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    A guy posted this on poiscenter.

    Read it!

    By the way let’s ditch the “taking Tyrosine” and “dopamine inrcreasing medicine” idea because they come with side effects and second (you won’t believe this) you will build tolerance to L-Tyrosine in 2 weeks!!! Crazy!

    Wanted to say that we only need to treat the semen allergy because abstaining for a while will elevate dopamine but when I abstained for 25 days the best I have felt was on days 5-13.

    Day 14-16 was like a downhill and on the remaining days I felt the same.

    So with this bad english skills I’ll try to explain.

    A normal human feels 100% because of optimal dopamine.

    When I get POIS I’m like 10% functional and when I abstain for weeks I will feel good but nowhere near 100%.Maybe like 50%.

    There has to be something that contributes to low dopamine.

    Can hypothyroidism cause that?

    Also, isn’t high prolactin after ejaculation a signal from our brain that the body needs a rest because it’s too weak (adrenals)? Don’t you think it stays elevated for many days for a reason?

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    Steve, I am always hesitant to take any drugs because of any side effects they may cause. Sometimes the cure is worse than the problem itself.

    If abstinence is working, but you don’t feel 100%, but merely 50%, and when you masturbate, you feel 10%, why stop? Simple mathematics shows that feeling 50% normal is better than 10% normal.

    I have also noticed diet plays a role and it appears to play a bigger role than I originally thought. Through your diet you should try to feed your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals as much as you possibly can. I find that if I have too much coffee (or caffeine) that I will begin to feel anxiety, unless my mind is focusing on something.

    I don’t know too much about the hormone prolactin. I think it is bad if your body has excessive amounts of prolactin, also I think it does stick with you for days, if not weeks. I read in some article your hormones need at least two weeks after masturbation or sex before they can go back to normal.



    Came up with a new theory,this is for HANS:

    Is it possible that when a person has adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficency and has a stressful time masturbating or having sex (caught by parent masturbating as a child for example) that prolactin will shoot up so high TO WARN YOU that you are under heavy stress and it is bad for your body?



    Here,the zinc theory:

    You ejaculate and it contains zinc.Ignorant doctors will tell you that the small amount won’t cause you these effects.

    Yes,but what if you have a rare blood disorder that won’t enables your body to make vitamin B6 and Zinc? It’s name is Pyrrole disorder and it’s sufferers have a lot more shit going on like mthfr,leaky gut,food sensitivies,thyroid and adrenal problems etc. never ending list basically.

    I think a combination of adrenal fatigue,insufficiency + pyrrole disorder COULD DEFINETLY BE THE CAUSE OF POIS…

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    which goes back to PTSD



    I’m gonna post theories till we find out all possibilities for a person to suffer POIS.

    Ok,so during ejaculation of us,heavy porn and masturbation addicts,we are having neurotransmitter over-excitement and the brain immediately rings the bells as to “slow down boy!” and shoots up prolactin in the sky so you stop stressing your body with frequent ejaculation.

    I want to be the guinea pig so much to try to solve this.My guess is that you are sitting in front of a screen or lying in your bed and heavily focusing on something imaginary.

    I think the remedy for the neurotransmitter over-excitement would be to have sex with a girl you love.

    When you have sex with a girl you love you think about how to make her happy how to satisfy her and while you masturbate you heavily focus on how to satisfy yourself and overloading your brain resulting in “dopamine-crisis”.







    SSRI induced hypersexuallity.

    Simple,Paxil made me become heavily obsessed with sex and women.I won’t lie by saying I’m thinking about having sex with a women,watching them on TV (right now tennis) and so on.

    Quitting porn DOES NOT HELP it.

    Ofcourse if you think about it 24/7 you overstimulate your brain and prolactin will go “hold on son,we’re pulling you out before you hurt yourself”.

    This is especially true when you are near having an orgasm,because Parkinson’s hand shaking doesn’t start after ejaculation,it starts before it,when I’m seconds away to have orgasm.

    My future plan is to try P5P.I’m really afraid of having that fucking pyrrole disorder with all those genetic mutant people sensitive and reaction to every kind of shit, that is not a way to live a life and I’d rather die..

    No doctors accept it as a real disease in Europe and it’s treatment begins with wasting hundreds of dollars every month.Now you know why I don’t want to have it.

    I have no dream recall also…

    We will see.

    So in a single sentence I think serotonine could be the key for POIS.At least for PSSD sufferers with POIS.



    Hormones make you obsessed with sex and women. Simple and Paxil could contribute to it, but it is natural for men to have attraction for women, etc.

    You need to keep your brain preoccupied. That could mean joining a sports team, getting a part-time job, getting a hobby, or further your education. Whatever it is, you need to do something to get your mind off sex and women. Do something productive.

    You can beat this disease or disorder. Don’t give up!

    btw, if you think serotonin could be the start of a cure, then there are some things you can do to increase your hormone levels of serotonin. You could exercise, change your diet, and get a good nights rest. These are only a few suggestions. You can read more about increase the serotonin levels by clicking the following link:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    a woman this :

    “I’ve read that in the “olden days” mauve factor (kryptopyrroles) was eliminated by large doses of niacinamide. So that makes me wonder: Since excess pyroles are causing zinc & B6 deficiencies and pyroles can be eliminated by taking niacinamide, why don’t we just block the pyroles with niacinamide and stop taking all this freaking zinc & B6 once our deficiencies are remedied?? (In other words, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, but I’d sure like to know what it is.)”

    So you start using your brain.POIS sufferers take niacin/niacinamide to make them have greatly reduced POIS symptoms.

    When you ejaculate you shoot out zinc too AND porn lowers your dopamine levels and when your dopamine is low your serotonine will be low too and if you want to take dopamine it will further lower serotonine but if you want to take serotonine it will elevate dopamine too.





    You don’t just lose Zinc and vitamin B6 after ejaculation, but you lose several vitamins and minerals. At the time of ejaculation your dopamine levels rise, however, after your your dopamine levels drop. Your prolactin levels increase same with serotonin and endorphins, this also causes your dopamine levels to drop.

    To read more about neurotransmitters take a look at this site:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    You might also want to read up about testosterone.



    You are right.I will just give up,I wanted to help people so much but

    this shit is so complex and my brain is too foggy.



    Don’t give up, just continue to seek the truth.

    I found after abstinence I could think more clearly.

    Best of luck. God bless.



    Alright.Not giving up! We will find the reason for this damn illness in the near future!

    So let’s start speculating:

    Adrenal fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue usually creates a blood sugar problem.Whenever I start masturbating and viewing pictures on the internet I notice my fingers start shaking like an 80 years old person who has Parkinson’s.

    STRESS could cause this.HYPOGLYCEMIA could cause this.

    But I don’t have this symptom when I workout.I also drank a glass of orange juice when I started getting hand shaking to normalize blood sugar levels,waited 10 minutes and started masturbating again.Shaking didn’t went away.

    If this is stress related then why I don’t have it as severly as when I abstain for 30 days? Why does it become severe if I masturbate daily or every other day?


    Seems like the root cause doesn’t it? No,I don’t think so.You see I have tested this with a girl.

    30 days abstaining from masturbation,2 months+ of staying away from porn.Got blowjob,passionate loving,kissing.Ejaculated and had 0 POIS.

    BUT I did abstain for 30 days once then masturbated and had NO POIS either.

    Then,after having fun with this girl 12 days have passed (with abstaining ofcourse) and repeated the same fun with her then I’ve got POIS,I told her to leave me alone and broke her heart.My mood went from “I love you” to “I hate you”.She didn’t understand it,I’ve tried to talk with her about POIS and she did accept it.After several weeks she started blaming me that it’s all in my head but that is another story.

    Semen allergy

    If any one of you are from poiscenter then please don’t hate me for this but this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.Don’t want to discuss any more.

    Worst case scenarios

    I don’t want to scare any faint hearted people but this is the most potential thing that is going on and it includes brain inflammation,MAO A mutation (brain unable to break down dopamine) or as Hans said “The reason why people keep relapsing is due to gene expression in the DRD2 on the A1 allele which causes a down regulation of receptors to dopamine which encourages high risk behavior to stimulate dopamine response.”

    He also said that he’s working on to find a solution but that was 2 months ago…….

    All I can say is that we should hope that the cause is just genetically being unable to break down dopamine because we could treat that.

    But if the brain has some autoimmunity going on with dopamine then I don’t think we could get that treated in this life…

    You can increase dopamine with exercise or eating QUALITY chocolate,just don’t overdo it.

    We need to stick together and find the cause even if the cause is very nasty.Low dopamine = shortened life + heart problems + cognitive problems and lot more.

    You can start by helping me find a MALE who has been recently diagnosed with MAO gene problems (unable to break down dopamine) and ask him about having a hangover after or during masturbation?

    Others: There is a very small chance for emotional trauma that could be happening in the subconscius state in the brain that could set of a host of things including inflammation.

    There is a very small chance that vitamin deficiency due to leaky gut causing POIS.Same goes with candida.I have never seen or heard of a case where candida was causing POIS.It can cause lots of symptoms but not as severe as POIS.

    There is a very small chance that undermethylation causing POIS due to high histamine levels.



    “Hi, Last month I have posted about my Vita B 12 deficiency and Vitamin D severe deficiency. After that, I contacted the best doctor in my state and told about my symptoms and problems. After a careful study and diagnosis, he concluded that what I am suffering is a muscle weakness.

    As per his explanation, during orgasm many muscles in the body are involved and this will be contracted. Hence, due to autoimmune reaction during orgasm, autoimmune neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness and fatiguability. It is an autoimmune disorder, in which weakness is caused by circulating antibodies that block acetylcholine receptors at the postsynaptic neuromuscular junction, inhibiting the excitatory effects of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine on nicotinic receptors throughout neuromuscular junctions.

    Further, he added after orgasm I will have a illness of same symptoms like mild Myasthenia gravis where there will be burning eyes, slurred speech, fatigue, shortness of breath due to muscular weakness in nose and around head region.

    Now he has prescribed me a Homeopothic medicine for 3 months and also advised to eat more and more vegetables and Finger millet as it help to strengthen our muscle and it gives a ability to face orgasm for our muscles.

    Further, he also added that during wet dreams there will be very less involvement of muscle contraction and hence, there will be no POIS symtoms for us. Similarly, if I do more exercises, dips, this will result in muscle restlessness and due to this POIS symptoms will occur.

    Finally, to conclude as per him it is a muscle weakness due to auto immune reaction in the body.

    Also see the symptoms of Myasthenia gravis, you will see some of the symptoms face by POIS people.

    Hoping for best in this new treatment.”

    quote from thenakedscientist forum member



    Just as I thought LOL.We have been talking all about dopamine while it could also be related to serotonin.

    The easies way to test if you have low serotonine is dreams.If you remember your dreams,have them often and are vivid then you have no serotonine deficiency.

    I remember my dream (or have a dream) once a month and this has been going on since I know myself.

    Check the post of a guy from poiscenter:

    “I explained my hypothesis to my doc. my doc has no idea but she is down for an experiment. This is my hypothesis.

    When I orgasm, my serotonin gets depleted. It takes about 1 week to recover. Sleep seems to be only 100% cure to my pois. Serotonin only gets replenished when sleeping. Therefore as soon as 5 min after sex, I have POIS symptoms. Due to frequency of sex, I have chronic serotonin deficiency, as known as Dysthymia. Due to this, I don’t know that I am depressed because I have no baseline and I have been thinking everyone else is like myself. This is chronic depression, one would never know that he/she is depressed because that’s just the way he/she is. I also experience social anxiety and premature ejaculation that backs up serotonin deficiency. My mood is usually horrible, easily irritable, OCD and worried.

    Under my doc’s consent, I experiemented with 5-htp. It takes me about an hour and thirty minutes to feel the effect of 5htp. I feel that my mood is better and my anxiety is reduced. I usually get panic attacks when I give presentaitons. But when I take 100mg 5htp 1.5 hours before my presentation I do not get panic attack.

    I take 5htp 2 hours before sex, I have a full on POIS, 5htp effect before orgasm does not seem to help.

    I take 5htp 1 hour before sex, POIS is 90% relieved within 30 min after orgasm.

    I take 5htp 1 hour 30 min before sex, POIS is relieved within 5 minutes after orgasm

    I take 5htp right after sex, POIS is relieved about 70% at 1:30 mark.”

    Serotonin deficiency does NOT only affect mood,but has an affect on digestion,muscle building and maintaning it,and much much more.

    According to the guy 1 week is needed to “recover” from the POIS.

    I went on 30 days with abstaining.Although I did feel awesome after 3-5 days of abstaining and have been feeling awesome and reaching the top at around day 14-15,after that thigns started to get decline and I’ve become bit more stressed,irritated and started to losing that energy.

    On that long abstaining time one day I went out of the house started cycling and running,while before that I was house bound,antisocial etc.

    I felt how I should have been since the beginning,like a human being!

    But then I have arrived home and saw a hot milf moving up the stairs in front of me and that was enough,as soon as I opened the apartman door I hit the toilet.This was in 2011 summer.

    And this is my post from 2012 Jun 18th:

    “I haven’t been masturbating alone since 30+ days.The only time I ejaculated was when I was with this girl.

    Now I’ve tried to watch some hot pictures but I get no erections.

    My erections are worse after 1 month of abstaining.

    But my mind is clearer and the brain fog is reduced and the Parkinson’s hand shaking stopped.

    All this would return with ejaculation,it’s called POIS.

    The only reason I want to masturbate is because my penis is getting curved to the left and I’ve never had a left or right curve and it’s really bad. ”

    So you see,everyone of us is here to enjoy life but with POIS you haven’t enjoyed life as others do.There is a fix for this.

    Because 80-90% of serotonin is made in the gut I would recommend to get your digestion checked.Look for all the possible parasites and bacteries.One of the biggest suspect is H Pyroli.

    Start eating healthier,cut out the junk food,take the treatment for the parasites,take probiotics ACCORDING to your gut flora status.

    And if that’s not help you enough,start with a very low dose of 5htp and/or St. John’s worth.You will probably need to take these for life,but if your POIS depends on this that I think it shouldn’t be a problem to take them.



    Not only diet, but exercise increases your dopamine and serotonin levels. I am going to have to read more about serotonin on muscle building and maintaining it. I do know however Testosterone (male hormone) affects your muscle building and maintenance. I’ve read some places that after ejaculation your testosterone levels actually increase, however, my theory is that it is only temporary and in the long run it will decrease your testosterone levels. , look up testosterone, it is fascinating and a very important hormone for men to have.

    I think after abstaining for 7 days or 30 days or however long it does become difficult for you to stick to the plan because you have the sudden urg to masturbate, but I think that just means that your hormones are returning to normal. If you want to return back to normal you have to resist temptation and abstain.

    Of course abstinence is not the only thing that is going to help you recover, but it is a good start. You need to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get an adequate amount of sleep. Each one of these things work together.



    Yes I agree. It’s a kind of overstimulation of nervous system. Many yoga guru think this way.

    After an orgasm I feel overstimulated: I switch off the television because it is too much stimulating for my stressed nervous system. All I want to do is eat (a lot of foods) and then close my eyes (to eliminate any stimulus) and rest.

    I know I have an exhausted nervous system. When I go to the supermarket I can’t resist more than 30 minutes.After seeing a lot of products I have to go away (even if I need to buy more foodstuffs) because I feel overwhelmed.

    Having an orgams too often causes a lot of stress for our body and nervous system.In fact the symptoms we have are symptoms from stress:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    How much is too much?

    Many people can have sex every day without having POIS.Others like me (unfortunately) can have 1 orgasm per week without having POIS. If I exceed that limit I have POIS.

    Meditation can help: during meditation we reduce stimulus and our brain and nervous system can relax .

    Sleeping a lot helps.

    Deep breathing is a good way to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system.

    Someone suggested mucuna pruriens.I disagree. It’s not safe.

    I don’t think POIS are due to autoimmune reaction during orgasm. I think we are stressed, we have adrenal fatigue (and hypothiroidism) due to overmasturbation.

    We have low dopamine, high prolactine etcetera.

    But we can’t use stimulants to heal, because we are overstimulated

    So we must choose less stimulating adaptogen like ashwhaghanda .

    Someone tells niacin helps to overcome POIS.Very interesting.

    Here [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] you can read some benefits of niacin:

    •Production of adrenal hormones

    •Production of sex hormones

    Niacinamide also seems to be very effective in increasing joint mobility.Niacin enhances muscle strength and reduces muscle and joint fatigue.

    I’m going to try it!



    Just wanted to let you guys know that there are lots and lots of theories of POIS and I’m changing my mind everytime.

    Now I’ve got something that I haven’t got before.

    That is feeling POIS after being POIS free for months.And I haven’t even masturbated in 2 days!

    You know what happened? My blood sugar got way too low and I pumped it up with orange juice.That causes too quick changes in blood sugar levels.

    Oh Oh,crash!!!

    3 hours passed and I’m feeling severly tired,brain fogged,can’t remember words. Now I’m concerned that my POIS symptoms are actually blood sugar related.

    I stopped having POIS symptoms after I started to only masturbate or have sexual activity like 30-60 minutes after eating lunch or dinner.

    It’s not only blood sugar,it’s low calories too.

    I’m barely eating 2000 cals a day.More like 1500.Not enough.

    I’m asking all my POIS comrades out there to do an elimination diet.Cut out gluten and dairy and eat healthy foods only.

    Stop eating chocolate,puddings,pizzas and sugary stuff and shit.

    And try not to masturbate or have sexual activity when you start to feel the !!SLIGHTEST!! hunger.EAT! Hope it works for you guys.

    I’m still trying to figure out why I’ve crashed today because I’m eating the same foods since months and was POIS symptoms free and haven’t masturbated for the past 2 days. The only thing I did different is eat a few gramms less grain and meat but it shouldn’t be such a big deal,right?



    , I think you’re on to something when you say that blood sugar can have an affect on you. I don’t know if it is linked or related to POIS. I’ll tell you though. When I was on a low carb diet my thought process was diminished. It wasn’t until later that it started to make sense when I had talked with someone that our body needs some carbs. I’ve added more fruits and berries to my diet. I’ve also added potatoes and rice back in as well even though I am not proud of it. I think I need to the potatoes and rice for energy until I find something else to give me energy.

    My breakfast contains Goji Berries, Mulberries, pumpkin seeds, and an apple. All these foods are very good for you especially the first three. If you were to pick one out of any of them I would take the Goji berries. These berries are native to Asia. The ones I get are organic and grown in some province in China. These berries are believed to be one of the most nutritious berries and revitalize your “chi” or your energy.

    You need to do this as well as abstaining from porn and masturbation. It is all part of your recovery.

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