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    The following link was posted by in the Case & logs section.

    Whatever has been mentioned in the link ,I have had many of the symptoms too. I think the term Spermatorrhea is obsolete now but has not been replaced by a new term by the clinical or conventional medicine practitioners. The term that describes this condition well is prostatorhea, although I didn’t find it listed as a medical condition on the net anywhere. What I found was just the definition. The term Spermatorrhea has been used by quacks in many parts of the world to exploit people to pay them for their cure by frightening them that they are losing sperms and will not be able to have kids and even that they may die gradually of it. In the Victorian era they had invented different devices to cure this.

    The involuntary discharge is of the prostate fluid and not the sperm as far as I know.

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    Sorry forgot to paste the link.

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    I had consulted a Homeopathic practitioner 6-7 years ago for this ..but it didn’t work for me. The doc kept on changing the medication and in the end his face was like I don’t know what to do.

    That does not mean that homeopathy cannot cure. If someone tries the products out pls let me know..I’ll try them again.

    Again the symptoms mentioned in the article are bang on target as I have suffered most of them

    -This remedy corresponds to the chronic effects of loss of seminal fluid

    -the whole system is relaxed and emissions occur from the slightest exertion or excitation.

    -there is a passive state, and the patient will have two or three dreams a night, with emission of semen and the day following will feel very weak about the knees

    -suffers from gastric ailments, and has frequent involuntary emissions at night , exhausting him greatly. The seminal flow is thin and watery and has lost its characteristic properties.

    -Seminal emissions, voluntary or involuntary, make the patient worse.The patient is so relaxed that the semen dribbles involuntarily. Lack of confidence is also a factor.

    -the prostatic fluid oozes while sitting, during sleep, when walking and during stool.

    Luckily at this stage I feel that I am 60-70% cured. I have the morning erections, the midday erections, etc but again its a chronic battle against a chronic disorder. The hindrance to complete recovery for me I feel is the involuntary discharge of Prostate fluid and nocturnal emissions…

    Latest change of plans for me is that I have very recently increased the fish oil intake to 4g and the symptoms feel better.



    From the same website:

    ”#Selenium. [Sele]

    Seminal emissions, voluntary or involuntary, make the patient worse.The patient is so relaxed that the semen dribbles involuntarily. Lack of confidence is also a factor. The mental condition of inability is more of a leading symptom, according to Halbert, than that of timidity; in fact, this writer rightly lays great stress on the mental symptoms of the drug. Graphites has want of sensation during coitus, with no discharge of semen. Selenium has the symptom that the prostatic fluid oozes while sitting, during sleep, when walking and during stool. It is useful in advanced cases where the organs are in a state of irritability.”

    maybe you guys can consider high dosage fish oils and see. I have increased my fish oil dosage from way back when I was consuming just 6g and it had helped me get better along my way.



    That’s what I am planning to do.How much dosage of fish oil is ok though?

    Is there any problem with higher dosage?



    I think the dosage is size dependent really. Nowadays I take 25g of fish oil a day. side effects from too much fish oil are involuntary nose bleeding and reduced sex drive. so it would take experimentation on one’s part. one thing I did notice is that my skin was very shiny and healthy and i’m much calmer.



    You are right. I have felt that at 4g i.e a little more calm, slightly lesser sex drive and a easy soothing feeling. Waiting to see the effect on the skin and of course hope that it will be able to solve this problem. Fish oil has been the most effective supplement so far for me.



    25g. wow, thats quite an amount



    In The edge effect fish oil is regarded as a serotoninergic supplement. I think that taking truckloads of fish oil can potentially lower serotonin. But I think you can counter act with vitamin C which increases catchoamines. anyway just find the right dosage really.



    That is a crazy amount, but fish oil can reduce sex drive? Damn that sucks…I heard borage oil(omega 6 fatty acids) increase sex drive…I’m gonna try and find that link again. Hey do you take borage oil at all? If so, how much?

    Retroz I take 4g daily aswell. I really hope it affects our skin positively at a dosage of 4g…



    Blueshark what company’s fish oil product do you take?

    Also anyone ,is fish oil beneficial in fixing the “erection killer precum”? i.e when you are aroused, you have erection and then just after a little while the precum discharge takes place and the erection is gone.



    Blueshark, how much EPA and DHA does your product have? I have been taking concentrated Omega3 softgels but may try a regular fish oil at some point for a change.




    in an old post you mention taking lots and lots of oil

    you still do this? is this beneficial still? i guess it is at 25 g

    would you recommend taking in many fats from many types of stuff?

    and how much a day



    , I use Carlson’s fish oil which yields 800mg of EPA and 500mg of DHA in every teaspoon. I rotate this with Nordic Naturals omega-3 which yields 825 mg of EPA and 550mg of DHA and Now Foods, Omega-3 Fish Oil which has 740mg of EPA and 475 mg of DHA in every teaspoon.

    for softgels I use Biotest flameout.



    25g for me is the cut-off point. I’ve taken more than that number when I was dieting but I did notice a drop in libido and nose bleeding. But back then I used seathin oil by Avant Labs, and the lignans in the oil just made things worse.

    Nowadays I sip on olive oil as well.



    Just thought of updating with what’s going on.

    I have been taking increased dosage i.e 4g-5g of Fish oil everyday alongwith GNC MegaMen Multivitamin. The results that I have noticed for my case are:

    1) Nocturnal Emission:

    At night I usually take 2g Fish oil before sleeping and initial results show that it does help. I forgot to take the fish oil before sleeping once , and I had wet dream that night.

    2) As far as the involuntary discharge of prostate fluid is concerned,If I go to excrete within few hours of dosage, I have noted that after urinary flow or stool, I feel a resistance against the involuntary discharge…it is a confused state where you feel that the flow wants to come out ..sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. It will be a huge success if the fluid stops flowing altogether.

    3) Another initial observation has been that fish oil supplement takes good care of back pain and pain in the right side of penis ( that seems to be connected somehow i.e tailbone to Right side of penis)

    4) Morning erections have improved.

    5) As far as the amount of precum discharged during arousal is concerned, that got better when I started the fish + borage oil combination, however maintaining erection after the precum discharge is still a problem. I remember it got a little better when I was taking Dr.Lin’s supplement.

    I am thinking about increasing the dosage to 6-7g in the coming months.

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