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    hi all

    i been using the information and started recovereing a few months ago, im 95% healed, this is incredible i was able to heal, my life is finally back on track

    i want to thank everyone on this forum for making my recovery possible thank you everyone!!

    the biggest factors that helped me the most was Organ Supplements (testicle,adrenal, and a multi organ), Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin E, weight training, running, and eating well

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    congratulations bro

    all the best with future endevaours

    may i just ask one thing, how long did u take those organ supplements for?



    i was on all supplements for about 2 months….



    well then good to hear that and good luck in the future



    Would it be possible for a full story.

    Like the supplements you took, how much sex/masturbation/ejaculation you had?

    There are not a lot of people 95% recovered on here and it would be great if you could share your story to help inspire others.



    Between and LeeYang’s success stories, the similarity is that both took body organs. I will look into body organs, thanks to Max for contributing this.

    I am glad to hear that the forum I helped found is making a difference in the lives of others. Now we must continue forward until other cases are cracked.

    With this I feel that it is the time for me to look more into other disorders such as the anxiety disorders and secondary conditions related to our condition (i.e. anti-depressant side effects etc.).



    i think the smiliarity is more than just the organ supplements.



    extremely happy to see these sort of posts!



    Congratulations! This month has seen the most improvement for me and here are the things I added to what I was already doing, and may be making the most difference: Organic Glandular Delight, Raw Organic Egg Yolks, taking 5 Htp and Mucuna at the same time before sleep, massages, eating more foods geared towards building sexual health (i.e. pistachios, seafood, etc.), and the LJ100 Tongkat (Although it is less potent than the 1:50 by far, it’s probably more like a 1:10 extract), but still I like it ( have you considered taking a smaller dosage of the tongkat ali you have? I take the equivalent of 1/2 a pill of 1:50 (approx. 200 mg) and it does me good, 400mg of 1:50 is potent stuff! it may be too much).

    Since the glandulars seemed to have made the difference for you, maybe that has also been a deciding factor for me as well, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go buy some organs and testicles… (lol, no seriously).



    i’m hoping to find some quality Mucuna puriens. did you buy it in capsules or in bulk powder?

    and if you don’t mind, could you provide detail about the sexual type of food you’re eating



    The Mucuna Pruriens I get is in capsule form and the brand is good too (Himalaya USA), [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] . I know this brand works. When I was experimenting with only Mucuna and 5 Htp, 5 Htp alone helped me sleep but I had no sex drive, Mucuna alone gave me insomnia and made me feel on edge, but taking both at the same time was like magic, I could sleep fine and woke up with good erections 80% of the time, even now I still do this (50 to 100 mg 5htp:250 to 500 mg Mucuna).

    As far as food goes, just eating organic foods alone will help. Raw Egg yolks have alot of vitamins, minerals, choline (acetylcholine precursor), and cholesterol for making hormones. Nuts like Pistachios, Walnuts, and Pumkin seeds are high in Arginine, Zinc and Omega 3’s. Sea foods (oysters, shrimp, clams, etc.) are also high in zinc. I’ve read that Arginine and Zinc are highly concentrated in semen, if you’ve lost alot of semen due to too much jerking off…well doesn’t it make sense to replace it with high quality foods which are better absorbed? Organ meats I read are very high in nutrients and are the first things the top predators will go for before the scavengers and freeloaders arrive. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Bananas are high in potassium which are good for the heart and kidneys and protects against astherosclerosis (which may be why not enough blood gets to the penis for some). Carrot, beet and cucumber juice I read was also very cleansing for the kidneys. Ginger root tea stimulates digestion and circulation to the pelvic area. Wheat germ is high in folic acid and vitamin E.

    One thing I don’t do anymore is take synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements, food sources are far superior and better absorbed. L-Arginine isn’t going to be better absorbed than the Arginine in Pistachios. I try to always make food my medicine.



    Lee, what glandular/organ supplements did you took?



    whole food based multivitmains and a super multi-vitamin like beverelys international are a really good addition. seafood stuff i really don’t like the taste off-

    i just tried CEE and its really good stuff.

    but thanks for the info there. I’m gonna do a colon cleanse in the coming few days so i’ll keep everybody updated on what happens



    i took the organ delight, testicle, adrenal. i only ordered from that drron because someone mentioned it and it seemed to be a good place to order them from, i also took his cod liver oil and a product called unique E



    Lee I would also like to ask you, prior to coming to this forum, you took some of Dr.Lin’s products right? Which ones did you took and for how long? You said that they didn’t help you right?




    i tried some of his products yes, at the time my main concern was premature ejaculating so dr.lin recommended last longer III with 5-htp, which i dont think helped with PE but might have helped with my erections. once with my girlfriend i got an instant erection but ejaculated with 20 seconds. I recent tried arginox and viagrowth I and peniltonin, which did nothing. then stopped everything for a few months until i came across this forum board, which has basically solved 95% of my problems, i still dont have strong orgasms like i should which is a concern of mine id like to fix (not sure i’ll be able to)



    lee yang… youre symptoms and expereinces with your girlfriend are identical to mine. im taking alpha gpc, acetyl l cartinine, tribulus terrestris, l-arginine and cod liver oil omega 3. what should i change? how much do the organ supplements cost and are they really worth it?

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