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    Well…I don’t know where to begin so I guess I’ll start.

    My urges for masterbation probably started back in the 5th grade when

    I realized how great a nice down pillow felt or the trusty ‘ol stuffed animals

    in my bed. That became a secret obsession and I wasn’t aware at the time it was leaving yellow spots on the pillow cases No one in the family ever said anything so I guess I was getting away with it. Fortunately, no one ever caught me in the act. Looking back, I wonder if this is why I had experienced social anxiety in high school. Fast forward to present day, I believe I’ve wasted many hours of collecting porn. renting videos at the rental stores I would get magazines at the liquor store but with whats on the internet I figured why spend the money when there is so much on the net. I don’t care so much about the hardcore stuff as most guys. I enjoy watching women masterbate. Its a beautiful thing. I have had sexual relationships with women but..whats really weird is that when ever a woman would fall in love with me I would feel smothered and a couple of times I broke out in tears. I have no idea what thats about. Its like I’m afraid to get close or something.

    I went to a sexual addiction group one time and didn’t go back because i didn’t feel comfortable with the group.

    The hours spent surfing porn until 2 and 3am sporadically over the past few years has left me exhausted and depressed. It has caused me to become a shallow breather. I have panic attacks too. This whole behavior seems a lot like a junky with his heroin. It has definetly altered my way of life where i think I’m losing my mind. I refuse to go on anti depressants cause I don’t want to become hooked on some doctor’s drugs.

    Thanks for letting me post my case history. This is a definate problem where most people are afraid to go public with. Society can be very unforgiving sometimes.

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    Hey, , i am a new member also, welcome here!

    Would you please list all the symptoms you have from Sexual exhaustion (any sexual problems, bodypain, dysfunction, mental disorders etc.).

    Best advice i can give you so far is STOP porn completely and STOP MASTURBATING as long as you feel sick/exhausted. I have stopped for over 3 weeks now and slowly i feel more alive and my symptoms disappear a little!



    it`s true man.

    Theres one thing I dont get it: why doesnt anyone (and I mean experts or doctors) warns the young generation not to overpractice with this bad habbit cause Im pretty sure we are not the first generation of sexual exhausted even if 50 years ago there aren`t porn net or video cassettes with hardcore things…

    we all have the same anxiety you talked about and some are very shy or antisocial.. it`s sad but the habit contributed a lot to this state of being.

    anyway.. there is hope esspecially for those under 20-25 y.o. they can recover faster. so don`t give up but always remember not to repeat what u did wrong in the past! break the habit!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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