Insomnia while boosting Dopamine & Acetylcholine

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    dopamine and serotonin are antagonists. Increasing one decreases the other. thats why you need to increase both at the same time. otherwise the ratio of serotonin to dopmaine would be off and you will start to experience problems.

    Increasing dopamine first can cause your blood perssure to go up.

    alternatively you could increase serotonin for the first week, then dopamine the next then serotonin the third and so on and so forth

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    also what are those supplements you are taking for the neurotransmitters?



    Pretty much the supplements in the Edge Effect for Dopamine and Acetylcholine, since they are my most deficient neurotransmitters

    Phosphatatidyl Choline

    Phosphatidyl Serine

    Ginko biloba.



    Acetyl L-Carnitine



    you need to increase serotonin. if you increase dopamine your serotonin levels will drop. those two should be taken in conjunction with one another.

    i also ask why you are using Ginko biloba and L-methionine if your aim is just to increase dopmaine and acetylcholine?



    In the Edge Effect, Ginko is listed as a Dopamine & Acetylcholone booster and Methionine is listed as a Dopamine Booster.



    ginko is for better blood flow really.

    I wouldn’t use Methionine as a dopamine booster.

    anyhow, see what happens in the next couple of days. if the insomnia continues then you need to increase your serotonin levels.




    I’ve got the L-Taurine and it makes you calm not to lethargic just a bit sleepy after a while so take it before going to bed. I’m hoping to boost gaba levels with this btw

    Just a suggestion



    dave why don’t you try Picamilon and L-Theanine for boosting GABA.



    I might do, I had a look at the supplements list for Gaba boosters and Taurine and valerian root took my fancy out off them….

    I started them now ,well only the Taurine and if I don’t see any improvement I will try the one’s you’ve mentioned.



    yes update us on how thingz work out with you. I also need to get some GABA stuff.

    was thinking of combining alpha GPC with DMAE as well.



    L-Theanine looks like very good stuff. I took some about a year ago and it does calm you down.

    I’m going to start taking it again.



    l-theanine is a major constitutent of green tea. i also suggest Picamilon



    I actually took L-Theanine and Picamilon. I know it works to calm you down. It also seemed to assist in healing of my premature ejaculation, as it made me less anxious.

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