort or hydrocortisone or pregnenolone and thyroid glandular, measure your temperature

    this should help a great deal



    if someone decides to go on t shots and they use HCG alongside them will this allow them to have kids later on in life?



    for sure

    hcg will work to keep sperm up and balls healthy

    if still low you may have been low pre hcg

    otherwise you can try HMG which will be way better than hcg for this purpose

    otherwise you could switch to a couple times clomid a week along with your testosterone injection to get good sperm

    all in all no reason to not go on trt



    so really the only negative part of being on TRT is that every day or week you have to inject T into your blood? All the other issues can be amended through HCG or other supplements?

    You said that your not expierincing morning wood while on T shots? Do you have any theories for why this is ? Possibly acetycholine deficiency or high E2?



    what is your TT, SHBG, DHT, E2 results?

    if DHT is low, use GEL. if DHT is highish, use SHOTS..

    gel or shots should be based on DHT levels…

    use HCG



    yep, once or twice a week, you can even do low doses subcutaneous which makes it even less of a hassle

    yep hcg, hmc, or clomid

    yep correct, i think estradiol e2 has to do with it in good levels, along with a good free/bioavailable T level, and really important high dopamine levels (which i experienced in 4-5 days with usp labs powerfull supplement along with my trt)

    after a t shot i feel major good and i think it’s a dopamine rush which i am certain i am low on



    Wow this is ridiculous, you guys are seriously recommending him to start treating himself with testosterone with out a Doctors supervision ? You gotta be fucking crazy.



    You should be under the supervision of a doctor of course… I was under the impression he was already.



    Nah, it seems like he has a few buddies he can score some testosterone from.



    hey ,

    how r ur erections with girls or other sexual activites while on testosterone? im hpping that i wont need testosterone but if this dosnt amend itself in a two years or so i dont think i plan on suffering anymore.



    not good

    i tried gel with no arimi and of course i had high e2 and bad wood

    i do remember that i had one episode where i didn’t take viagra and took my gel and arimidex on my own that day and i was able to have sex

    then on shots i had a max of 3 x.25 mg arimi and this didn’t solve the problem, perhaps i should have increased to 4 or 5 times a week

    on trt i did try usp labs powerfull and this produced some major wood for me in the morning..

    i am lacking in testosterone but most certainly dopamine

    gonna try HGH in low dose next to see if this helps and perhaps something like deprenyl

    tried proviron for 4 weeks but nothing special to note

    there’s gotta be a solution so i am trying like hell to find it



    k thanks man. im sure there is a solution dont give up we all feel ur pain



    i dont think testosterone is that important for sex…

    i think e2, is more important overall

    like feel better on HCG but i think my erections are worse.



    is your SHBG is low or mid range does that usually reflect your E2 levels?

    I wasnt able to get my e2 tested due to some dumb NY state law. however when my testosterone was in the 500 range my erections were really good and rarely a rare occurance but when they drop closer to low 400s it seems like morning wood is more rare and its not as easy to get it up.



    You can’t tell where your e2 is based on shbg.



    so are you back on T gel now?

    TRT is interesting. sometimes its life changing and sometimes it makes things worse… I have a good feeling TRT wouldnt do much for me and possibly make things worse….



    I think if your hormones are good but you have a poor test, then its something within your system blocks the test production…

    I have seen some supplements that claims that they can work on boosting testerone and in the same time works as an anti armotase

    I will try and give it a shot…when iam done dealing with my thyriod

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