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    im slowly weaning off armour. i was at 3 grains now im at 2. soon i’ll go to 1.5.

    i had a consultation with a Paleo teacher.

    he has a very high success rate of healing the thyroid and autoimmune disease….

    he believes my testosterone could naturally be low. (400) but he said theres a chance it could go up once my thyroid and HTPA are ready to go.

    the protocol takes about 6 months.

    he said the protocol is almost always successful if the person has just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, he said if the person has been on treatment for 10-20 its very difficult because the thyroid is severely damaged. he said it all depends on how healthy thyroid. he said since im young it should work quite well.

    basically the diet is tons of greens and green juices (at least 1 quart a day), up to 5 TBS of coconut oil, 1TBS cod liver oil, and lots of lean meats, they should be raw or medium rare), some fruit, nuts, seeds. lots of water.

    the diet elminates all dairy, grains, some nuts (peanuts, cashews), tomatoes, drugs, alcohol. etc. etc.

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    i too notice an increase of drive when i take a green powdered organic drink from vibrant health…[MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    This drink has some many anti-estrogen properties to it which is why i think it helps…My orgasms feel pretty much normal again when i take it but im also taking pain killers and muscle relaxants which is screwing orgasms up again but i need it for now b/c of my neuralgic pain from a nerve problem in my tmj which is preventing my recovery..

    I also get muscle tone after taking these drinks and even if i don’t work out…I have a screwed up pituitary from the drugs i took but this basically kills water retention im guessing…Also since it is powdered and i have a week stomach it is all the better. I’m gonna go more green tho…Spinach has lots of A and k vitamins and should also help with gaba..



    max are u still taking supplements

    I think ALA and Alcar are essential supplements..

    I think ALA is more important than any of them b/c of its ability to regulate glucose and breakdown fatty acids…It also increases glutathione levels which is responsible for dopamine and protects the body from oxidative stress..

    I take 600-1gram of ALA each day.

    Fish oil would be the other supplement i would keep taking.



    i do vit C, selenium, all the B’s, sublingual B12, mag/cal, ALA/ALCAR. i dont do these everyday, i been doing them like 3x a week, i just do B12/mag everyday. i think those are the best.

    the only ones he highly recommend were B12, and a good quality Probiotics.



    good stuff man

    i also had some threads some weeks ago about raw diet (except for the meat parts then)

    how does this diet create t3 then? is it from the tyrosine from the meats and iodine from the greens or some shit?

    i heard some guys getting cured on only greens diet (no meat)

    i personally feel way better on lots of water and two large greens drinks a day (which i try to take in every day)

    btw… doesn’t the thyroid stop producing hormones since you started on armour?

    you ready to make such a huge lifestyle change? i mean you have to really give up some bad stuff like fastfood etc..



    i know some people that healed themselves through raw vegan diets. the problem is those diets create more problems and deficiencies in the end (B12, Zinc, Iron, DHA, Taurine, Cartinine, Proteins, etc. )

    right now im doing all my foods through which is really a neat site. its like a food journal basically

    like yesterday i had 2700 calories with 65% fat, Protein 22%, Carbs 12%

    he actually prescribes thyroid meds to patients right away just to help the symptoms , but he then weans them off the thyroid meds… he said using armour is rarely needed and he only uses it as a last resort..

    the body can make T3 from proper food and not eating all the junk that slow down the thyroid (grains, dairy, sugar, drugs, alcohol, etc)



    okay sounds reasonable

    how about your testosterone? did he mention anything about that

    how will food alone get your test levels back to normal? you still on the clomid?



    well… he doesnt know that much about testosterone levels…. and clomiphene; as of now i still take it…

    but he think i could naturally be a low testosterone male… if i have no symptoms of low testosterone. like low libido, ED, fatigued. etc. he said if i can feel good then my testosterone is probably naturally low..

    but he said hashimotos can mess up with whole HTPA, when it causes low LH which then causes low testosterone, he said usually hashimotos men have low T or low DHEA (adrenal fatigue) and wo

    sometimes it can take 2 years to get the full results. he said the antibodies can hang out in the blood for years.. so its a long slow process….

    once im one the diet for 6 months i can cheat a little, maybe a beer or some pizza for example, but the diet is basically for life… if you go back to your old diet your problems will return.

    as of now i can still have good sex, although my morning wood lacks a bit. energy seems to be ok at times, sometimes i feel good and sometimes its a bit down… PE is sometimes a problem;;; id say my average time is 5-10 minutes. by thats going slow thrusting (sometimes i go hard for 1 minute then slow it up for a bit) and stopping a few times ( going down on her)



    max are you still eating raw eggs daily? I find raw eggs are good for libido just not everyday maybe…they are rich in tons of aminos and vitamins particularly glutamine.



    i eat about 8 raw eggs yolks a day…. i have been for for 3 years now.

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