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    doesnt everyone wish getting an erection was the same as flexing your bicep?

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    OMG, YES!



    i do rember the days of getting a rock on in class 12 oclock position-sitting there dreading being called to the front of the class by the teacher



    before exhaustion i would last 20 minutes, now its more like 12



    i might go and see a urologist

    my tip is still to sensative to touch-theres F*ck all infomation on the net about inflamed nerves either



    i went to one before, and he said its tender. he gave some medications whcih did nothing coz there isn’t any bacteria there but there is one called uracil which is basically sodium carbonate. for some reason when i use that the pain kinda dies down.

    i think lots of ice mssage around the penis and some oils applied externally will help.



    dont know which direction to go in at all now

    wat oils fish or borage?



    yeah its too irritated from too much masturbation. basically its overused. the ice massage is good. it calms it down hehe.

    i get the irritation after masturbation

    but there is nothing wrong with visiting a urologist.

    the fish oil i might now replace for flaxseed oil.



    do u put this oil on ur cock tho?

    or have i read wronge somehwere



    for wat purpose?

    wat action will that have?



    it helps heal the skin. if the urologist can suggest any ideas then that would be really good. we need more ideas about this issue

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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