I might be healing a bit.

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    last month my symptoms were bad. right now they have lightened up a little bit. All i been taking is fish oil and i been abstaining. I’m sure i won’t heal like this but its probably helping my body heal up in some type of form but i’m giving my hopes up.

    headaches have eased off a bit but i still have eye floators and fuzzy vision.

    I think that im just basically over coming adrenal fatigue though. So i can say that abstaining can but a big contributor in healing SE. I’m no longer depressed as i used to be.

    Like JS said theres no magic herb that can fix this. of course you can take supplements but you need to change your lifestyle and exercise to have results.

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    As you notice this you need to work more on your self, and the results will be amazing..

    as for the herbs supplement , it may work to some extent

    you can try b complex with a 150-300-mg of Magnesium

    a quick fix is to take a 1/4 of sea salt + half a lemon mix it with a 150 ml of water and drink it..it may help alot

    some of the reearches indicated that light head, continuous headaches are from minerals imbalance (Adrenal electrolyte imbalance), it may be also from neuros imbalances

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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