i sleep at 7 am and wake up at 4 pm …….

Sexual Reboot Forum i sleep at 7 am and wake up at 4 pm …….

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    my sleeping habit is worse now i sleep at 7 am and wake up at 4 pm , it is when its 4 days after Masterbation ….or O , but while those 4 days its like helll , i cant wake up i cant sleep …… my god , i talk shit , i get angry 24/7 , doc take it as panic attact he dont no what is SE/POIS so he give me paxil …….

    what should i do , i cant stop my self from O , now again i cant stop and will do it in 30 min ….. my god , please help me GOD , nobody understand what i am going through ….

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    lmao this shit is to funny.

    you really really really need to run the baseline labs. Im sorry theres no other way you will have a chance ofr recovering your health.



    well Sameer7777 thats where you messed up at.

    You shouldn’t have told your doctor you had SE/POIS. true doctors don’t know what that is.

    Should have told the doctor your symptoms and requested bloodwork. Go see a different doctor and request bloodwork.



    I think you lost your selfcontrol long time ago, being not able to control your urges to masturbation similar to what you have means that you have developed a serious addiction.

    i think paxil or whatsoever wont help because the issue isnt from your raged hormones that drives you to masturbate, its your severe addiction that needs work and work till you get of control of your self.

    Its addiction Sameer



    please get some bloodwork man……………..listen to them .they know their stuff……………



    Unfortunately I also felt the same way. No offence Sameer.

    You seriously get off your butt and go take a freakin blood test and see what is going on. Yesterday you said you slapped your son and today you are writing more serious shit.

    Get rid of that Paxil man. Doctors won’t know what is SE.



    It’s not funny. It’s horrible that you have to go through this, sameer. I suppose a blood test could help you determine what step to take next but I think what you need to do is to accept that you probably won’t get much relief from your symptoms anytime soon. However if you have some patience you will eventually find something that will ease your suffering. Keep coming to the forums and keep up your own research. When you have POIS you need to be your own doctor, which is the sad truth of this disease. Still, get the blood test if it’s possible for you to do so.



    yo Vincent what time will POIS come on? I’m thinking about watching it. to see what i can learn.



    2 things are your problems.

    1) you wont quit fapping & and try to get better.

    2) you are letting ANXIETY eat you up. Google Anxiety symptoms.

    Not all of it is from over fapping, and what is from over fapping could be exaggerated by your extreme anxiety.



    everybody is saying to do the blood test , kindly tell me what blood test should i do , what are the most important one …….

    and one more important thing , should i do the blood test when i have the worse time on symptoms i mean after O , or its okay to do it while keeping my self away from O , i mean when the symptoms are on lower side ???

    thanks alot every one



    I know that the way that sameer writes can be funny but surely it hides a deep desperation.

    Sameer, everybody need the test. Even if you were rich and you could take a lot of shit looking for the miraculous herb from China or whatever, you would need the basic tests to know what to take and why.

    And stop masturbation if you dont want to get worse everyday, insomnia will kill you slowly. As simple as that. I know what I am talking. Dont let that vicious cycle to build up.

    They say that Ashwagandha is pretty good for insomnia, you should have good sources near you.

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