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    i am communicating with someone who has done estradiol sensitive testing on a few dim products, i will update this thread later when more results pour in

    this guy had e2 of 37 with a low shbg meaning he had to lower his e2 to match his lower shbg to solve his ED problem

    he went two weeks on 1 tab a day on indolplex dim by enzymatic therapy without results and upped dose to 2 tabs in week three and had sexual function again, it lowered his e2 to 15 and he was able to rid himself of cialis (testing was end of week 3)

    he was now testing young again dim (200 mg per cap) and at 2 caps a day his estradiol rose! and his symptoms matched (no wood)

    he’s now testing source naturals dim and i am awaiting his results, he will first need to recover from the high e2 levels on the young again brand

    so there you have it, the brand matters!

    PS this guy hasn’t gotten morningwood from any of the products but with enzymatic therapy he could have wood when needed so this may be of interest to you

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    Funny I just went on a broccoli only diet. But just caved in now, and had some scramble eggs.

    My reason for a broccoli only diet was it’s so low in calories, and high in all the nutrients, plus I need to loose fat. Broccoli has soooo much DIM in it, so if anyone was looking for a cheap and fast source of DIM, look no further.



    im not sure if a brocolli only diet is a good idea because you’re missing nutrients from other foods

    did it help with ED?



    Well I do take everything from A-Z in vitamins, minerals, herbs, fish oil, borage oil, amino acids, and protein powders. So I definitely wouldn’t be lacking in any nutrients.

    The thing is today I was so horny that I slipped up masturbating and looking at porn. I can only put it down to broccoli. I mean I take these supplements on a regular bases, which include aphrodisciac herbs, and don’t usually get this horny, from thought alone. I really think broccoli is making a big difference, and will try and eat one everyday for a month, and give you the results.

    I think the biggest advantage of broccoli is that it helps detoxify the liver, making everything run more effeciently. So it just may be making all the supplements I take be used more effciently.

    Anyway this is the day after one biinge of broccoli, so it’s too soon to tell. Also I did have scrambled eggs. So broccoli and eggs may be a winner here.

    Please note I’m eating the stuff raw, and only the florrets (not the big stalk, which no one eats anyway, and doesn’t have the nutrients in).



    Just searching google “broccoli erections” I find this:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    oohh more discoveries! This is getting exciting.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    Everyone read that thread in my previous post. There are some interesting replies. I’ve quoted the one’s I think are the best feedback and may be able to help us.









    There are bits and bobs, but I can’t really find any more info on broccoli for sex or erections. But apparantly one article said porn stars use broccoli for bigger loads.

    Anyway from what I’ve read broccoli does the following things:

    1. Lowers estrogen by DIM.

    2. Creates a stronger heart (in rats)

    3. Detoxifies the liver

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    Excellent website, all about the prostate and broccoli.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    It says broccoli is a vasodilator (better circulation), which definitely means good for erections.



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    For all research done on broccoli and health, go to this website.



    i had read about the boner brew lol

    easiest thing of course would be to have it in your morning shake or evening shake raw, just blend that shit up and go

    only thing is how to make it tasty/pallatable?

    the recipe you posted sounds good but not to take it before a date? why is that?



    That wasn’t me , I was just quoting the best replies in that thread.

    I don’t mind eating it raw, not sure I could give you any advice for preperation.



    yeah yeah i know, i had read that thread before at pegym even before you mentioned it

    i hate raw brocolli so i might have to make a nice shake of it



    omg, i just caved into porn and masturbated again!

    This time I had some orgasmic feeling, but not full blown orgasm. Which is excellent since the last 7 years, with all the supplements I take, I haven’t been able to orgasm.

    I also took some piracetam, ALCAR, and Sulbutiamine today.

    And since I’ve taken piracetam and ALCAR in the past without much effect on orgasm, could it be the sulbutiamine and broccoli?

    I’ve only just got Sulbutiamine, and people say it’s very powerful stuff.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    And I don’t get the motivational effects from it, so I might be really vitamin B1 deficient in the brain. Just a thought.



    A few Weeks of tyrosine gave me pretty solid orgasms.



    Thats funny because I had l tyrsoine yesterday.

    Can you orgasm normally/most of the time, or was it just when you took tyrosine?

    i.e. do you suffer from orgasmic dysfunction?



    Since developing SE my orgasms are defiently alot weaker. It does vary somewhat especially when I was still fuckin I noticed my orgasms were usually alot more powerful.

    That being said when I masterbate their usually weak, sometimes non existant i just cum. During my amino acid protocol which included high doses of tyrosine my orgams became really intense again, even from just jerking off .

    Definetly cuse im dopamine deficient. You prob are to. worth investigating.




    the thing is when you cook the broccoli ( quick boil), you need to make sure that the green colour doesnt turn dark, or you have killed its nutrients

    or you can boil it 15-25 minutes…. the remaining water that is left can be drinked thru the day

    as for the dressing…add salt, Virgin Olive Oil , Garlic ( hash them together and pour it over the broccoli)

    or add Black pepper instead of Garlic

    but not sure if these will have the same effect of raw broccoli



    Hey js, I was hoping you could help me with these questions on tyrosine.

    1. How much tyrosine were you taking?

    2. What type of tyrsoine was it? (i’m guessing l-tyrosine)

    3. How many weeks before you noticed a difference in your orgasm?

    I appreciate any answers you could give me for this, I mean last 7 years no orgasm, so whats the point of sex.



    Hey js, I was hoping you could help me with these questions on tyrosine.

    1. How much tyrosine were you taking?

    2. What type of tyrsoine was it? (i’m guessing l-tyrosine)

    3. How many weeks before you noticed a difference in your orgasm?

    I appreciate any answers you could give me for this, I mean last 7 years no orgasm, so whats the point of sex.

    No doubt.

    1) 10 grams a day. I split it 5 grams morning hour before breakfast . then 5 grams 2 hours before dinner. Doing it on an empty stomach helps alot and causing an insulin spike with some juice also helps.

    2) L tyrosine

    3) I only took it for a total of 6-7 weeks and I started noticing alot of positive effects about a week in.

    Just be careful cuse taking dopamine precursors without serotonin precursors can cuse further imbalances. you sould get a neurotransmitter test. guarentee you got some fucked up shit going on.



    I wonder if DLPA produces the same results as l-tyrosine.

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