i want a 2nd chance pls help me

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    Guys pls help me I am feeling too much weak ??? what should I do its been 10 days of my O , pls guide me for energy I have stop now , I will not do O any more not even small sex thing , I have stop complete porn watching so guys I want a second chance pls guide me ,

    One more thing why I am urinating and sweating a lot , have blur vision , is this diabetes , pls guide me , took meds for diabetics for high blood sugar for 10 days but did not help me …. So I have stop and I feel the same or bit better , but my blood sugar comes at random is 250 + , but when I left meds of diabetics I stop measuring it …..

    once i was tread mill after that my blood sugar came 127 !!


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    many have adviced you back then

    you need to get a whole panel of blood test

    + Stop completely your over masturbation habit and porn

    a 250+ Glucose is considered high, but it depends whether it was after a meal or after taking a sugar filled juicecake, a 127 also doesnt show something….an insulin test , and HAC1 and a fasting glucose is the most recoomend way to measure you sugar levels

    or just a home test after a 10 hours of fasting.

    taking medication blindly is a huge risk that can kill you, you need to get a proper medical attention and have a whole blood panel and work from that point

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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