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    I been doing a lot of research about SE. and it seems to be basically just imbalanced Hormones and neurotransmitters along with adrenal fatigue. I see that most people who go to doctors for Sexual Exhaustion don’t really know whats going wrong in their body. Telling the doctor you have SE will probably confuse them and they won’t know what your talking about. Thats the reason i been just researching educating myself about whats wrong with me.

    I’m still depressed and im patiently waiting for my urologist appoint thats in 2 weeks(yes i know its a long time). Although i have some days where i feel good but not as good as i felt before SE.

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    yes byron I learned that along time ago never bring up SE to doctors I refer to it as hormonal imbalance , or low t which seems to be the case anyway. even this way doctors still act reluctant to do anything about it or say its in your head.



    well its kinda how you talk to them. i mean you can get your hormone and neurtransmitters test done and show them the papers to show that your imbalanced. this can maybe temp them to help you out.



    yea the challenge you got to find the right doctor. most doctors play the well its in range game even when you still have symptoms.

    Im learning the hard way trying to go local and get the right care and save money did more harm than help. wish I used those 10 months prior on supplements and natural treatment, and dealwith clueless doctors setting up with the right doctor. but the doctors I saw all talked like they would help and once my test work came back in range or somewhat in range they hit me with the “psychological” theory .

    im on the fence right now , Im at the point of trying to self treat with the bloodwork I have , but a small part of me believes I can find a doctor to assist me in the right direction.



    if they are all within the range then what is the purpose of getting treatment. obviously the symptoms must be caused by other things that are out of balance.



    thats how the doctors think, but if the ranges are at the low normal range that seems it need to be addressed but isnt. I dealt with wonderful doctors but once bloodwork came back they turn into assholes suggesting prozac, wellburtin, pain killers, or other stuff instead of a realistic solution.

    I had one endo when I adressed him that my t level was on the low size and could be the culprit as well as elevated e2 his only explaination was a shrug and say its neither here or there. I showed him my shrunken penis he suggested that I work on my confidence and stop obsessing over this everything looked alright to him. if I had a small penis I would be going on with my life the fact that something is going wrong on a hormonal basis to cause this is different.

    heres a analogy:

    if I had a million dollars before why would I settle for $50 for the rest of my life.

    another thing I noticed all the times I go to doctors appointments I talk with educated info on hormones and etc. and keep my composure figure this will help me with doctors. its like the doctors dont see how much this is affecting my life with friends,fam, and the opposite sex let alone dealing with everyday life.



    using terminologies is important, but if your doctor is dump then nothing will help in convincing him even if you carried Harvard’s medicine book



    yeah sub-clinical ranges/symptoms are difficult to pick up and most doctors dismiss them. You better find a good specialist for that.

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