ive come to realise my problem is brain chemistry!the answer

Sexual Reboot Forum ive come to realise my problem is brain chemistry!the answer

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    its a good thing you did that test. its a really good one. just take it easy at first and you should be alright.






    thats a good sign



    If your eating the eggs raw, make sure you only eat the egg yolks raw and not the egg white, if its cooked it doesn’t matter but will have less nutrition.

    Since eating raw egg yolks, I get rock hard erections all the time, which feel and look like the balloning method, the skin looks like its stretched to its max and goes wrinkly after my erection dies down a little bit.

    I e-mailed Dr Lin about egg yolks and he said I should cut down to two a day so I don’t overload my liver; and even though I like to think I have a strong liver, overloading it with goodstuffs because I don’t have patience for time will be darn shame if it slows down my recovery time.

    I also eat when I’m bored, good organic raw fruit/veg it may be, I still feel overfull; its a curse training your body to eat only when hungry!



    i think you can eat as many egg yolks and not have a problem with overloading your liver… its not like your taking drugs lol, there just egg yolks



    hmm i wouldn’t have thought eggs or egg yolk for that matter can overload the liver.



    tbh i dont think all that im goign to take will overload my liver as long as i drink a lot of water and get planty of rest, the liver is one hell of a machine!!!!!!!!



    yes liver is an amazing organ when you think of the stuff it filters out, people that are alcoholics/drug abusers/ junk foods…. i think it should easily be able to handle good supplements/foods




    Its that chapter 8 in the Diet section that made me think about overloading.

    I ate 2 raw egg yolks today and it doesn’t feel enough compared 4 or 6.

    My opinions are always changing on small things like this after something or someone convinces me, but as long as I stick to the main ones, eat right, don’t over ejaculate and moderate exercise, I think I can recover.

    Its great to see someone else on here Max who eats egg yolks and aren’t fooled by the lies and propaganda.



    actually i was on another forum as of late and everybody recommends avoiding milk of all sorts coz its really not good for the body.

    what about salmonella infection? isn’t there the slightest chance of infection with it when consuming raw egg yolks



    oh yea forgot to say some time ago i used L-Theanine, this made me feel bad, cloggy minded, infact it made me feel like i do after i come!!

    empty,exhausted,foggy thought process

    any ideas why?




    How do you make this test ?

    up : ok, ifound the .pdf

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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