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    or atleast hardcore porn.

    The article just talks about how the more you watch porn, the more you’ll need to get turned on and eventually real women will not turn you on. I definantly think thats whats happening to me, I think its getting alittle better. Which is good. From my research ir seems that ashwagandha and yohimbe is good herbs for psychological impotence/erectile dysfunctino.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    One of the troubles with porn is the need for more and more hardcore stuff, you go from being turned on by semi naked women in magazines to needing ever more stronger and erotic images, that go from full sex to more debased stuff like bondage and cum in face/mouth type of stuff.

    Then you are numbed to the gentler more erotic images.

    I have found since hardly looking at porn these days that there has been an adjustment back for me whereas now I’ll see a girl in a nice pair of jeans and feel turned on, my sensitivity is coming back.

    Another more morbid or disturbing thing about porn is that every child molester or sexual deviant is heavily involved in porn.

    I can’t remember who it was but I read a thing once about some major sex predator turned killer who himself warned of the dangers of porn, he said himself, me and those like me have all gotten deep into porn and depravity needing more and more a sexual high that can no longer be obtained from “normal” stuff. He warned porn is the modern day evil, admittedly it can’t turn everyone into raging predators but those that might not have been swayed otherwise have been corrupted by porn.

    porn corrupts, at best it dulls the mind and makes you lose your vital energy and your emotions, when you yourself have no desire to live and feel no emotion, your own morals vapourise then what….



    I agree, which is the worst thing about porn. Do you think these things are reversable? I mean I’m not too desensitized to soft stuff, like I can masturbate to pic of a women with big boobs or something…a picture, not even naked! I’m not totally desensitized. I accidently stumbled across a picture of a nude women, nothing too bad, you just saw her boobs and I got the hardest erection I’ve gotten in awhile. I just cant get a decent erection when about to have sex, I dont know man. It could be a mixture of nerves(sexual performance anxiety/insecurities) and desensitization due to porn…

    You said you hardly looked at porn these days, does that mean you look at it everyonce inawhle?



    im agreeing with that new information and compleley give up everything that deals with sexual stimulations, i think it’d be wise to even give up TV,MOVIES and barley use a computer. basically do a fast from technology and masterbating.




    Hey, it wired, but i try to do the same, because i noticed, that my symptoms get worse after long sessions on the pc (in addition the urge to “just” look on the dangerous sites get stronger), as so when i look too much movies in a row.

    But i think it makes sense, because the trend in this forum seem to go more and more in the direction of living as healthy as possible (which is also my approach) for healing and PC and TV is everything but natural. I think it messes with the ANS and makes as even more sympathic.

    Tv i have allready given up some month ago, now i try to reduce computer useage to a hour/day MAX.



    That sounds all find and dandy, but when you have a mother like mine where even at my age I have pretty much no freedom, I find myself at home alot and all I have to do is be on the computer or watch TV. So that aspect is hard for me.



    my only advice is read or play a musical instrument

    i know its hard raven, i often spend way to much time on the computer and watching TV, there so addicting.



    hey raven i had overbearing parents when i was your age. thing is i got a bit rebellious;u could try that… used to go out and hang out with my pals against their wishes…lots of friction. but then they got tired after a while…to this day (many years later) we’re best of friends.

    thing is you know the drugs and unsafe sex. but again u already knew that..



    i remember before the internet when i was younger, finding porn was like finding gold…



    It would be like a dream to get oneself in that state again. It was so exciting to even start downloading the porn videos that I almost couldn’t wait it to finish.




    That proves the danger doesn’t it guys, I was the same it was like being let loose in a candy or toy store.

    The ultimate enticement coupled with almost instant addiction (that we didn’t realise at the time) together with a draining of life force and vital energies.

    Makes you wonder who or what was living off all that spent energy



    I had my own brother tell me one time, and he is christian by faith, he said that masterbation emasculates your masculinity. I sometimes would get a panic attack when around other guys. Not always but it was kind of weird in a way. My biggest thing with the porn and I really don’t consider it hardcore…I would mainly have interest in watching women masterbate. I don’t care about watching another guy spew his gook all over another woman’s face. That is called bukkake in Japan by the way. Guys have a circle jerk with the poor woman in the center. Pretty gross if you ask me.

    But, I can’t tell you how many times I have burned jpgs. and mpegs onto a Cd and then decided to later toss it into the trash cause I felt I was losing my mind. It is a serious addiction.

    For me…when I see a hot girl then I started lusting after her and then she would sense it. Not a good thing if your trying to get a date. They pick up on it a mile a way. I wonder if its best to just masterbate while your in bed and be done with it instead of surfing the net with the chance of infecting your computer with a bad virus or trojan. I think computer hackers purposely plant them there.



    I think that is one of the most damaging things about internet porn. I would masturbate for 2 hrs surfing around for a really good video or picture to ejaculate to. Having your nervous system fired up for that long repeatedly probably does more damage than just mastubating for 15 minutes in your bed.



    Do you guys think seeing something sexually stimulanting screws things up, or you have to be watching it? I mean like I’ll be watching TV and a commercial will come up for something like girls gone wild. A whole bunch of naked girls doing things, but remember that you cant see them naked…everything is blanked out and blurred out and covered up, but I still get excited and get an erection. Or I’ll be watching a music video and awhole bunch of sexy girls, again not naked, but still pretty close, and I’ll get excited and get an erection sometimes.

    I try to avoid these type of things because I dont want to be falsely arroused and desensitized to real girls. I mean it is getting better, I dont watch porn anymore but these other things get me excited too and when that happens I feel guilty about it and I keep thinking about it. My friends think I’m weird for purposely trying to avoid porn, masturbation, and other erotic type things. My main conern is should I just not worry about seeing these type of things and not think twice about it, or should make full effort to avoid all sexual things unless its coming from a real girl in front of me?



    “Pornography is a dirty bomb that can blast your mind, body and soul away”




    I think more and more young people are going to be sexually damaged, thousands of young men are addicted to porn at young ages, my one friends little brother has hundreds of porn movies on his computer, he’s only 15 and im sure he masturbates to them, its impossible to have porn and to not masterbate to them, but id never say anything to him, he’ll have to learn the hard way.. I just feel sorry for the new generation of computer users. porn is becoming so easily accessed at free cost which is going tobe a devastating for young men

    I don’t think masterbating is really that bad, but I think when you begin to masterbate to porn, that’s very damaging to the body/mind/soul. It completely drains everything.

    I believe once you begin to masterbate to porn it becomes much more addicting as well.

    i know this because i believe it happened to me, i think i would always masterbate a few times a week, but never more than once a day or everyday, i was sexually healthy, then when i started masterbating to porn, i started todo this everyday sometimes 2x, i did this for maybe 4 years, this completely ruined me, i literally think it aged me sexually organs 40 years. i went from a 20 year old sexually heathly to a 65 year old man.



    Max I see what you’re saying, I mean I was the same way as your friends little brother. My computer used to be a pornagraphy library. The thing with me, was I always had masturbated to porn. The first time I masturbated was to porn and thats how its been since then.

    I know you said masturbating isnt bad, just masturbating to porn is. What about vice verca and porn or porn like images without masturbating to it? I mean I dont watch porn or anything, but sometimes I see it. I mean, I’m not gonna close my eyes when I see something I like that you know what I mean? Like last night I was up late watchin TV and these girls gone wild commercials kept coming up, I wanted to masturbate so bad, but I didnt. There wasnt any nudity, well I mean there was, but it was all covered and blurred out. I still had a raging hardon because of it. That doesnt count as looking at porn does it? Because I’ve been feeling pretty guility because of it because I’m supposed to be avoiding porn.



    yeah i remember the first time i masterbated to porn, it was PURE ecstasy, that feeling is very powerful and extremely addicting.



    thats considered porn, anythign that sexually stimulates you is considered porn, this a quote from one of the articles i posted

    “In undertaking treatment for the prostate gland the causes of the disorder should first of all be considered. If the real cause, as is so commonly the case, should be found in frequent sexual excitement of any kind, this must be avoided. A complete sexual rest is advisable for a time, and if one is married it might be well to sleep alone. Masturbation, if practised, must be stopped, and as the severe strain of ungratified passion is most injurious, there must be no interrupted intercourse, or other practices of this sort. No treatment will do any good if you keep your mind full of sensual ideas.”

    basically hes saying you need to abstain from anything that will sexually stimulate you (girls,tv,photos,movies)

    this is why he higly recommends being outside as much as possible, he highly recommends doing these.. walking 6 miles a day, splitting wood, climbing trees, swimming, exercerise for virility. etc.

    He even recommends sleeping outside to breath in constant fresh air.

    you’ll have to read the book. im slowly getting through it



    Max I know what you mean, but my point was that I have NEVER masturbated without porn before. Like you said you used to masturbate without porn then you found porn and it was like ecstacy. I’ve always masturbated to porn and never without it, so I dont even know what it feels like to do it without porn.

    Max Well yeah, thats if you’re going to abstain from everything including ejaculations, yeah you wanna abstain from anything stimulating. I’m not abstaining from ejaculations, I’m just trying to avoid masturbating. I’ve done my time of abstaining for long periods of time and I believe that I’m past the stage where its needed to abstain from ejaculations for long periods of time. I mean I’m not having sex regularly, I’ve done it twice in the past 9 days and the first time I didnt ejaculate and the 2nd time(7 days later) I did ejaculate.



    I do not think just watching one picture will exhaust anyone, unless the case is very severe.

    I have Imdb on my web browsers homepage, and there is link to beautiful girl on the front page. I have watched this picture now 10 times already without getting any precum or any signs of exhaustion.

    This makes me horny, but no precum or anything. In the summer, you also see lots of beautiful women in less clothes but this should not pose a problem for healthy men.

    Like said, it is the hardcore porn and excessive looking for picture that that starts causing problems.



    I see what you mean. I dont get any precum either, ever. But thats not my problem, thats not the reason why I want to avoid porn. It’s because I’m trying to retrain my brain to get sexually arroused to real girls rather than pictures of these seemingly flawless women on the internet and TV.

    Quote:Well yeah aslong as you’re seeing them IN PERSON there isnt going to be any problems, but when you’re staring at them in the computer or on TV and you get arroused, thats where there is a problem I think. Because it’s articifial arousal. I could be wrong and overreacting tho.

    So it’s only a problem if its hardcore porn and if you spend alot of time looking at anything(hardcore, softcore, etc)? And course anything is a problem if you masturbate to it, right?



    Its a tough call to make…depending on what culture you live in. Europeans are very uninhibited about sex. Its in the mainstream media. In Asia as well but I believe its more censored like porn mags are illegal in Japan. I might be mistaken on that one but the gentlemen’s clubs and spas…anything goes. In the US, we are a very uptight puritanical society. You see women in lingerie and the softcore porn but it is very tame. sex sells from automobiles to attracting the opposite sex…cologne commercials and the like. Then, our e-mail inbox is bombarded with viagra ads as well as sex cams of young girls. Unless you live in an Amish community and don’t watch TV or have a computer. The best thing we can do, I think, is practice being aware once those feelings of lust and horniness come about and then tell your self..No, this will become destructive. If your with a girl you like thats not the time to hold back your libido. Its only natural. porn on the net…trash it!



    I live in the US..Baltimore, Maryland!!! LOL…Anyway, I understand what you’re saying but I’m not sure you know what I’m saying. I dont purposely go and look at pics and vids of sexy girls to get turned on. I’m not masturbating to porn ever again either, for some time atleast. I’m sure you know, as everyone else, too much porn and you’ll screw with your ability to get arroused by real girls. I think this is a big part of my impotence, so I’m just avoiding porn. But sometimes I’ll be in the presence of sexual images, not by choice(for example, the girls gone wild commercials on TV). Me seeing this isnt messing with me trying to erase porn type things out of my life because I’m not purposely watching even tho I saw it right? A quick glance is ok since completely avoiding it is almost impossible…



    It indicates good state of testicular function and healing power if there is strong sexual energy and libido, but when you start forcefully stimulating your body and mind with these images, it will ignite the body excessively and soon you will start masturbating/ejaculating too much. Or get the nervous/anger symptoms of heating the nervous system too much.

    Like said, in todays world there are so much porn and naked women on tv and net, that men do not have the natural drive any longer. In older times, men just did their ordinary daily tasks and physical work, ate organic foods, and when they were horny again they practiced sex with their wives. Certainly, there have been masturbating in older times too but not near as amounts like in todays world. Todays young men will have severe symptoms in later lives, hopefully they get the right info until its too late ( its never too late to start living healthy and practice healing methods but 100% recovery is not always possible in severe cases ).



    I find articles showing that porn is like a drug. porn make releasing adrenalin, testosterone, ocytocin, dopamine and serotonin. So maybe your theory is right.

    In my case, i had problems youg and before watching porn. So i really doubt this.




    Like said, in todays world there are so much porn and naked women on tv and net, that men do not have the natural drive any longer. In older times, men just did their ordinary daily tasks and physical work, ate organic foods, and when they were horny again they practiced sex with their wives. Certainly, there have been masturbating in older times too but not near as amounts like in todays world. Todays young men will have severe symptoms in later lives, hopefully they get the right info until its too late ( its never too late to start living healthy and practice healing methods but 100% recovery is not always possible in severe cases ).[/quote]

    I agree and disagree with this statement. I do agree with this sentence:

    “Like said, in todays world there are so much porn and naked women on tv and net, that men do not have the natural drive any longer.”

    However, I TEND to disagree with this part:

    “In older times, men just did their ordinary daily tasks and physical work, ate organic foods, and when they were horny again they practiced sex with their wives. Certainly, there have been masturbating in older times too but not near as amounts like in todays world.”

    We don’t know this. I am interpreting your statement as now in modern times men aren’t now practicing a “good life”. Our perception of “older times” were of a puritanical environment, however; let’s put into perception that men:

    1) were visiting brothels back in the 17, 18, and 1900s (don’t you think that after they were done, they went home to masturbate?…. or continued having sex and getting exhausted from the visits?

    2) the Crusaders in the 11th, 12th, and 13th, etc centuries committed rapes and unlawful crimes

    3) syphillis, gonorrhea, and other sexually transmitted diseases were running rampant from sexual deviance

    …. and the list can go on dating back to B.C. My point is that now we are more aware of it because of the internet, magazines, etc but I truly believe that this has ALWAYS been an issue throughout mankind. Not just in the 90’s when the internet became available.



    My problems started about 1-year after I got my internet connection. porn is SO much more stimulating than just lying there in bed masturbating. I increased the frequency of masturbation with internet porn. And I would masturbate for 2 hours surfing around trying to find the perfect video or picture to orgasm to. So I would be in fight or flight not stop for 2 hours. Whereas when I only used my imagination, I was more calm and would orgasm more quickly (~20 min)



    Frank, same thing happaned with me



    Errr, guys I masturbated….to porn. Just pictures of sexy women, some naked, some not. I want to kill myself…I’ll never get better, I hate how people can watch porn and then still have sex with real girls. All this negative thinking, stress, and anxiety is just killing me and I cant stand it. I think I’ll just live off porn and masturbated and not worry about sex. Now that I masturbated to porn, the next time I try to have sex if I cant…I swear I’ll kill myself.



    just get a hormonal test done to see whats causing your problems.

    are you getting night or morning erections at all?



    Max No I dont get night/morning erections. Well I dont know if I get night erections because I’m sleep…i might because I know at night before I go to sleep I get erections. I dont wake up with erections but I’ll get one after I wake up easier than normal.



    stop making such a big deal out of it

    im in the same boat as you and you dont hear me talking about killing myself right?

    come on!



    You’re right, I guess I just lost my cool. I masturbated once monday, tuesday, and today. So 3x in the last 3 days. Anyway, did you ever meet up with that girl again? Maybe even try to have sex with her? The problem with me is I’m fucked up in the head and also have a physical problem too I think. It seems I’d rather sit infront of a computer with porn masturbate than have sex. When I had sex, I did enjoy it tho.



    raven, why didnt you have sex instead of masterbate these last 3 days?

    3 days in a row is alott!!! u should only be doing it maybe once every 4-5 days at the MOST, probabyl once every 2-3 weeks is best.



    hey man

    yeah me and the girl are taking dancing lessons at the moment

    and we got together already few times but sex has not happened yet

    im hoping to take this one slowly, she’s a great girl actually!



    Max sex with who? You’ve read my other posts, I dont have much freedom…I cant go anywhere. I only see the girl maybe once a week. Hell, I only see girls maybe once, twice a week. I had sex last saturday. I dont know…it’s so hard to avoid these things when all I do is sit home all day and spend most of that time on the computer. If I had freedom, I’d do more stuff and have less time to just be sitting home thinking about sex/masturbating.




    Whats up man?? Do you have any family you can talk to? Ya know…this makes me think of the AA credo of alcoholics…they all admit to being powerless over alcohol consumption. In a twisted kind of way…we should be thankful we don’t have a substance addiction like heroin or cocaine. Peoples’ lives are literally turned upside down. Masterbation can be a major time waster and it makes us feel exhausted and depressed afterwards. Next time you find yourself pulling the ‘ol pud in front of some porn again..stop, and say OK. I’m done, lets do something more productive. This is a pent up physical energy that needs to be spent some where else like…lifting weights, run laps around the block, do a series of push ups, do the girlfriend. A lot of times just taking mental control over it isn’t always the answer.

    Do you think you can masterbate anymore after running a mile or doing a lap swim? Ever watch dogs when they haven’t had their daily run in the park? They start humping things. They need to get out and run off that energy.



    If give up porn has a positive effect on you = your profile may be acethylcholin defficient. Then yalk eggs may work in this case.



    I definantly could masturbate after some sort of physcial activity…it feels better than way too lol. I could also masturbate, and then go out and do some sort of physical activity aswell. I dont feel exhausted after masturbating…

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