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    Ok got my test results back. I just dont understand…I’m about to just not care anymore…I really just dont give a F*ck anymore. It will never get better there is nothing that can be done…

    Total Testosterone

    277 ng/dL

    Ref. Range 250-1100 ng/dL

    Free Testosterone


    Ref. Range 1.50-2.20%

    43.2 pg/mL

    Ref. Range 35.0-155.5 pg/mL


    40 pg/mL

    Ref. Range 13-54 pg/mL


    10.7 ng/mL

    Ref. Range 2.0-18.0 ng/mL


    2.01 mIU/L

    Ref. Range 0.50-4.30 mIU/L

    Total HCG

    <2 mIU/mL

    Ref. Range <5 mIU/mL


    4.1 mIU/mL

    Ref. Range 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL


    6.7 mIU/mL

    Ref. Range 1.6-8.0 mIU/mL

    I dont understand…and I apparently never will.

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    yeah this isn’t pretty raven

    how did you get the tests done? through a doctor i guess..?

    i know you are young and hesitant to see a doctor, please find a good male anti again doc who can help you like dr. john or at least try an endo, testosterone this low would justify TRT but first i would explore all options



    yeah with Test that low, its going to look like you’ll need HRT (testosterone, hcg, armidex and probably even Armour)

    the only way is if your Zinc and Vitamin A, D levels are extremely low…

    if i were you id get a part time job at ups loading trucks… its only a few hours a night and you get the best possible insurance… same insurance as me which covers 90% of all my testing…. there UPS building all throughout the country, there perfect for someone in college.

    but since your 19 and in college your probably under your parents insurance, hopefully they have good insurance.

    also id now advise against treating yourself such as dosing your own iscort and dhea, your just going to shoot yourself into the foot.. get to a doctor asap.

    if you go off dhea/isocort its best to WEAN off very slowly over a matter of weeks



    Ok, I’m about to go see the endo that told me that there is something wrong and it seemed that he was willing to help. The thing is, I dont know when I’m going to go see him. I wanted to try out a testosterone booster(for the sake of building muscle). My question is should I hold off on that until after I see the doctor and I know whats going to happen? Should I begin to wean off of the DHEA and isocort now Max?



    you know i would say it really depends on symptoms as well

    i mean if you have great erections on isocort and dhea and no fatigue i see no problem

    but the low test is a signal to me you should really see a doctor and wean off isocort/dhea to get a reliable blood testosterone measurement and be treated from there on

    about your test booster question: there is only so much any herbal test booster can do, i would suggest looking into hcg or better yet testosterone(which is probably not the stuff you want i suppose from your values, normal LH but low test, maybe your nuts don’t produce it, you may need testosterone replacement)



    It’s hard to say raven, you can continue isocort and dhea if you want…

    id like to see a 24hr cortisol, you should order one from zrtlab for like 120$.. its worth it…

    i doubt your endo would use HCG on you… most docs dont use HCG. your endo would most likely give you like a testosterone patch or something who knows..

    plus most endos wouldnt know how to treat high e2, etc..

    but maybe your endo is good, its worth a shot

    if i were you, id drive to philly and see The Matrix, i plan on seeing them in 2 weeks..



    I guess I’ll stick with the Isocort and DHEA until I run out of my current supply. Is it really necessary to wean off? I cant just stop taking it?



    you could drive a car with your feet if you wanted to.. that don’t make it a good fuckin’ idea (credit chris rock)

    i hope that without saying more you are getting what im trying to say

    good luck



    No, I dont know what you’re trying to say…Are you saying I should stop taking Isocort and DHEA? Are you saying I should wean off when I’m near the end of my supply? Are you saying I should wean off now? Please, just say what you mean.

    Oh and the endo that I say acouple of years ago moved, so I have to go see another one.

    Oh and Max, the Matrix that you speak of does, does he or they post over at AnabolicMinds.com?



    No, I dont know what you’re trying to say…Are you saying I should stop taking Isocort and DHEA? Are you saying I should wean off when I’m near the end of my supply? Are you saying I should wean off now? Please, just say what you mean.

    Oh and the endo that I say acouple of years ago moved, so I have to go see another one.

    Oh and Max, the Matrix that you speak of does, does he or they post over at AnabolicMinds.com?

    look everyone says and even doctors you should wean off

    so yeah you can try stopping cold turkey but that doesn’t sound right to me

    it’s just everyone is telling you something and then you somehow won’t listen to the advise and want to go your own way, so i thought my comment would be obvious



    yes Raven wean off then retest salvia and DHEA after being off for a few weeks

    yes raven, The matrix from anaboic minds.



    I mean both you and Max both said I should wean off..but also said that if its working for me, I could stay on it….so thats very confusing.

    I’m not asking whether or not to wean off or stop cold turkey. I’m asking whether or not to wean off now, wean off when I’m finish with this supply, or to continue using it…

    Also, I’m finnally getting on a test booster, not Diesel Test Hardcore, but T-Bol.

    Max Ok, so even tho, I’ve felt alittle better while on it, I should still wean off now and not even wait till I’m done with this supply?



    This comes as a surprise to me… I thought you were cured and even having sex Raven.

    I have always wondered about raising Testosterone. That’s why I even had a thread about it.

    Wow man… this thing is so difficult…



    No, I am having sex. But not like a 19 year old should. I can get an erection, but its like once I get it…I better be having sex soon or I’ll lose it. I sometimes even lose my erection DURING sex. Meaning while my penis is inside her vagine, I’ll go soft. This happened yesterday actually and my girlfriend began to cry because she thought I didnt enjoy sex with her….I dont know what to do. I really thought I found the cure with the isocort and DHEA…but my test is at its all time low. Wow…this is crazy.



    does your gf know about your condition?

    you are not able to maintain the erection because there is not enough Testosterone to burn…. you can get an erection via Nitric Oxide but to keep it I guess is all hormones…

    what are the supplements you have tried to raise your T?



    I would be wary of Testosterone replacement therapy. It could make Raven be dependent on it for the rest of his life.

    I am still surprised how Testosterone could be that low. He has been taking lot of supplements for a while now isn’t it?



    it could be a lot of things

    you already once mentioned you have symptoms of high estradiol which also shows in your tests

    apart from low test all together this is the reason your wiener stops functioning DURING sex

    too much dhea can contribute to such a high e2 level and can overdominate your cortisol use, or taking too much cortisol can also be lowering your testosterone

    whatever the case decide for yourself.. my suggestion is wean off now and go to the matrix or a doctor where you can FINALLY get some blood tests on a regular basis and report how your therapy is working for you and keep adjusting

    peace out man



    Yeah, she knows. She just said that it has never happened that we had sex and I lost my erection during sex before…

    I havent taken any legitimate test boosting supps till now, well except Clomid. Im taking T-Bol now

    I dont want TRT…but if it will make me better, I’ll do it.

    Yes, alot of vitamins and what not and other shit.

    My E2 has only been high since taking DHEA. I twas 24 before, now its 40.

    I wont be able to see anyone like the matrix because I’m still in school….maybe during the summer.

    Does this sound like a good way to wean off?

    At first I was doing 4 pellets 2x daily, and 25mg of DHEA 2x daily. So this week I’m going 4 pellets in the AM(with 25mg of DHEA) and in the PM 2 pellets with 25mg. Next week 4 pellets total and 25mg of DHEA daily…then the week after that 2 pellets daily…and either 25mg of DHEA, or no DHEA.

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