i might hurt someone , i slapped my 3 year old son

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    cant stop my self doing masterbation now too much ,

    plzzzzzzzz help me i might kill my self i am angry at every one too much depression on me too much negative thoughts too much anxiety even i slapped my little son , oh my god am i getting crazy plzzzzzzzzzzz help me

    what should do so i can be in control………..

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    Dude your health is in yor hands, literely. Quit wanking and looking at porn, take some time out, regroup, study about this and yourself, make a plan and execute it. You WILL recover, a lot of effort needs to come from your side. Suicide isn’t an option, you have a son.



    but how can u stop thinking about sex / masterbation …. is there anything to take orally which can help me



    By taking small steps, you can quit. Have other interests besides sex, convert them into hobbies. It’s not pleasant to abstain from sex/masturbation, but with this illness, it’s nessasary to recover.

    I’m finding it VERY tough right now, I’m only sleeping 2/3 hours per night, I’ve got a lot of spare time on my hands, I don’t feel well enough to start doing my work, it’s very easy to throw in the towel and just open up some porn tabs and sit there jacking off, but I’m not going to do that, I’ll have all the sex I desire when I’m rid of this shit.



    One of the most important things you need to do with yourself right now is abstain.

    Even though its not going to do too much for healing you, it will at least stop you from getting worse and will make you feel at least better than you are now.

    Mother fucking keep yourself busy, hang with friends, do wutever the F*ck you need to NOT have spare time.

    Stuck with the kid, no one else to take care of your son? Take his ass to the park n have some fun. Just get the F*ck out of the house.

    Get your hormones checked, theres a list in this web site.

    Earn some money, your going to need it.

    Where do you live by the way?



    guys thanks alot for the advice , but its hard

    pls tell me by having sex , sexual intercourse and masterbation , will have the same affect on me or what ???



    yes it will.

    its gonna be hard.

    trust me. after maybe 4 to 5 weeks of abstaining you will feel alot better than you are feeling now.



    omg it will be same …….sex/masterbation my god , its really hard



    channel your sexual energy into lifting wieghts or something.



    First of all, you won’t find the solution in a pill.

    Secondly, you don’t have to stop thinking about sex. Just stop masturbating.

    Thirdly, you have to change your attitude…

    Yes, it is difficult, but repeatedly affirming to yourself that it’s difficult will only make things harder.

    You have to make sure you focus on the solution, not the problem. No good can come by dwelling on what’s wrong, especially when you know what you need to do to overcome it.

    I know it’s not a nice thing to be going through, but I also think it serves no good over thinking it. None of us know the exact answer, in terms of chemical and hormonal balance, and there’s no need for your life to be consumed with checking the nutritional value of everything and studying supplements.

    All it requires is mental discipline.

    Don’t download or watch porn.


    If you find yourself with too much free time, you need to do something that interests you. Don’t waste time sitting on the computer or you will probably stray to porn again.

    Eat healthy

    Get a good amount of sleep each night

    and meditation/yoga is good, too.

    When you start getting spontaneous erections, without stimulating yourself then you know you’re well on your way.

    Don’t fret.



    You may want to do some research on anxiety, you seem to have a lot of it, trust me, I do as well, and it gets worse everytime I mastrubate or think of my problems.

    Anxiety can make your symptoms seem much worse, and even cause some of its own.

    Try to control it and you’ll feel muxh better. I’m still working on controlling mine, but each time a symptom gets worse or a new one starts I get all weird with huge anxiety and have to learn to cope with it myself.




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