is this a problem are u same like me

Sexual Reboot Forum is this a problem are u same like me

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    hi guys,

    i am new here need to get some advise from you guys. my problems is as follow:

    i think this may not be very serious not a concern to me. i am 25 yr old, have a high sex drive GF that i cant satisfy her. i think i am not that bad, i did last the happy moment like around 35mins without inclu the start up time. Everytime after process she start to hint me on the second but i really cant make it. i felt sore, satisfy,no mood to continue. i did try before with lots and lots of her help but still….. i just felt i am empty in it.

    is this Premature Ejaculation or Sexual exhaustion?

    am i the one that have problem or her?

    any supplements i should take to try?

    is second try that diffcult? are u like that? or is that my problem?

    i sincerly hope guys here can advise me the ways to help me up.

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    technically i guess some would consider this premature ejaculation.

    if you can last 35 min, thats way longer than more guys, since the average is around 10 minutes of intercourse

    if your girlfriend cant get off in under 30 minutes, maybe she has a problem reaching orgasm.

    i have talked to alot of girls, and most girls perfer around 20 minutes of intercourse.

    why not finger/oral on your girlfriend before sex?



    try before….she just need more time….. anyways that can help me to go for second match. i heard people going more than 2 or 3 per day. just cant imagine how they did it.



    what do u think i should take to improve my condition?



    there isnt an anything wrong with you tho



    anyways i can make myself to try the second round? like taking supplements or….???



    if you want to, take a sexual stimulant that gives you an erection like Aspire 36, Stamina Rx, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra…



    other than that, any vitamin? then such drugs?



    topshine88 um…no vitamin is gonna affect your erections, except the maybe the mineral zinc.



    which type of zinc do u recommend?



    zinc picolinate would be a good one.



    hi blue shark, do u have any recommendation or other supplements that can improve my condition>>?



    topshine88 You dont have a condition! You’re able to have sex…for extended periods of time too. Most people cant have sex for multiple rounds in the same session. I wish I was in your situation



    if I’m understanding it correctly you have a long refractory period . is that what you’re saying?



    maybe prolactin plays a role in that problem?



    no doubt it does and so does the prostate. High prolactin = high refractory period, among other things.



    my refractory period is really too long. Need probably a night day sleep. but i am only 25 yr old…. i cant imagine when i get older.

    why i can hold till around 30 mins is becos i try to use the the muscle to control it. nothing big deal as i was a 15mins shooter once before

    this problem dun strike me only when i have a chat with my GF and we discuss about our ex sex parther, to improve my sex life. i understand that her ex BFs are give her twice or more shot (that is something i cant)and how much she enjoy on that? how big and thick from her previous ex? althought i was i told that i am not the smallest but not the biggest too i think i have to be improve in order not to lose out to them. thats why hope i can get some advise from you guys here.



    what other things can high prolactin mean?




    so thats the problem right there. she wants you to perform like her old BF, which isn’t really fair to you and she kinda reminds you of it everytime you talk to her. she shouldn’t be discussing her ex sex partner.

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