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    after i urinated today i noticed a very small amount clear fluid at the tip of my penis. it was like a drop or two of what looked like precum.

    is this seminal leakage or prostate related?

    i spent today with my gf and i got little erections here and there. could it be backed up precum from those?

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    also been abstaining for a week now. possible minor improvement. dont know if its relevant.



    i get the same thing.. usually a bit more… sometimes it drips onto my boxers…

    i have noticed recenltly a tiny bit comes out even when im not aroused.. which makes me think.. i have been drinking more coffee lately; i think i will cut that out

    and im thinking of doing Fish Oil + borage oil to see if this helps.



    i think magnesium + Borage oil + fish or krill oil + high green veggie diet is good solution.



    I get quite a lot of precum and especially around my ex girlfriend, like described above. Im certian that it is just precum from your arousal. Your bulbourethral gland secretes precum and is an exocrine gland, but I cannot seem to find anywhere on the internet which hormone makes it function.

    I have been taking Omega-3 (DHA, EPA & ALA) and Omega-6 (LA & GLA) for a long time now and have noticed only a slight difference, so im not certian weather its the Omega’s or other supplements and diet changes.



    dr. lin says precum = low serotonin . gaba, etc… caused by overmasturbating.

    but im not sure i buy that anymore..




    Well I was on SSRI’s for a while and it made no difference to my precum what so ever, but it did help me to last a little longer. I reckon it has something to do with sympathetic/parasympathetic balance making our bodies over react to sexual arousal or simuli, which I guess could be related to serotonin and gaba. Perhaps a fully balanced brain helps because I know low dopamine causes more stress than a full balance of dopamine. I will soon be trying tyrosine therapy (2000mg of tyrosine daily – or more!) to help sort that out. I will let you know if it works.



    all the sources i checked into say precum is completely normal..




    Depends how much is normal I guess. I get copious amounts watching porn or messing around with a woman. I never use to get half as much as I do now, so I think its something to do with the amount of stress caused by certian types of arousal.

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