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    so heres a little up date. those of you who havent read my story can search for me and find it.

    so i was doing good. quit porn for like 2 weeks. cut sex to just once a day. no masturbation. things were going well and i was getting erections just thinking of my gf in class or talking to her on the phone.

    but the earlier this week i wasnt going to see her on sunday. i was on the phone with her in the morning and was really hard as i hung up. so i was like you know im not gonna see her today i guess i can watch porn, its been a while, so i started streaming. it was a weekend and i spent a few hours watching on and off all day (not a row but totaled by the end of the day). i did not masturbate to the porn though, just watched, while web surfing.

    i then got in the shower and felt like i needed to ejaculate so i did. but my erection was nothing compared to what i was feeling before in the day. i was really hard earlier.

    the next few days the decline began to a weaker erection. still having daily sex. yesterday i had sex and the erection was weak but i was able to do her just fine.

    so basically im now back to abstinence for a week so i can recover again (its worked 2 times before). no porn/sex/masturbation. i was doing really well for a for about a week. feeling better than i have before since this whole thing started a few months ago.

    the only thing i did different was watch porn. i went from super hard to nothing near it.

    im now really quitting the porn and masturbation totally.

    im wondering…just watching porn without masturbation deplete the body of viral chemicals? that artificial state of arousal?

    im gona wait a week and see if im getting hard again. if i am i might do it once. then no more daily activity. 1-3 times a week and see how it goes.

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    Well, im pretty addicted to porn and I can tell you when i watch it while not masturbating it feels like im taking a kind of drug. My eyes are just so concentrated and I can tell you, it’s harmful to watch it even if u dont masturbate. Try abstaining for a few weeks.



    definately. i agree with you. never occured to me that just watching it can have effects. i cant believe i even did that knowing i shouldnt. when it comes to quitting porn it doesnt happen on the first try. i took a week break. then a two week break. then relapsed a few days ago. quitting again and this time im 100% sure ill beat it.

    its the only possible solution. the 2 days prior to watching extensively my erection was fine and sex was good. watched it for a prolonged period of time and back to the problems. i was ejaculating once a day through sex only so i wasnt overworking myself. lesson well learned for me.



    porn negativity from my reading:-

    1- It links your erection and sexual excitement to it. where if you are married you wont be easily stimulated by your wife , because your mind is linked to porn with erection .

    2- It drives you to be addicted to: Net & masturbation.

    3- It kills your morals ..where you will start to lust all the day..following girls and even getting into prostitutes

    4-It start with 1 hour , and then you wont be satisfied except with 5-10 hours of porn. similar to drugs

    5-It lower your self-confidence by two ways, you start to lose your normal desire {dreams, imagining} because of the films. The second thing it starts to lower your confidence due to size issues..if your a small than what is shown in the movie you start to worry , being anxious of being small and thinking that woman just seek for big ones , on the other side if your similar to what is shown you start to act ignorantly -selfish and stupid with girls thinking that they are attracted to big ones.

    While in the fact nothing does matter small or big, in both cases you will have a psychological effect from porn…anxiety or stupidity. And this my last for a period of time, until you get rid of these perceptions.

    6-It let your whole life about sex-sex-sex



    yesterday was day one of abstinence. had semi erection while kissing my gf, 50-60%.

    today layed off it again. was kissing her and it felt harder. i wiped out and i was pretty hard at least 80%.

    i dont know why i keep getting better for a while then falling off. im abstaining at least until oct 10. then i see dr mariano and ill do what he says.

    if you guys are experiencing weak erections go a week of abstinence i bet youll see a difference. the trick is acually abstaining. when i first tried i broker after a day or 2. keep trying!



    I agree with SHELL 100%……….



    , thanks for sharing your experiences man.

    plz do keep us posted about your visit to Dr. Mariano.

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