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    “Underlying cause being the body adjusting to higher (temporary) levels of dopamine resulting in chronic deficiency. This can be due to over masturbating or smoking when developing (teenager years).”

    a guy from poiscenter

    If he is right then all of us here who have been over-masturbating since the teen years have permanent damage?

    Just low dopamine can cause hundreds of symptoms,problems.You would not believe what havoc that single neurotransmitter can do to one’s body yet people with OM have problems with acethylcholine,serotonine too.

    The guy who I quoted has point.It might be really scary to acknowledge but it sounds like a possible reason for this SE state.

    Dopamine permanently screwed in teen years by religious masturbation habit,dopamine low which causes symptoms like fatigue,premature aging,Parkinson’s,Alzheimer’s etc. (long list)

    and high prolactin which is the reason for POIS.

    This causes a “mysterious” illness that doctors can’t deal with and fail to understand.

    We can’t get treated because doctors don’t agree that there is such thing as “masturbation induced chronic disease syndrome” so we could try to treat the symptoms with expensive and dangerous mind drugs or we accept our faith and try to live a life that is worse than a healthy person spending years in a prison.

    The theory that we are genetically prone to these stuff,the gut,screwed liver etc. are good.

    But the guy I quoted have opened up my eyes and now this is what I believe in,what could have happened to us.

    edit: I will be updating this thread with researches,statements quoted from medical professionals on addictions and dopamine.Smoking,video games,masturbation.It doesn’t matter.If you over do it,you will have to face the consequences.

    “Now, there are functional MRI scan studies showing permanent changes in the brain of gamers, particularly in the prefrontal cortex where dopamine release occurs and drug addictions are associated with.

    More research is needed to see if brain changes are permanent”

    Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    “Video game addiction can be seen in very young children. The more exposure to the addictive behavior, the stronger the addiction will be. Children may exhibit anger, rage, and irritability. The following videos illustrate manifestations of excessive video game play and likely video game addiction.

    Our society is certainly in trouble if we remain ignorant of the dangers associated with video game addiction. There is growing evidence that excessive video game play stimulate the dopamine-reward system in the brain and may cause permanent changes in the brain.”

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Understanding Compulsive Masturbation

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I’m guessing being that Add’ers are so low in dopamine, anything that raises those levels would cause a person to assume activities that, infact, initiate an increase in dopamine. Case and point: excessive masturbating for some? Some excercise feverishly, binge eat, etc. Whatever your fix might be, whatever to up your dop. levels.

    Suppose it becomse a prob. when you can’t distinguish it as a disruptive (obsessive) behaviour, i.e so self seeking of stimulation (or that dopamine high) that you’re doing it 24/7… not so great eh.”

    “i heard it releases as much dopamine as cocaine or something? I wouldn’t be surprised if it messes up my brain somehow by doing it so excessively so I’m trying to break the habit but it’s pretty hard.. Although I have heard of non-adders even doing this.”

    “orgasm releases alot of dopamine. Brain scans of people in love thinking about sex with their partner look almost identical to brain scans of heroin addicts thinking of getting a fix.”

    “Before I started taking adderall i did it daily but now i only do it twice a week so i guess what dorian said about needing a dopamine boost is true, at least with me lol”

    [b]”As a child I would spend all day masturbating… i had my first orgasm at about 4 or 5 and from then on did it at least 4 or 5 times a day. As recess I would hump the slide support poles… like climb up to near the top of the slide and then rub up and down on the pole. Teachers never said anything which is very weird… they all saw me. Back then it was cool because I just figured if I didn’t look at them they weren’t watching me… wish that still worked now. I wouldn’t go back into class when the bell rung… I would stay masturbating on the pole until I had 2 or 3 more orgasms.

    On my way home, i found several spots where I could lay on the ground and rub back and forth and put pressure on my genitals until I could orgasm a few times. I wasn’t even thinking about sex at these ages… I was just thinking about the pleasurable feelings ( I think this affects my ability to orgasm during real sex now… not in a bad way, just that its not tied to the act at all) So i would come home several hours late sometimes having been outside (even in the winter, i would masturbate in the snow) masturbating all that time. Once home, we had a support pole in the basement and a tv facing it… I would grind that pole for hours watching movies. Go outside to run, play, and explore, and then before bed orgasm a few more times.

    Hope this helps. Oh then I took escitalopram in Sep/oct 2007 and my sexual functions have irrevocably declines in frequency, pleasure, ability, etc and I hate the ****ing pharmacuetical companies and doctors for not warning me. **** the government and the corporatocracy.

    I can’t bring myself to orgasm anymore due to the SNRI antidepressant and Zyprexa I’m taking. I just end up giving up and quiting!

    When I was on lithium and Adderal XR I had an awesome Libido and no sexual side effects so it was on!


    “definitely agree. I go on and off with taking adderall and when I don’t take it I definitely masturbate upwards of 8 times a week.”

    Above quotes are taken from an ADD forum topic.

    Good read: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    I think yes,

    but if it wasnt the OM, then free time will push us into any other loop thus we will drop to a similar situation…



    Updated with Attention Deficit Disorder theory.

    Grapeseed Extract

    Grapeseed and pine bark contain chemicals known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins. According to Balch’s book, OPCs have been used successfully in both adults and children with ADD and may be effective as the prescription medication methylphenidate. OPCs may help the brain to regulate both dopamine and norepinephrine. In addition, OPCs are potent antioxidants and may assist in the delivery of necessary nutrients that may be lacking in brain tissue in those with ADD, including zinc, manganese, selenium and copper, something you should discover in consultation with your doctor. OPCs may also act as antihistamines to reduce inflammation that may contribute to symptoms of ADD.

    Read more: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Alright party’s OVER!

    ADD medication causes ED too.Shit… I knew it was too good to be true.




    “You are addicted through your brain reward circuitry. If something boosts your dopamine levels it becomes addictive to you. The orgasm is a huge dopamine blast for the brain, actually it is not that different from the effect that cocaine and other similar drugs promote. The porn and masturbation will alter your brain reward circuitry. The body will adapt to surges so you will need even greater stimulation for the same result.” Dr. Richards

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Do you think we can reverse this with neuroplasticity? If we would force ourselves to masturbate 1-2 times or 2-3 times a week? Let’s say we would masturbate on monday and thursday and do it for one year,would that reverse the effects?

    I really don’t know.I mean there are smokers who haven’t smoked for 20 years but but for one “last time” they smoked a cigar and are full blown addicts again.

    I think this is a hard lesson from life that teachers do not teach us,warn us about in schools.The damage is done but how much can we reverse from it if 100% is impossible?

    By the way this is not the teachers fault lol.Decades ago there were no internet,porn was hard to acquire.So the chance that you stayed at home instead of going outside and live your life was almost 0.

    But today we have the internet,we have the porn,we have the fear that any macho man with optimal hormones,neuros,aminos and minerals can F*ck our wife or take away our girlfriends.

    I don’t know guys.I was doing good with quitting addictions but after reading that qutting alcohol cold turkey can kill you I’m scared of these stuff.The article also mentions “drugs” and antipsychotic is a drug and I did quit it cold turkey so I guess I’m lucky to be alive.

    For recovery and you guys I am willing to try the 1 year neuroplasticity of masturbating 2 times a week,like it was part of a job.

    But I’m afraid of possible side effects like dopamine going crazy!

    With the ssri,smoking,porn already quit I have 2 more left.Computer and masturbation.

    These are the 2 hardest and maybe I need to reduce them very slowly.

    Like spending time at the computer needs to be reduced by 1-1.5 hours a month.I’m so desperate I spend so many hours a day infront of this shit googling about neuroscience or just simply go and play online gaming.

    So let’s wish for the best,let’s hope that if you safely reduce the addictions dopamine will level out after a while and we will get our old selves back EVEN AFTER YEARS OF LOW DOPAMINE LEVELS.

    And if it doesn’t then we need to look for other answers like drugs.



    If you find links about chronic,long term addictions that have been stopped or reduced succesfully and also managed to increase the dopamine levels as a result PLEASE don’t forget to share it! Yourbrainonporn is not enough!

    Thank you!



    Basically why we are suffering right now is from the reward circuitry abusive hypodopaminergic state induced by over-masturbation and other adictions,constant chasing of feeling HIGH in early teen years possibly because of genetic low dopamine levels or anxiety or other stress,trauma.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.



    Steve, the reason why people start masturbation and continue to do it is because the rush of dopamine when you ejaculate. It is that feel good feeling. They say that is how people get addicted to drugs and alcohol.

    I think the reason why I was having problems is because I was masturbating.

    I noticed when I stopped that masturbating my acne started to clear up and I didn’t need to use proactive anymore. I also felt that I had “brain fog” and more stressed. I didn’t have any libido. I didn’t feel motivation to do anything or to go out and meet women.

    I have been here posting on these forums trying to get people to stop masturbation. It screwed up my life. I realized that my life didn’t start having problems until I started masturbating.

    As you have researched and read. Masturbation has a lot of negative side effects. You also lose nutrients through ejaculation.

    I wish you all the best for you and I hope that you try to stop masturbating as soon as possible.



    I’ve wondered, is it any better to masturbate without ejaculation or it doesn’t make a difference?




    If you can stop within the first few minutes of maturbating than don’t ejaculate. If you go for a while already.. then up to you.. in my case I’d just ejaculate.. cuz there’s a high chance I’ll ejaculate in my sleep that night or next night if I already go for a while.

    Better yet just get a boner without watching any porn.. just from fantasizing.. and dont masturbate. Just get a boner like 3 times a day and I’m pretty sure that’s the healthiest way to stimulate sex drive in our condition.



    Steve, over-masturbation is part of the reason. The other part is lack of sleep in our teens, poor eating habbits, anxiety, over training, too much coffee and so on..

    Those are all factors that contributed to SE. Each one did a little damage individually.. but when you put them all together.. lack of sleep, over training, over masturbating, drugs, anxiety, too much caffeine.. than one day your system crashes and your sympathetic system overrides the parasympathetic system.. and all hell breaks loose from there..

    too much sympathetic activity –> PE –> low cortisol –> possibly causes liver builtup –> E2 built up –> inflammation.. and the cycle continues…

    and it adds up.. because lack of sleep, over training, stimulant drugs, over masturbation, and stress all cause too much sympathetic activity.

    quality sleep, healthy exercise, low stress, not over masturbating = good parasympathetic system.

    So basically now we need to put our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems back in balance. I plan on doing that by unclogging liver, fixing hormones, and reducing inflammation..

    but I suppose there’s more than 1 way it can be done. Another way is just to hop on HCG/TRT and that should do it. Another way is to detox gut and liver thoroughly and maybe that should do it..

    but everyone on this forum has a weak parasympathetic system.. we all have that in common.



    I agree with all what frenchi said. Overmasturbation is just part of the picture and in any case, speculating about this is more of a waste of time than something useful. Everyone here knows that an important part of any SE recovery is stopping porn and masturbation.

    The key is testing and researching, and dont forget that SE is not only dopamine related, no no it is a WHOLE system disorder/imbalance. Virtually every organ or activity in the body is affected by this defficiencies and inflammatory/autoinmune states. I am currentely treating liver at the same time than GI tract. Those two are the necessary start of the recovery. I hope I will be able to share with you some success soon!



    Then why aren’t you doing the genetic testing?



    I agree with Frenchie’s last comment.

    Everyone agrees that masturbation plays a role in sexual exhaustion. I believe that until you stop chronic masturbation, cutting out the other factors will not make a big difference. Sure you can cut down on your intake of coffee, eat right, and get better sleep, it may help a bit, but it would make as a big impact as if you were to stop masturbation as well.

    There has been several articles written that say masturbation (especially chronic masturbation) causes fatigue and your body loses vital nutrients when you climax (cum or ejaculate). Not to mention the hormones that are released into your system, later causing an excess or deficiency in hormones in the body.

    Frenchie makes a good point though. Caffeine, diet, stress, lack of sleep, and over working yourself can make you feel sluggish.

    Caffeine – gives you a boost of energy, then you feel that crash later on in the day.

    Diet – If you don’t eat a proper diet, then your body is going to be lacking the proper it needs to function. (You lose essential vitamins and minerals through masturbation)

    Stress – Self Explanatory. (Masturbation can cause stress)

    Lack of sleep – If you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel tired and won’t be able to think clearly. (Masturbation can make you feel tired)

    Over working yourself – Everyone needs to exercise, however, if you exercise too much you will feel aches, pains, and too tired for anything else. Moderation is key.



    The theory is that you need to bring your neurotransmitter levels to normal.I seem to put the picture together and yes,I will be talking about myself a little bit but this is the way we need to go.

    So one of the forum members mentioned to me that it is NOT NECESSARY to quit using my PC forever.

    Let’s use our logic here.

    If you quit alcoholism suddenly (cold turkey) you can die from it.

    “In long-term alcoholics, going cold turkey can cause life-threatening delirium tremens and thus is not an appropriate method for breaking an alcohol addiction.”

    So now you know something about cold turkey.I will be celebrating the the one year anniversay of my idiopathic act,quitting Paxil (ssri) cold turkey and I feel the same shitty way as I felt a year ago.

    It’s been nearly 5 months that I gave up smoking and I feel worse than despite I can go a WEEK without thinking about smoking.

    It’s been more than 1 month since I quit porn.

    So you see,cold turkey is not a good idea.I tell you why.Your brain is addicted to something.You must treat it like a baby.If you suddenly quit something it will shock the brain and will not know what to do and can (or will) leave you with permanent dopamine desensitization.

    The way we need to handle an addiction is to SLOWLY come off of it.I don’t know the stupid idea of pharma and media that cold turkey from smoking is the way to go.If they had some idea about what shock that gives to your brain,if they would open their fucking eyes they would realize we are not supermans.We can’t fly,our bodies can’t cure cancer naturally and can’t reapir genetic mutations by themselves.

    We are 0.99 beta versions.

    We need to go slowly if it involves in any neurotransmitter.

    So the idea is to NOT QUIT masturbation but reduce it.The dopamine will not get a shock and will adapt and level out.Now we only need to find out how many times can we masturbate a week,what is the healthiest.

    Then adopt to it and never do more masturbation then the limit.

    Over a long time this will start neuroplasticity and HOPEFULLY fix the dopamine/prolactin ratio.

    And finally,we must not masturbate like it was our job.Meaning we shouldn’t do it on “monday” and “thursday” everytime because that is compulsive and stressful.We get X times a week and use it as we like it.

    Use it all on the first day of the week and you’d have to wait another week.

    It’s about patience and discipline.

    [edit: I recommend to masturbate once a week because you won’t have to stress yourself how many shots left of the week.

    You need to set your own limits which is the hardest thing to do because we have OCD.]

    Dopamine,reward circuitry.It’s the same thing.I could make my levels go from 0 to overload in a minute just by thinking or doing something.

    It’s the same as adrenaline.When you enter an alley and an agry pitbull faces you,that is adrenaline.

    When you sit down and start to masturbate thinking about a HAREM of pussies that is dopamine surge by thinking and fantasyzing.

    When you watch porn it boosts dopamine to it’s limits.

    When you go out and drive a Ferrari full throttle that is a dopamine surge by the thrill of it.

    When you sit on a roller coaster you get dopamine or serotonine surge.

    What you are doing with the teenage years of over-masturbation is driving a Ferrari 24/7 and you can’t enjoy it anymore because you over-abused your mind with it.

    We are worse than a cocaine user,a drug addict whether you accept it or not.



    No offense, Steve-22, but your post does more harm than good. Very hysterical.

    No one is worse than a cocaine addict for being addicted to a dopamine rush.

    This general “sexual exhaustion” people experience is a combination of dopamine addition, coupled with desensitised dopamine receptors and negative habitual behaviour – i.e. masturbating all the time.

    if you suffer the effects of Sexual Exhaustion ask yourself if you spend a great deal of your time watching porn and masturbating.

    You can take all the tests in the world and find out what you’re deficient in, and that’s great, but unless you tested all of your levels BEFORE you experienced these symptoms you will have no idea what your “normal” operational state was in the first place.

    Watching porn is hugely stimulating, and encourages dopamine production.

    Do that all the time and your usual dopamine levels will drop.

    What normally makes you feel happy won’t have the same impact.

    You obviously understand what dopamine is, so I can’t for the life of me understand why you’re trying to rationalise continuing this damaging habit of watching porn and beating off, instead of recovering.

    If you think it’s a good idea to ween yourself off I think you will find you are mistaken. You cannot compare it to alcoholism unless you are completely ignorant of the physical effects of alcohol addiction.




    I appreciate your answer.

    It’s easy.Lot of us here born prone to addictions due to faulty genes.We can’t change it.But even a trauma to a healthy,but overly sensitive person can cause this obsessive compulsive masturbation ritual.

    Yes we are addicted to dopamine.

    Can we change this? I don’t know.I want to.

    My levels are really low.After ejaculation I get Parkinson’s symptoms and I did not read anywhere that it is a normal response after ejaculation.

    What sucks about low dopamine is it gives me 0 motivation to do something in my life.

    I find that listening to my favorite songs loud and abstaining 1-2 days from masturbation boost my levels a bit.

    The difference is HUGE.From living dead to nearly functional.

    With normal levels there would be a job for me,and then money,and then supplements to try healing from all the other symptoms.

    Maybe you could give us more advice how to start off?

    About the faulty gene thing,the best thing I came up with is Attention Deficit Disorder.



    Steve, I think you’re using “faulty genes” as an excuse for your masturbation addiction.

    What I found out from talking to a friend about addictions is that, if you want to change you will change. That has never been so true. I am living proof.

    For example: If you were smoking 5 cigarettes/day for the last 40 yrs, then you go to the doctors and he says “If you don’t stop smoking now, you will only have 1 yr to live”. You would change your habit very quickly because you want to live.

    The last paragraph in your last post should be enough inspiration for you to change your habit. Your saying going from “living dead to nearly functional” and “With normal levels there would be a job for me, and then money…”. These reasons alone would give me enough motivation to change my attitude towards masturbation and stop altogether.



    PTSD was probably the trigger for the whole issue leading in the biological cascade of problems to follow.



    OK Hans, I believe you and I’m not joking.It is highly possible but before PTSD (lost my Dad) I was already addicted to things,had an aspie like personality but ptsd really wreck havoc in my life.

    Another trauma was during a speech at child age,in front of a crowd.

    I cried afterwards.

    By the way I know you and JanSZ are not the best friends but what do you think about his words about head injury?

    He says “Pituitary gland can get damaged from single blow.

    Small but repeatable blows to the head accumulate, results in shorten life span.

    Sports figures do not live long.” and low hormones, as I was hit in the back of my head by accident with a small rock at child age when we were throwing rocks down from the hill.

    Also kicked in the head with football as loser I had to be the goalkeeper everytime.Probably 20 headshots and 3 nose bleeds and one more in kindergarten,frisbee to the nasal bridge at age 5-6 had to taken to the hospital,they vaccinated me there too.

    Yeah I know this is a lot of shit but add things together,spoiled child with all the new toys + Aspergers and you get a child that everyone can abuse mentally and physically.



    We are a product of our environment, no way around it. As children we have no say it what goes. The neurological system develops from years 1-5 topping off at 7 years old. What happens in that time frame is crucial to the person we are today. Both conscious and subconsciously we hold on to these memory which can affect your well being 20 years down the road. If you have muscle memory you also have cellular memory from all these past traumas being past on through you DNA to every cell in your body. This is the process of DNA polymorphism which is driven by hidden stressors (psychological most likely from an early age to exposure to enviromental toxins). Cognitive therapy only skims the surface, but getting down to the deeper roots and facing them on a subconscious level will actually change the whole playing field. Being a hypotherapist, NLP practicioner, and dealing with trauma from soldiers coming back from iraq one can see what why traditional cognitive therapy fails. Remember the subconscious mind will always over ride conscious mind.

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