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    Yeah but when you dont release any gaba or melatonin at night in what stage are you? A user said that when you reach that level you are pretty fucked, and I am feeling pretty fucked all this days, I just look at my face and the dark circles below eyes are more noticeable than ever. Not to mention that I feel disconnected and weird,with anhedonia,astenia and apathy.

    What are you points about it? What can be the cause of the insomnia? I remember like 5 years ago that I used to feel drowsy at night…

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    worring isnt’ going to solve it, try natural stuff and if it doesn’t work go see ur doctor.



    yeah but doctors are a slow solution believe me, I am in the hands of two indeed,but I just want to sleep well at least a week soon to get some energy…



    Find out why you are having insomina, I simple urinary neurotransmitters test done at the time you are having symptoms would resolve your issues. Might want to look into a sleep study. Zyrem may be an option under dr’s care and supervision. It will knock you out and help reset your day l/night pattern. I have used this suggestion in some of Dr’s I have consulted with, but only as last resort. You need to look at total GH out put over 24 hours, what you do before going to bed, electromagnetic fields exposed to, ect. Usually after digging around I will come up with a plausible explaination.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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