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    Hey guys

    I finally have some time to type up some stuff again.

    After getting my blood test back, i was astonished at the low amount of white blood cells and everything else low on the immune system department side of things.

    Im looking for recommendations on a supplement which guys know of or have used which is great for upping white blood cells and all types of other cells in the immune system. Before xmas I had a fever and vomited couple times and shit and i never want this anymore, it sucks like crazy. Normally this shit happens, but my bloodtest shows low results so maybe some ppl can help me out here.


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    Beta-glucan, probiotic and olive leaf extract



    anything that increases NK (natural killer) cells should be looked into…organic supplements typically are the best…medicinal mushrooms and vitamin C help for NKs…make sure you get a pure form of everything…aloe vera too is good…



    ive been reading up op dr. schulze a big advocate of echinacea

    supposedly it can’t be overdosed and it will increase t-cells and macrophages with a high dose within a couple days

    might be worth trying since all my immunity is very low

    high amount of garlic is also very good anti-fungal/anti-bacterial

    he is also a big proponent of cayenne pepper and ginger to increase circulation and increase absorption of the other nutrients

    anyone experience with hot cayenne peppers and the increase in circulation which occurs for a good erection?



    I’m not familiar with cayenne. as for ginger, new chapter has a product called gingerforce. you might wanna try that.



    would gingko biloba be better than cayenne pepper?

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