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    We had a little discussion going in my log about immune system problems from adrenal fatigue. Dr.Lin does mention immune system problems on his site. I can’t remember his explanation, but it is probably 1/2 made up anyway.

    The following link are some pages from the cortisol connection.

    Some of you may have immunity problems, but you have to be in a situation where you will notice it. I am only in a situation where I notice it a couple of times a year.

    Back in 2003, when I only had libido problems (no floaters, etc.) I noticed something that I knew was somehow related. I’m a consulting engineer and I have to go into different types of factories. I 2003, I had to go into a few sawmills and I started to break out all over and get severely congested. Sawmills never used to bother me. It got worse and worse….eventually, I would have a severe reaction, my eyes would get red and swollen and then they would dry out and I would look like Kramer on the episode of Seinfeld when he smoked cigars non-stop. I called in sick for 4 days in a row since I was too hideous to go outside.

    The one day I got some oil on my hands in another plant, and I broke out in a rash. I never had any reaction to oil when I was healthy.

    The other thing I noticed is recovery time from colds. It seems to take me longer to recover than everyone else.

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    this is an interesting observation frank. i seem to have a blocked nose on occasion for no apparent reason. i should read about this further.



    I did also have terrible immunity problems when being exhausted. Ejaculating made it all clearly more severe. I wasn’t able to drink any milk products, my nose were running very badly during the seasonal period, my eyes were light sensitive. Also, certain allergens made my heart pound very hard. Also the sides on my tongue went to yellow for several days, which means liver heat in TCM.

    I guess my low immunity was also result of my liver stagnation that I caused by consciously thinking negative things, feeding the thought of hate and anger together with too hard physical training. I would have got much better if I would have immediately:

    1. Adopted healthy exercise and eating habits

    2. Masturbated/ejaculated mostly once every two weeks

    3. Stopped thinking the negative thoughts consciously and trying to forcefully keep the mind as positive as possible. Also, I should had to release the hate and anger towards other people ( even people I did not like at that time, mostly women in general ) more quickly.

    4. Taking it all more calmly and relaxed.



    This is why Urine Therapy is very interesting to me. Conventional allergists use the Provocation-Challenge method in solving IgE issues. (ie. Allergy shots building over time.)

    I am studying Miller’s Method of Provocation-Neutralization where the diluted antigen will eliminate the IgE in the first place.

    For more info see:

    What I think is interesting is the Urine may well contain the antigen necessary for IgE neutralization… This may be one of many claims of “health” from UT.

    I have also been also following Dr. Binie Lipps and her LT10 treatment for IgE and Diabetes. She points out that excercise and emotional stress active Mast Cells to produce IgE. I have talked to Dr. Lipps and came close to helping her launch the LT10 product but the amount of the investment was too great for my pocketbook. (~$200,000). It has yet to be picked up by a major pharmaceutical company. Well worth a view to her website – She is a very talented scientist.



    I got a permission denied even when I logged in after creating an account.



    DriveHQ makes the uploaded register sometimes,

    Here are the same pages on rapidshare.

    Select free download and then enter the dark text shown in the scrambled box.

    (You guys are all young…you know that….I’m used to dealing wth 40-45 year olds that aren’t very tech. savvy)



    Download worked like a charm… Thanks. Also interesting that there is an immune system increase with Cortisol and that doctors prescribe it for immune system issues. Sounds contrary to the right solution. Might make sense for temporary boost but long term synthetic Cortisol sounds very distructive.

    I am currently trying the Rhodia (to reduce Cortisol) and two glandulars…

    The glandulars seem to have a profound effect positive on erection and libido for me… Too early to tell if this a temporary boost. Also these are mixed glandulars made by Premier Labs. I’m taking Raw Adrenal and Raw Pituitary which have 7-10 other elements added.



    i’ve heard some very good stuff about those perimer labs from quite a few bodybuilders. i have a young sister whose diabetic type-1. i quite believe its an immune response and we’re trying to get that sugar level down to the accepted range.

    R.Rhodea generally works very well if you have low daytime cortisol levels and elevated night-time cortisol levels.



    Ok an interesting discussion on adrenal fatigue

    I’ll investigate this statement (haven’t tested my pregnenolone levels)…


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