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    sex; i been having sex almost everyday….

    but what i fear is i will become exhausted again.

    my libido is through the roof i simply cant hold back and want sex everyday now… i just hope this doesnt effect me.

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    if you heal well and the sex does not cause any setback. Then it is very healthy to have sex ( even every day ). Just observe what happens and continue this good way you have found ( mentally and physically ).



    dr lin says limit sex to 1 ejaculation

    i frequently break that rule.. sometimes i will be as horny as you claim to be and after sex and my g/f left i will masturbate to porn

    or i will have sex a second time

    i was worried about this as well.. not sure what the correct procedure is

    i see my girl mondays and wednesdays and on the weekend, so i have some pauses but sometime in between i still masturbate




    yeah pimp, thats understandable, but i believe ejaculating 2x in one session is the most harmful… i beleive once a day is probably the most.

    im going to try to have sex tonight but not ejaculating or orgasm.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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