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    Hello Guys,

    I just want to sort of get an idea about how bad off I was when it comes to sexual exhaustion. My history is posted in the case logs, but I’m wondering if anyone has done the following and not had problems afterwards. I’m talking about edging. I learned about it in a taoist book on sex that talked about prolonged sex and erections, and holding back orgasm. You do this by masturbating and right when you are about to ejaculate you back off for 1 or 2 minutes. Then you start up again for as long as you can until right before ejaculation, and back off again. It does indeed build up pleasure, and when you finally orgasm, it feels amazing. My problem is, I did this type of edging for approximately 6!!! hours without orgasm. Is this just rediculous or has anyone else done anything that even approaches this? Like my profile said, I completely lost my libido after that, and even porn didn’t arouse me. Is it possible my brain was more burned out chemical wise doing this? I have read some guys can have really bad E.D. but still have strong libidos. I have zero libido, and bad E.D., and very low penile sensitivity. I know I have a problem with sexual addiction, but I guess Im wondering if this is fixable. Does anyone have any theories as to what is the most likely cause of my penile problems and low libido? Would this be considering priapism? Thanks for the help, and this forum is great. Keep it going.

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    Hi, I try to answer your question and few offtopic thoughts too since I´ve been very busy lately writing new posts.

    I´m aware of those taoist teachings. It is a taoist belief that men benefit from sex without ejaculation with their wives.

    The problem I think lies here, that when those taoist guidelines were invented there was no internet or hardcore porn videos. To tell the truth I can not believe that masturbating and looking at very stimulating porn images and videos many hours very often can be good for the brain and nervous system. Especially if there is any sign of depression, brain fog, attention problems, anxiety or mood swings afterwards.

    It’s been reported all over, that having sex with your wife or watching porn produces entirely different response to the body.

    I basically masturbate with porn about 1-2 times currently per week, and I do the edging all the time. It balloons your penis and like u said creates pressure for the final ejaculation. I have no attention problems or memory problems afterwards so I do not see any problems with it so far.

    Strong sexual energy is basically good, since it means there is enough “fire” in the body. It´s another story though if it is produced by drugs, herbs or rock’n roll which all turn the gear a little bit up ( causing decreased amount of life-force in the future ).

    Lack of sexual energy means the body is deficient in chi and fire.

    ( do not read the following chapter if not interested in energy or taoist theories )

    I´m very interested in the tcm concepts of fire and chi, since I have noticed that men and hot women with great energy and strong sexual energy are very passionate, their mind is sharp as crystal and their bodies seem to radiate this warm energy. Also their voice is strong, deep and husky. You can immediately say peoples sexual level by their mind function, voice and how powerfully their energy does radiate. Usually people say something like: she/he was hot, or that man is very masculine etc…. they may not realize that our bodies are subconsciously affected by other peoples energies. When you meet a guy who has lots of energy and has no emotional problems, it will make you feel better immediately. He’s able to make people feel good by his voice alone ( because his voice does carry some of his energy ). The exact opposite is also true: weak, negative or low-level energy will make people avoid you and you will end up having social problems. All people trying to heal should avoid people with low-level energy or they might be robbed from their own energy or at least be affected negatively.

    There are other things which also use our chi and fire like drugs, long term relationship or emotional problems, loud stimulating music, excessive fantasizing, computer games, movies, tv-series etc…

    Bad diet or wrong eating habits, lack of relaxing, improper breathing, heavy exercise which makes you age prematurely…

    The list of disease is almost endless, by own observing and research the individual healing path is found.

    The healing should not produce any new stress but instead make your life easier every day. Remember to relax every day before retiring.

    You should be able to heal gradually if your body is not broken mechanically ( car accidents, birth defects etc.. ) or chemically ( drugs, medical toxins, excessive chemicals etc… ). Then full recovery might not be possible if the important cells are not able to regenerate.

    Those who have just exhausted their bodies or whose problems are caused by wrong lifestyle/stress/lack of relaxing should heal easily by just stopping the destructive habits and leading a lifestyle which heals them.

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