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    yesterday i tried the sexual chikong method and i lasted 30 minutes!!!! and plus i was doing the method wrong!!!! i think i could have lasted much longer if i could do it correctly. i have noticed sexual chikong works better when standing up such as when masturbating.

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    it wasnt sexual chikong. it was the anal breathing method i tried. i got mixed up with the names.



    how long did u practise it for?

    I alway feel my anus and tailbone as opposed to my prostate.I find that doing it standing and seated is very good. but dr lin said that u need 2 -10 weeks to get used to it.

    seems like a really good exercise. I still don’t get how that improves premature ejaculation though. isn’t it similar to the start and stop technique or the squeeze method.



    this was my first try.



    oh ok.



    Really? Wow! That’s awesome, Armani! =)



    also when using this method take a 15 sec break after 50 strokes.



    Anal breathing really works. i held out for a full hour yesterday when masturbating-and i dint even come! though it works best when you take small breaks as was saying. at some point you actually feel as if your penis has gone numb. just the way Lin says happens. Theres also another way Lin says in his CD you can practice getting rid of PE. You masturbate the same way – with anal breathing, then when ur about to come, you cool off your scrotum with icey water…I was doing this but with regular water. I hope this is the way to permanently get rid of PE, especially after full recovery



    Some of you guys are not that exhausted if you can still try those stuff…




    Overmasturbation causes sexual exhaustion. Specifically over EJACULATION causes sexual exhaustion. Also, not masturbating/or having sex at least once after 3 weeks is as bad as overmasturbating.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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