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    ok so higher plasma levels were found AFTER the abstinence

    so abstinence only isn’t good for upgrading test levels but whacking off after abstinence is good

    strange stuff!



    Yeah…i dont see how its better to ejaculate after abstaining, except it feels better lol…but yeah, testosterone levels are raised. I havent ejaculated since the beginning of June….



    yeah it also doesn’t say whether or not this increase will hold and for how long it’s pretty useless as far as im concerned

    hows your clomid going? you already got the stuff or not?

    i read some reports on guys restarting HPTA with clomid with as little as 12.5 mg every three days, boosting testosterone from 250-300 up into the 700s

    might wanna give it a go, you can order a bloodspot test from ZRT for total test and estradiol to verify an increase

    with your dostinex and clomid you should be a pornstar in my book



    ejaculating keeps testosterone high…

    after 8 days of abstaining testosterone drops. its best to ejaculate at least once a week….

    i have sex 3-4x a week and im doing just dandy. lot better than when i was ejaculating once a month



    Yeah…I’m already taking it. Today is the 3rd day actually. Dostinex and clomid…I should be a porn star in my book? Haha. How long till the clomid kicks in? I’m excited for this feeling…but I’m not experiencing anything yet…not even morning wood or anything. I’m also taking multi, fish oil, borage oil, b complex, and ZMA.

    Max All I know is…when I dont ejaculate for long periods of time…I feel more agressive and have a sense of higher testosterone levels. And when I ejaculate often, I feel lax and lazy and weak.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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