i have mentioned this before…vitamin ban

Sexual Reboot Forum i have mentioned this before…vitamin ban

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    unless stoped this will be globally implemented in 2010..the list goes on and on what you will be able to buy is 10% ish of what you can currently buy! its inanity..sadly its true and being done! look into it and stock up

    In short, we will be back to low potency, inorganic, synthetic nutrients such as those sold in supermarkets and available years ago. The banned items include natural vitamin forms such as the mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E), carotenoids, and methylcobalamin (B12), selenomethionine (the common form of selenium found in foods, but the list does allow inorganic selenium such as sodium selenate and sodium selenite which is known to be more toxic and deliver less beneficial results), all forms of sulphur (no MSM!), boron, vanadium, silicon, and most trace elements, the most readily absorbed and safest forms of calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium and molybdenum, and many chelated and plant derived forms.

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    does maca and greens powder fall under this ban?

    i use greens powder nowadays and it’s great

    it this europe or usa only?



    i actually dont mind if they do this ban… i think supplements do more harm in most people anyways.

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