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    I’ll post the link and quote what has been said just in case someone is not able to view the link:


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    I was thinking the same thing as this chick before I read it. People who are ill (like me) are much more likely to be taking vitamins and anti-oxidants. I’ve surely cut my life short by exhausting myself. My rapid aging started before I started taking supplements. My biological age is probably 65, but it’s not the fault of supplements



    no way man dont settle for that



    I suspect this was financed by the pharm industry. I have seen a steady series of articles attacking vitamins, herbs and other alternative medical treatments. When you look closer, you find that the studies were almost invariably flawed, like starting with diseased subjects and expecting the substance to cure them when it was never claimed that it was a cure, merely a preventive. It didn’t cure the disease so it must be no good at all. Same with this meta analysis. It was a conclusion in search of a methodology to support it.

    Secondly if a meta-analysis showed that certain drugs increased the death rate of people with certain conditions by 10%, would headlines report, “Drugs don’t work?” Would such a generalization be justified? I don’t think so

    and thirdly, I believe they would have used synthetic isolated forms of the vitamins.

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