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    I didnt know where to ask, so I chose this forum.

    I have serious problem lately. Im 29 male, Im not addicted to porn, I masturbated occasionaly, didnt have sexual partner for few years and everything was ok.

    Then for about a year I had very stressful time. I had tons of stress, rather poor diet, but I exercised regularly and tried to do my best to keep in a good shape.

    And now!
    During last month I have crazy time, I dont want to enter in details, but I masturbated about 2 – 3 times per day, even when I didnt have the urge I forced myself to do that. That last for month, now its over, but I feel kinda depleted.
    I dont have the urge, I may watch porn all day long but I dont feel aroused, dont get erection. I dont have morning wood, and dont have spontaneous erections as before. I may get hard but only when I stimulate myself and when I stop I get soft very quickly…
    Im very worried and dont know what to do.
    What should I do? Is it reverrsible ?

    Please help…

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    I covalt,

    Nothing to worry about.

    If you lifted weights 3 times a day every day, eventually you wouldn’t be able to lift your arm. Once it repairs itself then you can.

    It’s the same with your penis. Beat it all day long and you’ll tire it out. It is reversible.

    Have you stop masturbating now?
    Do you think you’re addicted to porn?

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