Jack E on herbolove said that his body was cold

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    Jack E on herbolove said that his body was cold and replied that this may indicate circulation or thyroid problem. Another person on another forum (not herbolove) also said the same thing.

    Well this is known as Kidney yang deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kidney yang being translated as Male hormone thus male hormone deficiency. I would suggest Jack E to take supplements that increases dopamine (promotes testosterone), serotonin (stop excessive dopamine conversion to adrenalin) and testosterone as it seems like his problem roots in the male hormone.

    I on the other hand experience dry mouth, constipation and get rash marks if I scratch myself even slightly. I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist two years ago and was prescribed a Kidney yin tonic. After taking the tonics for a month or two I noticed that my urine did not have a lot of bubbles in it no more (which developed later in my sexual exhaustion phase, premature ejaculation was also developed later). It did not do anything besides that. I ran out of money and haven’t been back. In TCM, both deficiency of Kidney yang and kidney yin results in impotence and a deficiency of either can result in a deficiency of both.

    Recently I got a Kidney yin tonic (Yin Replenisher from dragonherbs.com and recommended by Alan Ritz who developed independently a similar routine to W’s method), the main ingredient is Dendrobium a well known sexual tonic herb used in Asia particularly for honeymoons. This is another perspective to work on…

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    The coldness problem experienced by jackie E cannot at this time be linked to overejaculation, nor should it until he has been cured of his sexual problems. These problems can be totally extrinsic and we should focus primarily on the sexual aspects of overejaculation. Poor memory, concentration, eye floaters, and all the other non-sexual side effects should clear up if we focus on the main problem.

    The problem with dr. lin and a few others is that they want to address these problems with herbs, but herbs overheat the liver. Dry mouth and waking up in the middle of the night very thirsty are causes of an overheated liver. Minimize herb intake! If traditional vitamins, minerals, and amino acids dont show results, then maybe add some herbs.

    I have spoken time after time about Tribex – tribulus and avena sativa. Other herbs such as maca, damiana, saw palmetto, grape seed extract, nettle, horny goat weed, yohimbe, etc, all have their positives, but they also have slightly adverse effects.

    Tribulus for instance will cause an increase in both testosterone and estrogen. More testosterone however, but estrogen keeps testosterone production lower. Eating brocolli will help this, along with taking 6-oxo.

    This is just an example of why i think herbs should be minimized.

    Some may have an allergic reaction to herbs also.

    There should be no need to detoxify the liver when taking basic compounds. With herbs, a detoxification will have to take place every 3 months to avoid overheating. If the liver overheats anyways, alot of recovery will be lost!

    If Jackie E continues to have problems with coldness after his sexual problems are healed, then that issue should be addressed by a doctor and no further herbs should be ingested.

    Another thing that i think everyone should do is drink green tea once or twice a day. It kills the bad hormones we put into our meats and keeps testosterone production up.



    What are your thoughts on the possibility that coldness is linked to androgen deficiency? Coldness and no libido are symptoms of Kidney Yang deficiency according to TCM. I will look up a article for references later…



    There are just too many possibilities for coldness in the body. Androgen deficiency interupts the endocrine system, the thyroid is effected when the endocrine system is out of balance. The thyroid supposably has some control over body temperature.

    Jackie E could have other things going on with him other than overejaculation symptoms.

    I’m not saying it isnt due to androgen difficiency, it could be the case, however, we cannot tell unless we first cure the main problems at hand.

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