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    what about green tea? is it really useful ? must i drink it before going to sleep?

    what about sugar ? why people always say they drink things without any sugar?

    what about eggs? do i have to take row eggyolks or is it ok to eat cooked eggs?

    what about chocolate or hot chocolate ? are they harmful?


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    Green tea is useful as it contains antioxidants which help your liver and body heal. You should have this instead of normal tea or coffee any time of day. Other herbal teas are useful such as red bush, lemon and ginger or even better, lemon and milk thistle. Green tea contains caffine so it should be drank no more than twice a day ideally. The other herbal teas (including red bush) are naturally caffine free. Lemon and milk thistle is amazing at cleansing your liver, which is important for the healing process as it is the epicentre for processing and converting almost all of our bodies nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

    Sugar should be completely avoided if possible. This includes white foods, like white rice, white bread, white pasta. Switch to wholegrains. This puts more strain on your liver again, aswell as your pancreas and many other glands in the body.

    Eggs dont have to be raw, but they are far more nutritious that way. You don’t have to go crazy with them either, perhaps 2 every other day. They contain sulphur which is excellent again for the liver to detox correctly, plus the choline to increase alcetylcholine. They definately are a very nutritious superfood. Best boiled, grilled, poached or scrambled in a small amount of butter (not margarine).

    Chocolate does not increase blood sugar too dramatically so it is considered a low GI food. Treat yourself now and then. This applies for everything as we must all have little luxuries. I still have a slice of cake with my green tea now and then! Chocolate is not really harmful – plain is obviously better than milk chocolate, but its no big deal. It actually contains a form of the amino acide Phenylalanine, which helps to increase dopamine.



    V. child answered your questions…

    I will add that since you cant buy any supplements or do blood tests try to

    eat healthy


    sleep well



    i think sugar should only be used in tiny amounts, if you must use a sweetner use Stevia, or agave/honey..

    CHocolate should be used in moderation..

    eggs are fine raw, fried, boiled, whatever you want,

    i personally like eating the whites cooked and yolks raw; just remember local fresh organic eggs are best.



    thanks everyone

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