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    What do you think about intoxication with lead and mercury ?

    Have you old dental leading ?

    This intoxication can have an effect on the nervous system, liver, intestine ….

    A friend confirmed me mercury must be the cause of his dopaminegic system dysfunction (but no SE). Lead and mercury are linked to ADD too…

    13 Needleman HL. The neurobehavioral consequences of low lead exposure in childhood. Neurobehav Toxicol Teratol 1982;4:6, 729-32.

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    copper is a third one to consider.



    I’ve thought about that. I have a lot of merucry fillings. But my levels were OK from a hair analysis.

    It might be a small factor, butI don’t think it’s a major factor. There are guys on this site that are too young to have mercury fillings. I think we have just beat the hell out of our nervous systems, pituatary gland, etc. The human body is like a car…..abuse it and it will wear out faster.



    I got rid of my mercury fillings with zero benefits to my health. My mercury levels were within range. Strangely since I’ve been using Detoxamin chelation suppositories my health has improved tremendously. Prostate, blood pressure and allergies are much better. It will take at least a month to see the benefits. I’m on the third month now.

    I’ve tried a lot of supplements with various degrees of failures, but this product appears to be one of the best. I take it with the Detoxamin vitamin supplement.

    See – I got this reference via Dr. Larry Clapps.



    Damn this test is expensive I can’t do it for now

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