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    I was in the library reading a magazine and there was advertisements for erectile enhancement substances all over it, both prescription drugs (the usual ones like viagra) and over the counter herbal supplements.

    I decided to jot down one of the herbal supplement’s website address so I can check out the ingredients in it to see if it’s the usual avena sativa, trib, l-arginine etc.

    Well, here I was checking out the site of a supplement name zyrexin and under the information on how the supplement works section, it talked about arginine and nitric oxide which we already know about and is considered one of the ways this supplement works. The two other ways sounded new to me. Check and see what you guys think.


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    the last factor sounds interesting like you said. maybe the product is not hyped after all.



    the article mentions boosting both dopamine and norepinephine.



    For norepinephine, Dr.Lin has previously recommended SAM-e



    so what would this product do? what symptoms would someone need to be lacking to have an effect with this pill? do you think it cures anything or only provides unnatural help?




    please do some of your own research too… obviously the product is supposed to get you erections. The symptoms would be the lack of erection.I would say that the pill aids in erection through the three mechanism mentioned in the article which sounds more natural/less forceful than a drug like viagra.



    the first two mechanisms l-arginine and NO are the most known ones, but the third is quite inetersting.



    dawg, you missed the first mechanism actually. Ariginine and Nitric oxide are part of the second mechanism.



    woopsie a daisy. how did i miss that

    yeah the good old classic reduced blood flow.



    do you think this will be an addictive product?

    has anyone found reviews?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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