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    still recovering …abstain

    sometimes feel very very horny and want to have sex/masturbate

    would it be possible for me to recover faster if i KEEP abstain strictly?

    the key is still no morning wood or weak one

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    Continue to abstain. Letting go of the juice will make for not letting your body utilize it for your recovery. If you find yourself getting horny, try going for a jog, calling a close friend, or preparing food and storing it for later consumption. Anything that will take your mind off going to a porn site and playing with the willy, is good. And if you did all that, and still think you gotta give it a good wank, their is also the idea of calling mom and shooting the shit with her, that should turn you off. Hahaha. Moms always know how to just ruin the mood. They moan, complain, and bicker about this and that. They talk about dads unwillingness to do this, and sister or brothers bs, it is enough to make you want not want to touch yourself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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