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    Avoid these foods:



    -excessive meat

    -excessive drinking ( when not thirsty )

    -too much raw foods, raw and cold vegetables

    -anything that makes your digestion symptoms worse

    -over-thinking/over-worrying, this weakens spleen and stomach according to traditional chinese medicine.



    -excessive sweets/candy

    -soft and sugary drinks that will kill you

    The problem is that with weak digestion and metabolism the not well digestable foods will not turn to body fluids and energy, but instead turn to phlegm and gas, and will give all kinds of problems that are related to blockages in the instestines and lungs ( phlegm is stored in the lungs, and is one of the main organs of releasing impurities). When the body and intestines stops working smoothly, the whole body will stop functioning properly and goes crazy. You know there are stagnations and blockages in the body or internal organs, or you are eating too harsh foods if you feel tired and start getting depressed after eating and so on. The cause should be evaluated, and then start eating again well prepared, tasty organic foods that you intuitively prefer.

    If you happen to eat something that will make your digestion system cry for its life, you can save the situation by not eating anything until the intestines have got rid of the problematic foods ( like eating only breakfast, and nothing more in the whole day ). Like doing a mini-fasting that can be very powerful for cleansing the body in short time.

    I have gotten a great results by avoiding foods that I know is too harsh sometimes for my digestion system, all we need is mental power to not put these foods to our stomach. You have to play according the state of your body / health, there is no other option.

    I though prefer eating too much sweets, that my biggest weakness now since otherwise I do not buy those harmful foods.

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    eat more meals

    eat smaller meals

    eat healthier meals

    drink a ton of water during the day



    i read that drinking a glass of water helps flush out toxins and is really healthy. but again i read in TCM(or Yinyang) that drinking water in the morning before breakfast is not advisable as it puts out the digestive fire



    i read that drinking a glass of water helps flush out toxins and is really healthy. but again i read in TCM(or Yinyang) that drinking water in the morning before breakfast is not advisable as it puts out the digestive fire

    I would suggest ONLY drinking lots of water between meals. If you drink water during a meal, it will dilute your digestive enzymes causing food to NOT digest properly. Instead, have a glass of an organic fruit juice with your meal incase you choke(hope not!!) and you will get vitaminsminerals from drinking it.

    I drink either purified or distilled water (no longer drink city water as it tastes like sewage waste with chemicals) up to an hour BEFORE main meals and about an hour or so AFTER main meals so digestive tract can function properly.



    “A large meal taken late in the evening, before sleeping, strains the digestive system, as at this time the Stomach qi is near to its lowest ebb in the 24 hour cycle. Eating late in this way can lead to food accumulation, manifesting with digestive problems such as feeling bloated and full on waking in the morning. Prolonged late eating can lead to chronic digestive problems”






    I am not only NOT Hungry in the morning. I am never really hungry lately. My stomach feels always cramped and tight. Its really very uncomfortable. Also i suffer from gas and constipation

    When i have eaten something, it feels like the food is in my stomach for 24h. I rarely eat more than one time per day lately.

    That is really even more disturbing to me, i am never really hungry… even after exercise.

    What would you recommend for better digestion and becoming hungry again?



    I dont think I have stomach deffiency, but what about the liver? I’ve been wondering about my liver because I’m contimplating whether or not to take TMG with my DIM or not.



    I can understand your frustration, since you go weeks and months abstaining but if your stomach is not working, you might not benefit much from this abstaining ( get nothing out of the foods, and then body unable to manufacture substances from what little is digested ). Your posting about yeast infection just confirms problems in your stomach/spleen. It is normal to have little white coating on tongue, but too much indicates dampness and stomach problems. Yeast infection is really an imbalance or weakness in the digestion, you will fail if you try to somehow attack that yeast and kill it. There are forums on the net where people try to somehow modify their diets or eat yest-killing substances and they never get away from their problems even years pass and torture themselves with unhealthy and bad tasting diets. Once the weakness or imbalance is solved, the yeast base will automatically normalize. I know that, because I observe my tongue every day and the amount of white coating varies a lot. When eating too much phlegm forming foods it takes a while usually to get rid of them.

    If the stomach is full when going to sleep it can also cause yin deficiency in the stomach, which is diagnosed by crack in the middle of the tongue and breathing problems in the morning. Especially hard it is to hold breath for a long time. Healthy tongue has no cracks anywhere in it, has light white coating and fits perfectly within the mouth so articulation is rapid and breathing clear.

    Your constipation indicates there is a blockage in your system or you have eaten too much hot foods like spices etc. The latter is not the cause since i t is chronic.

    Based on my observations and research and what I´ve read from TCM I think constipation is more a liver problem. It is a liver stagnation I believe. Often seen in persons who are extremely frustrated, under serious emotional conditions, have plump in their throats, inability to take deep breath, filled with hate or anger.

    Since you exercise and do body works, they take care of your physical stagnations in the body. Also you do not over-masturbate, over-ejaculate and your eating patterns might be healthy ( just eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty and what intuitively feels good. Well prepared tasty foods ). In addition if I remember correctly you have not broke your body mechanically or chemically so literally speaking the body is not “broken” either. I have no other option than to think your problems are due to both or either of the following:

    1. qi vacuity which means the energy has become so weak during your recovery ( or in final phases of recovering from serious illness which leaves the general energy and yin usually damaged ) that your body can not basically manufacture enough qi from foods and air to fill the energy channels in reasonable time. Few weeks should really be enough time to cure general qi vacuity. Too weak to accumulate so to speak, what little is got is immediately used same day. You have to get more energy than use in order to accumulate it.

    2. your constipation indicates more a emotional problem or trauma which prevents like I said the smooth flow of energy and blood in the body. Something is “stuck” as the excrement do not form properly or come out. Something harms the process of digestion. The main cause is liver imbalance.

    You might have read my posts about the feeling of energy in the stomach or digestive fire. The stomach is call the “sea of qi”, because TCM believes the general qi is always centered or “collected” in the navel area from where it flows to all 12 energy channels. The burning or electric feeling in the stomach means there is healthy amount of energy in the body, and also enough internal pressure which holds the organs in place. I have confirmed that this is true, when my health is truly excellent it always goes hand in hand with that feeling in my stomach. When I then listen rock or something exciting happens, that same energy in the stomach responds to that happening just like you were kid. Without this feeling the internal pressure and warmness in the body is gone, there is not much feelings of excitement.

    Supplements will not cure qi deficiency, they supplement your body with physical building blocks which are found in living and dead persons but energy is only found in living persons. It is hard to speak what is energy, since western science do not know what is the true form of energy or what separates dead or alive ( if we start going to true details ). You can read the definition of energy from wikipedia, you notice they can not clearly say what energy is


    But we do not even mean calories or anything like that when speaking of energy in TCM.

    When you are deficient in life force ( energy ), you are more close to dead people than alive. You certainly feel like that also: thinking of dying, dead, cold, emptiness, relating to very old people, depression, isolation, not talkative, pale face, old looking.

    When you have enough of the life force, you feel very alive and dying seems bad idea: you have warmth in your body, you like to talk, there is lots of excitement in life and so on and on.

    What I know is that energy is formed by the actions of spleen and lungs = digestion and breathing. Organic foods and breathing should be enough. According to TCM there are reserves also in the body, which is called the jing. This is even more refined than the general qi which is formed by breathing and foods and colleced to navel area. It can be separated by the general energy, when general energy is easily recovered ( and is your problem I think ), jing is not easily recovered and many practitioners believe it can not be recovered at all, you can only lose it slower. I though believe everything is recoverable if you are able to benefit from your practice and lifestyle, that is: get yourself to state where you feel the accumulation of energy or get your symptoms gone. If you can not feel getting better in reasonable time ( like 2 weeks – 1 month ), nothing is happening.When there is plenty of this highly refined energy in the body, it is called the essence. It is the essence which can be called also semen, because it is used to manufacture semen. Semen contains life. Something is needed to create new life. Womens essence is used to grow children, after the children is born the women usually look 20 years older suddenly. Women who do not have any children stays young looking for a long time. Men lose these energies through ejaculation. Young guys have plenty of semen because they have too much energy in their systems, their essence is full, so semen can be manufactured. Old guys do no longer manufacture much if any semen no matter what they eat, since the essence is getting weaker. It can not be recovered by foods like the general qi. Thats why avoiding excessive ejaculation will keep you young for a long time. Substances that force you to manufacture semen faster, drugs can speed up the losing process. Drug users can look like unhealthy 50 year old even they are only around 20. They had very fun for a while but after using the drugs they become responsible for their own actions like we became after over-masturbating. Also, you should not be scare though, if you are weak ( i.e. general qi deficiency ) you are not losing the jing either so when you get you imbalance solved you will quickly attain a good health. Jing is lost only by using it, energy is needed to keep the machine running, jing is needed as the main material. Too much energy or too yang, is not good also since it forces you to spend all these energies too fast.

    We come always to the conclusion: balance is best. Not too much or too little. Not too much sex so it will over-whelm you, not too little sex it will cause mental imbalance and blockages. Not too much eating it will over-whelm your body, not too little eating or deficiency occurs. How can one go wrong if trying to balance everything. Trying to balance everything is considered healing. You find the balance by own research, no one can teach you that like seen in this forum, every guy has own opinions on what works or what does not work. Maybe my methods will work only in me, we should never give our health to someone elses hands. Not many people can even keep themselves healthy, not to speak cure others.

    I will not write all the food approaches again because you can read the posts on this forum, many things I´ve already forgotten since I do not need them anymore when my body works smoothly with just basic eating patterns.

    I strongly suggest stopping looking for the answer from anything special you might i.e. put to your stomach. Start working on getting the constipation away firstly. Research the meditation methods to keep the energy flowing smoothly 24 hours a day. Constipation = blockage somewhere in the body most often.



    @: Whoa boy, thats a very decent article. Thank you for that. I have to read it some more times, so much information in it.

    I really appricate your proximitiy to chinese health and cultivation methods, because i am attracted to it also very much and start to practice under a very accomplished daoist teacher from a authentic lineage meditation and standing qi gung practice. If he is willing to give me some advice about my/our condition i will share it with you.


    I don’t think so, i visited some courses of a very effective medical qi gung under an even more accomplished master and asked him, if he could help me with my health problems. He just laughed and said i am healthy, i had warm hands and feets during practice which indicates good qi flow, BUT he said my problems are with my head (thinking, psychological?) and my nervous system, what is intresting i think, because we often discussed nervous system here. He was sure, that i have nothing serious, that my problems are mainly due to my nervous system.


    Thats what i think too, that the cause behind the cause, behind the cause, is really an emotional issue. I just read “The New Primal Scream” by Arthur Janov, and realised like never before, HOW powerful our emotions are and how unexpressed emotional pain can really disrupt the whole system and cause serious disease.

    I also love this page: http://www.cyquest.com/pathway/index.html

    Like i said before, i think, at least for me, releasing suppressed emotions are the missing key to finally make real progress.

    Sometimes i am able to express my sadness and pain by crying and i really feel very refreshed, alive and happy afterwards.

    There is also a book called: Cure by crying, which i will order soon.


    I also agree with you, that IF i get positive tested with candida, thats not the real cause, because there must be a reason, why my body get afflicted by them in the first place.

    I try to eat well every day, i often go to a very good chinese restaurant with authentically prepared, very tasty food, but i have to say, the food i digest best and feel best afterwards, is a big salat (field salat, carrots, cherry tomatoes, onions, mussels etc. with much olive oil). I also digest a shake with fresh orange juice and raw eggs very well.


    I feel, that my stomach pain gets worse if i am in a social situation, thats very annoying, because normally i very much enjoy company, but lately i isolate myself much, because i feel best if i am for myself, just relaxing or going through nature. As little stress as best i feel, but on the other side i feel very low, because i don’t do anything productive lately, because i feel so weak and without motivation.

    Only good thing is, that i still have daily erections.

    I will read your post again and try to implement some of your suggestions and try to get the recovery to the next level.

    Your afford is much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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