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    Hi all,

    my name is Luca and i write from Italy. I’m 46 and i’ve masturbed almost all my life, at least every 3 day.

    There’s a chain of actions that i wanto to break: from porno to masturbation to casual sex.

    I’ve tried to make the period from one masturbation to another longer, 4 days or 5 days but never had a consistent success. When i quit i become restless and unable to sleep at night. That’s one of the main reason why i go on with this habit, just to be able to sleep. In order to have an orgasm i have to watch porno, but at least always the same one.

    I have a erectile disfunction and i do not have a mate.

    I know that i’m pretty old, and that is difficoult to break a lifelong habt but i will try untill i succed.

    I will read from this forum in order to understand what happens to a body addicted to masturbation phisiologically, and how supplement can help in this.

    A friendly hello to everybody


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    Chao Lucia,

    I have the same problem with breaking the addiction aspect of this problem. I also use masturbation to help me sleep. So you are not alone. I’m also in your age bracket.



    All the luck Luca



    Like everybody else here notes, you must get tested for deficiencies.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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