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    I have been asked by an employer to take a drug screening test before starting my job in a week or so. I am taking Alpha-GPC(vegetarian) ,Fish oil/Borage Oil supplements these days alongwith Dr Lin’s Moodmax and Viagrowth(Lovelonger 4).

    It may be a silly question but does anyone know if any of the above specially Alpha GPC contains any such stuff that may create problems in the drug test.


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    Thanks .

    I just chated with someone at and they say that Viagrowth III contains 25 mg DHEA but they also add it shouldn’t be a problem in the test. I hope they are right.



    well yea

    u be tested for canabis,coke,mdma and thats about it

    these tests cost loads!!!!!!!!!!

    they int wqasting money



    Does depend on the type off test they do to if it’s hair test you better not have long hair and have taken any illegal street drugs for the last year atleast.( I think it’s a year minimum anyways)



    Dude it’s an illegal drug test, not a over the counter supplement test



    Just wanted to be sure abt that …dont want to miss out this job opportunity at all ….a 48k/annum . Will be a lot easier to afford all these supplements



    retroz, is dhea legal in your country? sometimes dr lin changes the labels so they can go through customs in the areas which they arent aloud.



    I think its legal here in the US. Since you can easily order it on the internet. But I searched on the internet and some sites said that DHEA may give a false positive for anabolic steroids. I think they may be cautioning it for an athletic drug test rather than a pre-employment one.

    For a pre-employment one I think they may be testing for street drugs as Time, and say. That won’t be a problem.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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