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    Cymbalta is an anti-depressant, a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor to be exact. Seems to me like it fucked up something with norepinephrine and serototnin, resulting in my PE. Anyways, to answer your other question, no, iv never done anything ever than smoke weed occasionally. I think I smoke anywhere from 2 or 3 times a month if even that, so I do not believe weed contributed to my problem.

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    I take one of these a day:

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    The anti-depressant probably messed around with your serotonin which results in PE.



    Yup, and its been more than a year later and I still have PE, though a condom helps me last longer. I don’t get it, I never over ejaculated,never did hard drugs, I don’t drink and never have, but have all the same symptoms of SE. This all resulted from months chronic stress and depression, it puzzles me that my body never recovered.



    You’re not alone bud.

    I gather alota people with hard flaccid get it outa nowhere.

    So are you planning on getting tested anytime soon? You realize we can stop guessing as soon as we have results. Its worth the 700 bucks.

    how old are you btw?



    Yea I plan on getting tested soon, I just gotta pull the money together. I am 22 yrs old. I got a lot of bills to pay, and I just went back to school so money is super tight, I haven’t been able to save anything.



    Ya man I’m in the same situation. Took me a while to save up..



    yo nirvana………look back at your earlier post…….

    you were like iv struggled with depresion my whole life……..chances are you were already predisposed to low serotonin.

    taking cymbalta didnt raise the serotonin it just kept it there in the synapses for longer…….when you discontinued it ……BOOM even less serotonin and thats when shit hit the fan.

    fucking ssris swear to god F*ck doctors



    Yea but my depression wasn’t anything that was crippling. Yea Iv always dealt with sadness, along with stress, but I generally had an awesome and fun time growing up.



    i no ….im sure you were a happy kid.

    it does explain why after dyscontinuing cymbalta your symptoms got worse though



    A 24 hour urine amino acid test is one of the best tests to evaluate nutritional factors contributing to depression. If this is not feasible, a first morning urine collection or a plasma amino acid done fasting in the AM would be alternatives. The urine amino acid will reflect digestive issues in the gut that are interfering with proper digestion of protein and the absorption and assimilation of amino acids. “Comprehensive stool analysis and parasitology” is a good companion test when digestive problems become apparent by an abnormal urine amino acid pattern. The finding of other abnormal amino acid patterns can be a guide to the identification and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can be causal to metabolic and cellular biochemistry impairments.

    Looking for deficiencies in amino acid precursors of neurotransmitters can be of great value, such as L-Tryptophan, which makes 5-HTP, which in turn makes the important neurotransmitter Serotonin. Common signs of Serotonin deficiencies are restless or impaired sleep, depressed mood most of day, reduced pleasure in activities, fatigue, negative and obsessive thoughts, irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, suicidal thoughts, and carbohydrate craving. L-Tyrosine can also be measured. This forms the Catecholamines (Dopamine, Nor-Epinephrine and Epinephrine) and thyroid hormone. Common signs of Catecholamine deficiencies are feeling easily bored, apathetic, low energy most of time, difficulty focusing and poor concentration, tendency to put on weight easily, drawn to uppers as caffeine for energy, loss of enthusiasm, and depressed mood.

    The amino acid analysis report comes with a suggested amino acid replacement formula that can be compounded for the patient by using easily absorbed crystalline amino acids. If levels of amino acids fall in the normal range, but the patient presents with evidence of Serotonin or Catecholamine deficiencies, one can add additional amounts of L-Tyrosine or 5-HTP to the formula. A larger percentage of 5-HTP gets to the brain and is converted to Serotonin; where as the larger percentage of L-Tryptophan is utilized outside of the brain. As there appears to be a reciprocal relationship between neurotransmitters in maintaining a balance and equilibrium, to help build up Serotonin you may need to also add Catecholamine precursors as they seem to be needed to help the body retain Serotonin. Adequate Serotonin levels are also needed to regulated Catecholamine levels. Much depends on the patient’s symptoms and presentation in making these decisions. If signs of catecholamine excess, as increased anxiety, sleep difficulties or excessive stimulation, GABA enhancers as Taurine and Glutamine, along with necessary vitamin and mineral co-factors can be added.

    Other tests, currently in research and development, measure the amount of excreted neurotransmitter levels in the urine. This is felt to be an indirect indicator of systemic and brain levels, and also a possible guide to amino acid replacement. Organic acids testing will measure the metabolites of neurotransmitters in the urine, but it is hard to relate this to what the actual brain levels might be as most Serotonin for example is made in the gut. Correcting neurotransmitter imbalances with amino acids – alone, or in combination with the correction of other identified contributing factors or sometimes in conjunction with medication – has the potential for relief of other conditions in addition to anxiety and depression such as obesity, migraines, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive problems, PMS, attention deficit disorder (ADD), fatigue and fibromyalgia.



    is neuro testing as effective as amino acids?

    Aminos is not really an option for me.



    Sounds like me brah.

    Chronic depression + long term stress lead to all of this. The depression was genetic so, it all stems from that.



    frenchi……i think your good with just neuro testing…even though it is controversial or whatever i def think its accurate enough that it will pinpoint your general imbalance and problem

    the amino acid test i did as recomdation from YUHU. it has proved useful but i think its not neccesary.

    I would say…its safe to assume that if your serotonin, dopamine, gaba are low etc that the precursors are also going to be low.

    your taking a small risk but i think u good.



    Yeah I’m going to start taking protein powder to supplement my amino acids. As you can’t really go overboard with proteins, it’s just a little harder on your liver/kidneys if you take too much.

    The protein is called muscle juice

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]


    L-Leucine 6,112mg L-Threonine 4,187 mg

    L-Isoleucine 3,548mg L-Methionine 1,223 mg

    L-Valine 3,417mg L-Phenylalanine 1,925 mg

    L-Lysine 5,122mg L-Tryptophan 894 mg

    Non-Essential Amino Acids

    L-Arginine 1,485mg L-Glycine 1,100 mg

    L-Aspartic 6,346mg L-Histidine 1,011 mg

    L-Cystine 1,300mg L-Proline 3,548 mg

    L-Alanine 2,929mg L-Serine 3,039 mg

    L-Glutamine 10,973mg L-Tyrosine 1,753 mg



    55 gram a day is almost 60% of your daily need

    but you can take them in 3-5 separate doses

    each dose is for 11-18 gram



    55 gram a day is almost 60% of your daily need

    but you can take them in 3-5 separate doses

    each dose is for 11-18 gram

    55 grams isn’t 60% of my daily need. 150g of protein is my usual target.

    Protein is extremely important for the body for muscle healing after working out.

    I’ve taken this muscle gainer before, it’s a weight gainer. It’s meant to have that much protein and fat.



    also if your defeicient in something your gona have to take big doses for it to actually build up in your body.

    Months and months of daily taking 8 grams tyrosine, 25 grams of glutamine, 4 grams tryptophan eventually got YUHUs levels to mid range. So big doses is key. No fear no pussy shit ….lol



    Has anyone successfully lowered his histamine level by taking methionine? has it improved his PE? How long does it take?

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